Prepositions used with "population"

of, in, on, with or for population?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases population of is used

The claimed even exchange of population.

This situation was found in a number of populations.

Bridge should be useful to a huge amount of population.

Scott Radloff, director of the USAID office of Population and Reproductive Health.

Emerging economies such as India and China are big countries in terms of population.

It has changed us from one of collective responsibility into factions of population.

The existence of Population II stars, devoid of heavy elements, directly contradicts the theory of the Big Bang.

The world CAN NOT sustain present levels of population growth, the result is simple, end of the world as we know it.

The Old Quarter of H N? i is where a visitor's abstract notions of population density meet a living and breathing reality.

In 15% of cases population in is used

And the state is small not just in population.

The situation is being compounded on a daily by an explosion in population.

Violent crime is also a problem, both in population centres and rural areas.

Banditry and crime are a growing problem, both in population centres and rural areas.

He has an interest in Population health and the benefits of healthy eating and activity.

Kitts and Guyana have actually experienced declines in population because of emigration.

Studies tell unified story of health benefits The studies that met the criteria varied in population and setting.

The Wellington region simply isn't growing in population very much, plus it has a pretty effective existing rail system.

Look at the difference in population and as you know, the bigger the population the bigger the audience the bigger the advertising revenue.

I like the graph showing number of living alone but would like to see how the percentages change as well because of the increase in population.

In 9% of cases population on is used

In fact, those working on population issues have done so.

House representation, based on population, would not be affected.

For too long we have allowed religious leaders to dictate the rules on population growth.

Bob Pitt of the U of Alabama in Birmingham, especially for material on population effects,.

Training was given on population health, human rights, public communication skills and team management.

A focus on population control channels limited resources, creativity and energy in the wrong direction.

Amit, Delhi, India The silence on population growth has been going on too long and with terrible consequences.

Gurumurthy developed at the First 2006 Workshop on Population and Envioronmental Protection in Urban Planning.

I believe the population unit's current discussion on population policy is framed in terms of trade offs as well.

The illustrations cover in detail the effects of population on water and pollution, and of water on population and pollution.

In 7% of cases population with is used

With populations, it takes generations for effects to be felt.

It mainly focuses on 28 Commonwealth countries with populations below 1.

It provides a snapshot of our major cities, defined as those with populations above 100,000.

After all, per capita consumption levels multiply with population size to determine our total resource consumption.

Quite a few extra mega-cities and significant metropolitan areas, with populations more than 1,000,000 have emerged.

The courier network in India now spreads to smaller Class IV towns (defined as towns with populations less than 50,000).

Nobody can say for sure when the illegal activity took off and why, though some people associate it with population growth.

The District capital, Assin Foso was the only urban settlement in 1960 and 1970 with population of 5284 and 7239 respectively.

An effect of hybrid was present, with populations displaying significantly lower larval survival on Cry34/35Ab1 maize than non-Bt maize (F = 61.

We are involved in a programme with Population Services International (PSI) to distribute insecticide-impregnated bed nets, which we sell for a very low price.

In 6% of cases population for is used

Describe the human impact This is often the hardest part for population health stories.

Pete Moyryla, Ruby, AK, USA Perhaps we should consider a cap-and-trade program for population.

The other reason for population growth though is the un-developed world becoming more developed.

Even if there is a huge conspiracy going on, replete with plans for population control, contrails etc.

However, survival was significantly lower on Cry3Bb1 maize than on non-Bt maize for populations from problem fields (P = 0.

No? And, don't forget to calculate in the size of our standing army and express the math on an adjusted basis for population size, etc.

Sampling issues To estimate diversity indices for populations, you need estimates of the proportion of each species in the population.

It could have reduced the time between births, allowing for population growth, and perhaps allowed for the development of a larger brain.

It was the product for population of Indian villages and towns which does not good looks or extra frills, bike looks rugged which easily handle bad roads of Indian villages.

In 5% of cases population by is used

Overshoot, we know, is followed by population decline.

Today, some states have as many as four federal court districts, which are generally determined by population size.

Not far from India, the island nation known as the Maldives is Asia's smallest country, both by population and land mass.

Polity - the basic pillar of democracy India is the largest state by population with a democratically-elected government in the world.

The kicker? Those 21 least populous states have 42 Senators - almost half of the Senate, even though combined they have less people than the largest state by population.

The big money from cronyism may be found in the executive suite, but the largest group of beneficiaries by population are middle-class white-collar workers and professionals.

In 5% of cases population to is used

However, if the resources were distributed according to population, it may not have enough to cover its outgoings.

Turning to population density, it is really interesting to see how Auckland compares with other cities in Australia and the USA.

Merlin was able to set up quickly thanks to the Rapid Response to Population Movements initiative which is coordinated by UNICEF and OCHA.

Trim is a strong commuter town and is one of the principal towns in Co Meath, with access to population in the surrounding area of 7,000 people.

Some attacks on villages have taken place in daylight hours and close to population centres; even major towns like Yambio are vulnerable to attack.

In 2006, the employment to population ratio of New Zealanders in Australia was 77% compared with 67% for the Australian population (aged 15 to 64).

Its area is shrinking day by day due to population pressure, Chief Executive of Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB) Dr M Anwarul Islam told the agency.

In 3% of cases population over is used

From over population I found out that.

The 3 activities I did were discrimination, child labor and over population.

Over population in small areas has given birth to traffic jam and poverty, which destroys the people.

War, Pestilence, Tribalism, Ignorance, over population, Religion and Politics all trumped by a small increase in temperature.

OVER POPULATION: In less developed countries population growth rate is almost high, over populated countries can not use the modern technology due to the fear of unemployment.

In 2% of cases population about is used

Mouse -- good point about population.

If it's about population change then it's premature.

Also, when most first-worlders talk about population reduction, they think of the developing world.

BILL, Oxfordshire They've been talking about population reduction of 85% of us for quite some time, folks.

In 2% of cases population from is used

You can't draw conclusions about demand shifts from population numbers alone.

Consider places away from population centers where the sun always shine, as spots for solar energy plants.

DESIGN--Calculation of incidence of cancer using data from population based cancer registries and special surveys.

In this study, we focus on whether important spectro-temporal auditory features of spoken words and continuous sentences can be reconstructed from population neural responses.

The percents becoming pregnant in columns (2) and (3) are based on data from populations where contraception is not used and from women who cease using contraception in order to become pregnant.

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