Prepositions used with "survey"

of, in, on, to or for survey?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases survey of is used

Certainly the issues of survey selection bias and misreporting are real.

For this type of survey, the research team should have developed an index.

Table 4: Type of participating HEI and number of survey respondents HEI type No.

Confidence intervals are often found in reports of the results of surveys and political polls.

We ran a number of surveys with young people like you at the end of 2010 and got over 400 responses.

What exactly happened? The disputed one acre land is part of survey number 32 of Mallathahalli village.

If there was some way to warn the customers before calling, or just sending them some sort of survey I think you'd get better data.

Farming has increased as a perceived main cause of damage to freshwater by 27 percentage points over the 10-year period of surveys (from 24.

By paying a small amount the middle man provides you with access to the huge list of surveys that was provided to them by the massive providers.

In a series of surveys he found that between 80 and 95% of Chinese people were either relatively or extremely satisfied with central government.

In 15% of cases survey in is used

According to him, the land in Survey No.

Concerns about staff welfare were raised in the course of our hospital visits and in survey comments.

What exactly are people thinking about when they are asked these questions in surveys? People say morals are declining.

Early on our focus was primarily on customer comments in survey open ends; this is still a key area for most of our clients.

But in surveys, most passengers say that their priority is to get from point A to point B, and whatever happens along the way is secondary.

If you want to get people to fill in surveys, donate blood and so on giving them something can make a big difference: people feel appreciated.

In 10% of cases survey on is used

This is usually done by experts, based on surveys to help determine user needs and preferences.

Businesses throughout the world ranging from Fortune 500 to market research companies to advertising agencies rely on surveys and focus groups for opinions on what consumers want.

In smartphones, it was a similar story with Android grabbing 75 percent of the market and the Samsung Galaxy S III getting the crown as the world's top selling smartphone, based on surveys.

In 9% of cases survey to is used

But you can get extra swagbucks when you participate to surveys, watch Swagbucks TV and much more.

According to surveys carried out Ireland is very rich in gold and Donegal has the highest presence of it.

According to surveys, most insiders do not think that the automobile market possesses strong recovery capability.

According to surveys, many believe they'll be less likely to engage in renewed criminal activity with a change of scenery.

One of the reports co-authors said respondents to surveys and open houses were divided on the benefits of joining the NCAA.

The seller will rarely accept a conditional offer but may indicate that s/he will accept the offer if the ' subject to survey ' condition is withdrawn.

African managers spend from 5 percent to 10 percent of their time dealing with regulators, according to survey responses -- haggling over complex and corrupt licensing and oversight procedures.

In 8% of cases survey for is used

The Rao-Scott chisquare-like F-Test for surveys was performed for tests of significance.

So go ahead and visit a few internet websites of these excellent paid survey companies and start acquiring paid for surveys.

Acting Commissioner for Survey and Mapping Moddy Nsubuga Kajumbula said the marking could be done within 10 months if funds were made available.

Discovering ratings for survey web sites is just not difficult due to the fact there are a great deal of people today that are keen on this dwelling small business opportunity.

A study conducted by the Center for Survey Research at the University of Virginia (Guterbock, 1997) found that about 44 percent of all adults had volunteered time in the preceding year.

The survey instrument was pretested using cognitive interviews conducted by professional interviewers at the Center for Survey Research (CSR) of the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

In 6% of cases survey by is used

Staff are to take appropriate steps, to protect the public from accidents which may occur as a result of any activity being undertaken by Survey &; Planning Solutions (2010) Ltd.

In 3% of cases survey with is used

These combine pan-European data and models with surveys, case studies and other available evidence.

In 2% of cases survey about is used

I've authored a great deal about surveys throughout the years.

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