Prepositions used with "pattern"

of, in, on, For or with pattern?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases pattern of is used

Here? s the kind of pattern Valliant is talking about.

Some kinds of pattern are seen reiterated throughout nature.

Empirical evidence in the form of patterns in changes of velocity is foundational.

The test involves tasks requiring identification of patterns in graphic series problems.

He has published a few hundred of patterns of his work in the fields of textile, zakka, and graphic.

These two following examples demonstrate the use of patterns 3 and 4 (the core of our model of Postframing).

It is a series on the white skin the evolution of patterns does not guarantee we'll She mustered dryness I any given hop.

This is the most dangerous type of pattern for California, especially since there's virtually no break from Thursday until possibly Monday.

Such as making the assumption the effectiveness of math means it is fundamental to nature, rather than a distillation of patterns in nature.

Such as making the assumption the effectiveness of math means it is fundamental to nature, rather than a distillation of patterns in nature.

In 15% of cases pattern in is used

Gender differences exist in patterns of help seeking for psychological disorder.

Marking Heuer imitation timepieces are famous for intricacy in pattern, memorable shades, and astounding efficiency data.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in patterns of behavior or relationships and jobs that don't serve our greater well-being.

The legal system is entirely backward looking, holding the victim in patterns and memories they actually need to move away from.

The instructor is asking for more from the student in the way of correct techniques in patterns that are becoming more difficult.

Part of a new visionary technique that synthesizes various artistic styles (the theatrical, the natural, and the epic ), and serves as a primer in pattern recognition.

One study from the University of California, Los Angeles, for instance, shows fairly extensive changes in patterns of brain activation from moderate use of search engines.

For example, for those times when I was wearing an all in one girth and length four all around the store sizes, I was an all in one length and girth 10-12 in pattern sizes.

In 13% of cases pattern on is used

What survives in historical memory depends as much on patterns of human.

Known more for his sequin, tongue-in-cheek knits, here the focus is on pattern.

Examine the influence of the earth's field on patterns of human collective behavior.

I don't know, a lot of the people on Pattern Review had success with this pattern - it might just be me.

Example button 1 will be on pattern 6 and if button two is pressed for the 4th time it will flash pattern #4.

Kone 2012 continues his one off, one on pattern meaning a lot of people probably picked him up on the BD after his 9.

The Missouri researchers want to focus more on pattern recognition of activities that might indicate someone is depressed.

Whether they make approximate predictions (based on patterns) or they can make accurate ones, is beyond my understanding.

In fact, the alphabet and numbers are based on patterns which are clearly visible as octahedral energy rotates across the surface of a torus.

Just ink dots on paper that through physical channels evoke certain neural excitations and chemical discharges based on patterns embedded in the brain.

In 12% of cases pattern For is used

You look for patterns and trends in their style.

In essence, I'd not exploring but trying to argue that the model accounts for patterns in the data.

For pattern and context, I would like toA recap Kirby's forays into the world of autism epidemiology.

As a song unfolds, the brain is on the lookout for patterns, anticipating when the next beat will come.

Then they searched the data for patterns, looking to see if certain arrangements of bacteria tended to be found in certain people.

It could publish its bio-passport data under anonymous names so those interested could review the data to look for patterns, effectively crowd-sourcing the job.

In 6% of cases pattern with is used

Wrote the chatbot completely from scratch, with pattern template language I also coded and design on my own.

They have dark spots with patterns unique to each individual leopard, just like fingerprints are unique in humans.

These finely detailed new fashion styles offer equestrian-inspired elegance, while unique textures and colours burst with pattern and luminescence.

All the beams and lintels of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests are painted with patterns of dragon and phoenix and colorful imperial paintings, looks splendid and elegant.

In 5% of cases pattern to is used

Thousands of serious interpersonal relational patterns of dysfunction, that litter local courts and marriage counselling sessions also reveal systemic addictions to patterns of behaviour.

In 4% of cases pattern from is used

Designs were chosen from pattern books for blankets and rugs.

This provides a valuable lesson for all students as they seek to develop rules arising from pattern spotting.

Spotting anomalies in surfaces and deviations from patterns often reveals secret compartments which contain the next key or trinket, to be used on the next puzzle.

The fibreglass body needs to be manufactured from patterns and factory drawings in order to preserve the original look of the car and to restore it to replicate a genuine McLaren M8A.

In 4% of cases pattern into is used

Inhibitions need not be on anti-social acts, but are often to direct behavior into patterns normal in our society.

In 3% of cases pattern about is used

Why talk about patterns? The feedback of last output into the mathematics in vivo, (the relationships) is the cause of the next output and so on and so on.

In 3% of cases pattern as is used

A you are just what absolutely every single year, however converts a bit throughout materials, colours as well as patterns etc.

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