Prepositions used with "room"

of, in, to, at or with room?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases room of is used

We always give them a ton of room.

That leaves a lot of room to move.

Plenty of room for the three of you.

This leaves lots of room for re-interpretation by fiction writers who aren't historians.

We lived in a big house and there is plenty of room to just put the bed up for one night.

I don't need to see myself and the big window takes up a lot of room on a 15 inch screen.

According to the statement, the software would enable automation of room allocation to students in halls of residence.

As the smartphone market has exploded across the world there has been plenty of room for both Android and iOS to grow.

The Bulls didn't give the Reign a lot of room to set up their offense, but they couldn't organize an attack of their own.

There is plenty of room to advance if you are innovative and willing to adapt to new situations and ways of doing things.

In 12% of cases room in is used

Leave it in room temperature for 12 hours.

The craftsman and his family lived in rooms above.

Focusing on your computer is hard on speakers &; others in room 18.

THey could have come out and asked people to bring sleeping mats and double up in rooms.

Bought a two night package including breakfast, food and drink voucher, and wi-fi in room.

Room Tip: We stayed in Room 9 it is the suite and in my opinion the best room for privacy.

The lard is from pork adobo, cooled and placed in glass jars (those used in tuba ), sealed and stored in room temperature.

Bronze pipes were too costly for common use, but are occasionally found in the villas of the wealthy in Room, Pompeii, and Baiae.

Marks &; Spencer toiletries, shower gel, soap, quality hot drinks, shortbread in rooms, spotless everywhere, excellent beds, furniture.

And, most important of all, turn off anything that is not in use, from lights in rooms where there is no one at the time, to appliances.

In 12% of cases room to is used

Let the cakes cool to room temperature.

Bring to room temperature before serving.

Cool buns on a wire rack to room temperature.

It is important to slowly cool the flask first to room temperature and then in ice-water.

I went from room to room and found bullets that would fit, along with a roll of bandages.

Let the walk through the house flow easily from room to room, as much as you possibly can.

Keep tightly covered with clingfilm to prevent the pastry from drying out, and bring it up to room temperature before you bake it.

Free-standing furnishings also give you more options for redecorating, as they can be moved from room to room, refinished, or sold.

By prepaying your reservation you are assured that the rate paid is secured and that you will not be subject to room rate increases.

Best is if you can bring them to room temperature and then after you take the turkey out of the oven, put them in the oven to re-heat.

In 10% of cases room at is used

Keep at room temperature for 12 hours.

Iodine is a grey solid at room temperature.

Cool at room temperature, then chill in refrigerator.

Serve cold, warm or at room temperature - up to you! These brownies are the best I have.

SEMICONDUCTORS: At room temperature the valence band of a semiconductor is almost completely full.

However, the only downfall to it is if you left the oil to harden at room temperature in the machine.

Chlorine is gaseous at room temperature, and highly poisonous, so it's very unlikely that this is what you were treading in.

They tested the solubility of this solid in several solvents both at room temperature and at the boiling point of the solvent.

Then, a series of acetone -like solvents are used to convert the brain into plastic where it can be stored at room temperature.

They were charges with raping and forcing an Indonesian woman to perform oral sex on them at Room 4, Prai police station barracks between 6.

In 5% of cases room with is used

It was an old garage, with room for two cars.

It will employ 150 people, with room to expand.

A bit on the pricier side with rooms starting at NT$2,500.

Frequently Bought Together Customers buy this book with Room by Emma Donoghue Hardcover CDN$ 18.

We want a place with room to move and a nice outlook, probably in the countryside just outside the city.

Prior to the bubble the market must be an under-owned asset class with room to absorb the massive flows.

I believe that past dinners were in restaurants with room for many, many more people rather than at private residences as this one was.

With rooms starting from USD600 a night, the Four Seasons Koh Samui is a highlight, providing both single-roomed and multi-roomed villas.

She told me that both editions contained good notes and explanations of the text with room to make my own notes as I went along, in fact she made no distinction between the two editions at all.

By mid 2006, flash memory cards will be regularly up to 4GB, with room on every smartphone for 50 CD's worth of stereo music, half a dozen movies and all manner of reference applications and games.

In 4% of cases room for is used

After returning from site seeing, I called for room service.

A substantial undercover area provides for room to entertain plus a double lock up.

For rooms without bath, hallway bathrooms less Owners: What's your side of the story.

I mentioned that I got a good rate for room but silly me did not realise that breakfast was not included.

Together we made a motley crew of determined individuals who had one goal in mind, raise over 20,000 for Room to.

Notice of Admission To know your test site and room assignment two (2) weeks before the test date, click on the link for Room Assignment.

All of their cottages and the Superior Room include: Tiled bathrooms, 24 hour hot water showers, electric fans, intercom for room service, private balcony with table, chairs and a hammock.

In 4% of cases room per is used

I think mostly are 2 people per room.

For adequate lights, heat and cooking, you'll need 2500 watts per room.

There would be a couple of movies per room, which would be decorated differently for each movie.

As they may vary per room type; please also check the room description when checking availability.

B &B; is from 109 per room with tango lessons at hotel restaurant Chino Latino from 12 per person.

So add an extra 138 euros to your holiday per room (that was for 10 nights) This is something I will take up with thomson.

Hi Mr Tan, basically they will separate the bumis and nonbumis:) and the number of students per room is depends on the hostel.

The rooms have one telephone line per room, which is easily connected to the internet and achieves good quality connection with speeds at around 28.

For japanese resort and a room big enough to fit 4, i think it was very good value for money (ard 230 USD per room per night )!! All in all, I enjoyed my stay a and family.

Numbers in Party and Suitability The numbers of persons occupying a property must not exceed 2 people per room or the maximum number stated in the property description unless by prior arrangement.

In 3% of cases room from is used

We work our way from room to room, holding hands like scared kids.

None of them ever had to ask to move from room to room in their own homes.

White says, chills the milk from room temperature to 4 degrees centigrade (39.

I went from room to room and found bullets that would fit, along with a roll of bandages.

Let the walk through the house flow easily from room to room, as much as you possibly can.

Then they began moving us from room to room, I think they have moved us four times since breakfast (now 4.

Free-standing furnishings also give you more options for redecorating, as they can be moved from room to room, refinished, or sold.

For the first few months, especially, you'll need to cradle your baby's neck and head in the palm of your hand when you take her out of the cot or carry her from room to room.

In 2% of cases room into is used

Prisoners were locked up, grenades were thrown into rooms that contained many of them.

No one went to meet or speak to them and they seemed to open doors and look into rooms.

I fail to see how this helps ACORN any more than it helped Nixon that it was his employee breaking into rooms at Watergate.

To help squeeze more staff and students into the premises, the toilets and cloakroom have been converted into rooms for resource teachers.

I have six boys to fill, plus my husband, and I think this recipe would be great with grilled cheese sandwiches to dip! I have a roomba and it shuts itself into rooms every so often.

In 1% of cases room on is used

English speaking Driver Package on Room only basis &; bed and breakfast basis.

Thus, leaving you with low rates on rooms, empty beaches, and some showers to help cool things down for you.

The EntertainmentT rate is based on room rate and if you have additional people in your room, an extra person charge may apply.

In view of this mutually beneficent arrangement, we are compelled to request our clients to make the full payment on room charges.

Once the full payment on room charges are settled with our agency, we make the necessary payment to the hotel in turn, and our client is guaranteed with hotel room confirmations.

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