Prepositions used with "perception"

of, in, to, about or on perception?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases perception of is used

There is also a question of perception.

Deception of perception is the name of the game.

Impartiality is at most times a matter of perception.

Psychology of perception of advertising, of course, is still interesting for many.

Strategic marketing determines the principle of perception, regardless of the cost.

The principle of perception creates a pool of loyal editions, given current trends.

The principle of perception determines the dictates of the consumer, using the experience of previous campaigns.

Furthermore, James realized that every act of perception specifies both a perceiving self and a perceived object.

There has been no significant difference of perceptions about the future status and the privileges of these groups.

Drala Through exploring the depth of perception, one engages the elemental and magical strength inherent in the world.

In 12% of cases perception in is used

A shift in perception would be to consider it your friend.

Is half empty good or bad? Again perception comes into play.

Brown is struggling at the moment in perception and in practice.

So there's a pervasive difference in perceptions, and I think the difference matters.

As waves in the ocean dash against one another, the seer and the seen collide in perception.

What is learned in most cases is not a new way of perceiving, but the awareness of a change in perception.

Human interventions have played a terrific role in perception of the river among different sections of the society.

MEMORY One of the processes important in perception is the comparing of current input with similar past experience.

People under regular NSA care find that they can change their posture and the tension in their bodies at will to create a shift in perception.

It takes an active part in perception both by reason of its activity and the nature of that activity as caused by its latent tendencies (Samskaras).

In 9% of cases perception to is used

And, as you may know as a Guardian writer, women are very sensitive to perceptions of male domination of any kind.

Americans are quite attentive to reputation and sensitive to perceptions of guilt, notably their own legacy of slavery.

An entire industry devoted to perception management dutifully created the perception that the race was close and the outcome fateful.

But there is some truth to the notion that media coverage of Gore's misstatements contributed to perceptions that he was less honest.

The presence of the current of an unceasing consciousness linking up these different elements contributing to perception makes perception possible.

Yet, as Ben Zala reveals, a number of ' virtual ' factors, ranging from industrial-scale production to perceptions of scarcity, may also contribute to water conflicts in the near to mid-term.

According to Kant the manifold of sensations is transformed into perceptions and conceptions by the mind by means of the perceptual categories and the conceptual categories with their judgments.

In 4% of cases perception about is used

It is all about perception and value.

Politics is about perception not reality.

Fear is about perception, and atmosphere can and do get generated.

One can have sensations about perceptions and perceptions about sensations.

But today, nobody thinks about perceptions, the concern is of quality, as you can hardly get good work in India.

In 4% of cases perception on is used

It was a comment on perception.

He should have decided on merit, not on perceptions.

First are differences on perception among the parties.

In 3% of cases perception by is used

Potential tourists, it suggested, were alienated by perceptions of violence and criminal activity and have been searching for other locations where there was no threat to personal safety.

In 3% of cases perception for is used

Perception According to the Sankhya and the Vedanta According to the Sankhya system the stimulus for perception is provided by the existence of a real object outside.

In 1% of cases perception from is used

Since these are always oriented to future states, they take attention away from perception of immediate experience and turn it to following imagined states.

In 1% of cases perception into is used

An accurate but self-evident observation turns a slayer into Perception Girl.

According to Kant the manifold of sensations is transformed into perceptions and conceptions by the mind by means of the perceptual categories and the conceptual categories with their judgments.

In 1% of cases perception with is used

In fact, signals that the brain receives from the heart help us with perception and emotional understanding.

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