Prepositions used with "diet"

of, in, on, with or about diet?

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In 28% of cases diet of is used

I have heard of diet soda's causing hair loss.

We were not as well educated in terms of diet.

These types of diets often do not contain enough vitamins and minerals.

The sheer amount of diet and weight loss options available to you can seem overwhelming.

In terms of diet, there is no need to cut out any food completely, not even sugary foods.

A lot of people struggle to lose weight and their are hundreds of diet plans to choose from.

Lapp is the co-author of Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It.

The first is to increase the amount of dietary fiber, giving the body a chance to regulate the digestive and eliminatory systems.

So I was feeling disheartened so I walked home and stopped off at the shop to buy some essentials- Glamour and a can of diet Coke.

As we know, this is the type of diet that we should all aim for and in terms of feeding students, it provides me with what I need to thrive.

In 18% of cases diet in is used

A change in diet may have a placebo effect.

I should be able to make pretty quick work of them this year with the change in diet.

This is different from loose stools caused by a change in diet or food that is the wrong temperature for example.

Even a few simple changes in diet and lifestyle can have a positive impact on your health -- now and in the future.

EXCESSIVE SALT IN DIET Many people with high blood pressure find that cutting down on sodium lowers their blood pressure.

However, Sara found that just the changes in diet and supplements were enough to improve her quality of life -- a good result.

If caught in time, it can be corrected by a change in diet or lighting, or in severe cases calcium and vitamin injections will be needed.

You're probably going to require a multi-pronged approach which will include herbal tonics and a change in diet, as well as a homeopathic remedy.

In other words, if a person thinks a change in diet will affect behavior, it may actually affect behavior even if the nutrients are not causing the change.

In 17% of cases diet on is used

Rolls is the author of Volumetrics, a best-selling book on diet.

For many are now on diet, exercise, rest and others to gain health.

The sections on diet and health were interesting but lacked substance.

I have seen people go on diets, do workouts and aerobics, and shed pounds with a great deal of effort.

Most people who diet end up having to go on diets, over and over again, because they never quite get it.

Part of the difficulty I think is that there are now so many mixed messages out there on diet and nutrition.

Refrigerators, for example, have had a predictably favorable impact on diet and on food distribution systems.

The great thing about PCP is how it has changed my perception on diet and exercise which I desperately needed.

Yes, meh food, not the order out for dinner types, good wine &; rocking good company! That kulfi was on diet too.

If you ' re searching on the internet on how to have to boy without medications, you ' ll find to lot of websites giving you the detailed information on diet plans.

In 12% of cases diet with is used

Fibroid has nothing to do with diet; it will come when and if it wants to come.

I have been putting all this effort in with diet an exercise and still feel fat.

Fibroid is within the system of a majority of the women who have it and it has nothing to do with diet.

Ben Feingold have solved most of these children's problems with diet changes and the addition of supplements.

Some women find comfort with oral contraceptives as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and regular exercise.

The type 2 diabetes is far more flexible in the way that it can be treated, and this includes with dietary and lifestyle changes.

People with diets rich in omega-3 foods like salmon and mackerel had longer telomeres, which are strands of DNA that have links to longevity.

Nice connection between launch fatigue and minimalism -- very similar to our obese culture's obsession with diets when the problem is something else structural.

Many type 2 cases can be controlled with diet and exercise, and the fact that the patient is young and in an otherwise healthy condition will help greatly with this.

In terms of on the cattle side, or chickens, poultry, I have haven't seen much change or been familiar with diet impacts on the quality of the material to be composted.

In 8% of cases diet about is used

The 4 Cycle Solution This is what SUCKS about diets.

I have just had a letter from dietician about dietary recommendations following a transplant.

Mitch82 I help people out with training/diet on the side, so I'd pretty skeptical about diet fads.

This letter contains 12 pages of advice mainly about diet and excercise and it is given out by St James Leeds.

Now that you know a little bit more about diet, you will see that it's not tough to stay appropriately nourished.

For example, I wrote a lot about diet and health this year, such as by sharing my experiences with the raw food diet.

We do have more information about diet, healthy eating and some recipes that can be good if you're living with cancer on our eating well pages.

Before you buy any of this so called best diets, it is better for you to know about diets out there in the market that gives you inaccurate information on how to lose weight.

In 5% of cases diet as is used

Factors such as diet, exercise and smoking habits were taken into account.

It says lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, and improved diagnosis have also contributed to the rise.

If you need to do are afflicted by irritable intestinal, you might find that the digestive tract might respond much more extremely in order to elements for example tension as well as diet plan.

In 4% of cases diet between is used

To study the interrelation between diet and personality traits, an experiment was conducted on prisoners at Gwalior jail.

In 4% of cases diet to is used

I was all set to marry that bowl of guacamole, but I'd already married to Diet Dr Pepper and we all know I'd not leaving Diet Dr Pepper if I don't have to.

Epidemiological studies have been critical in correlating factors that cause cancer, such as the use of cigarettes, or links to diets and exercise in cardiovascular diseases.

In 2% of cases diet for is used

Gooch 's, and with it Sandy Gooch and her head for diet supplements and the merchandising of meat.

In 2% of cases diet through is used

You can do this through exercise alone or through diet and exercise.

Most of these cases can be managed through diet and light exercise, but if they have worsened it can be a call for supplementary insulin.

However, this evidence is based on studies of statin therapy, and lowering cholesterol with drugs is not the same as lowering it through diet, and one can not extrapolate from one to the other.

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