Prepositions used with "shirt"

of, in, on, for or with shirt?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 35% of cases shirt of is used
    All we get is a change of shirt every 4 years.
    There are a variety of shirt options that can be chosen from.
    Another style of shirt is the more well known short-sleeved and long-sleeved polo shirts.
    The best way to cheat is by going for thicker materials or layering 2 or 3 different types of shirts.
    These tours help raise a club's profile and increase sales of shirts and whatever else they have on offer.
    This rule is enforced through threats that something bad will happen to that colour of shirt if they ever buy it.
    Buying by EraMany men and women commence browsing soccer shirt solutions by in need of shirts from a specific era.
    Blaming atheism for why people do violence is like blaming moustaches for why people buy different types of shirts.
    The excessive hang of shirt or turban out of pride is also a sign of arrogance and involves the wearer in a major sin.
    We have a large selection of shirts, jackets, gear and great Head of the Charles Regatta gifts for men, women and kids.

    In 12% of cases shirt in is used
    Kilts, suits, or just in shirts.
    Feruccio Lamborghini, who all his life had always felt best in shirt sleeves, returned to his roots.
    He worked in shirt sleeves during the summer as the kids outside played in the spray from broken fire hydrants.
    Union Jack Kits There is no question that the Union Jack has become one of the more popular designs not only with tapestry, but in shirts, jackets, and other items as well.

    In 12% of cases shirt on is used
    I don't blame anyone who is young and from a developing part of the world who decide to spend their hard earned cash on shirts of another team other than us.

    In 10% of cases shirt for is used
    Is it the game plans that are dangerous, or the for shirt, or.
    The Etihad deal is for shirt sponsorship, stadium naming, and sponsorship of the (under-development) training, youth and media complex; all for 40M a season.

    In 8% of cases shirt with is used
    We were issued with shirts, that had the station logo proudly emblazoned on the front.
    Liverpool currently have a record 25m per season deal with kit manufacturer Warrior Sports and a reported 20m per year deal with shirt sponsor Standard Chartered.

    In 6% of cases shirt per is used
    Woot $1000 for the first day of sales and $2 per shirt sold after that point.

    In 4% of cases shirt under is used
    If your extremely cheap and have some white under shirts laying around.
    Even though we have a full-fledged closet/ dresser for her room now, these baskets are still pretty useful for keeping socks, under shirts, belts etc organized within the closet.

    In 4% of cases shirt up is used
    Skinny Preppy Look The preppy look is very beneficial because you have the button up shirts and the sweaters and vests to bulk up your frame.
    Carrying his guitar, and wearing a tucked in, pink button up shirt, he projects his Maritime charm immediately without having said anything yet.

    In 2% of cases shirt beneath is used
    This seamless bra comes in smooth materials, such as cotton or satin, to avoid lines and bumps under clothing, especially beneath shirts and dresses that have a slim fit.

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