Prepositions used with "territory"

of, in, over, for or to territory?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases territory of is used

You cover a lot of territory, e.

Basically this is one voice covering quite a bit of territory.

IGOs influence the recognition of territories as states in the IS.

The Eastern Roman empire became a mere shadow with a small bit of territory round its capital.

However, this was a bear that was already unusual for a female bear in the wide range of territory she covered.

The Israeli occupation violates the preface to the United Nations Charter banning the acquisition of territory by war.

AQAP and its parallel insurgent group, Ansar al Sharia, have made gains at times controlling large swathes of territory.

It initially comprised two parts, West Pakistan and East Pakistan, which were separated by about 1,600 km (1,000 mi) of territory within India.

Also, Syria has never accepted that the Golan is a part of Israel and openly supported Lebanon's claim to the Sheba Farms (a 30 km piece of territory).

In 12% of cases territory in is used

Vermont is forty-fifth out of the fifty states in territory.

Democracies do not arrest citizens of foreign countries for attending Congresses in territories outside their controls.

There are a few narrow escapes that I can see Homeland wiggling through, but they pop out in territory we don't want to be in.

Through out the first half Science College managed to have the better of Trinity in territory and possession playing a good 80% in the oppositions half.

She stressed the importance of the stability this would bring to the Association when there is a central body monitoring activities in territories, thousands of miles apart.

In 9% of cases territory over is used

But what begins as a struggle over territory turns into an extraordinary journey that will transform him into a Master Assassin -- and will forever change the destiny of a nation.

In 8% of cases territory for is used

And now, the small Philippines even dare to scramble for territories against China.

With the line out failing miserably, Madigan insisted on constant kicks for territory.

Behind them, they have traditionally had very conservative backline play, based on kicking for territory, kick and chase, and kicking for kicking sakes.

This is the game in a nutshell, and it's easy to see the potential scope given that it's based on check-ins, so wherever you go, you can claim or challenge for territory and build up your own turf.

In 4% of cases territory to is used

The body and mind should be in perfect sync to territory the perfect photo.

There must be safeguards, he said, to ensure that asylum-seekers have access to territories and procedures where their claims can be examined.

In 3% of cases territory into is used

It's certainly possible to save money, if that is a consideration, and also to venture into territory the family has not previously explored, and still have lots of fun.

In 3% of cases territory on is used

As the International Emergency Services section, we are dependent on territories, organisations and people donating money for relief work.

Significantly, states party to the treaty can not allow non-signatories to keep landmine stocks on territory under their jurisdiction or control.

The Quartet proposed an initial meeting between the parties within a month, comprehensive proposals on territory and security within three months, and an agreement no later than the end of 2012.

In 2% of cases territory through is used

Sure, a few people may have spruiked it as an idea, but no one in his right mind would invest in putting a pipeline through territory held by tribes with the history the Afghans have.

In 2% of cases territory with is used

It is the nature of the beast, it goes with territory, and there is very little that can be done when people's silence is regularly bought for a good sum of quaterly or yearly fee.

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