Prepositions used with "wage"

of, in, on, for or to wage?

Word Frequency
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In 36% of cases wage of is used

Let not the thought of wages weigh you down.

Even Spurs are feeling the pinch of wage inflation.

Growth of wages in goods-producing industries slowed to 0.

This quite automatically reduces workers ' income and the weighted average of wage rates.

The NZ public want security of wages and savings, some lifestyle ease and family happiness.

The payment of wages is governed by the Payment of Wages Act 1936, and the Minimum Wages Act, 1948.

One of the reasons why inflation has not been quite so rampant is because of the race to the bottom in terms of wages.

EPS withdrawal benefit Return of contribution on exit from the employment Year of service Proportion of wages at exit 1 1.

The market version emphasises the benefits of rising productivity, flexibility of wages and labour, and lower costs to industry.

Trade union leaders say they hope to show EU leaders that a new wave of wage and pension cuts will only worsen the plight of the Greek people.

In 16% of cases wage in is used

A signing on fee and a hike in wages.

This, in turn, is conducive to a further growth in wages.

The 12 folds increase in wage suddenly does not seem to suffice.

The anticipated return: 20 goals without a signing on fee or hike in wages to RVP.

For those holding debt, a fall in wages has very real and significant implications.

The only disappointment was another decline in wages, something Romney seized on during one of his appearances yesterday.

If sales do not increase enough, the increase in wages will be reflected in an increase of labour cost per unit of output.

Obama wants to set up a escrow fund run by americans using BP money and of course thay will take millions of Pounds from BP in wages.

Thirdly it was revealed last night that Arsenal pay out 40% more in wages than Tottenham, but it is obvious who has the better players right now.

This wouldn't put Tottenham off though, however his lofty wages might, and if he were to move to London a drop in wages would surely be a necessity for Spurs.

In 15% of cases wage on is used

We need renewed debate and action on wage levels and low pay.

There were also greater downward pressures on wages and earnings.

Similarly, many pension schemes are based on wage levels and dynamics.

But the attack on wages is also being aided and abetted by governments.

The opportunities are endless when you don't have to spend them on wages.

He's currently on wages of 120k per week, meaning his annual salary is 6.

However do not rely on wages from part-time work to support your life in Australia.

This meant those relying on wages being paid in were unable to pay their mortgage and other bills.

It is wrong to suggest that trade unionism by definition is concerned exclusively and only on wage demands.

As the facts cleared afterwards, it turns out that many of that 47 % that Romney was referring to do in fact pay taxes on wages.

In 10% of cases wage for is used

Even when working for wages, don't equate yourself with the wages.

And the only realistic way to deal with them is for wages to come down in peripheral Europe.

I get a good day's sleep and the enjoyment I get from what I do for wage will go up about five notches.

I once told a woman they took me about four hours to make and when was the last time she worked for wages like that.

For the remaining quarter 13 hours, the apprentices were free to either work on the provision ground themselves, or for wages.

But what makes it interesting is that, the GP's in Africa, specifically Ghana may also go on strikes demanding for wage increase.

It shows in detail that the working class -- those people who make their livelihood by working in return for wages -- is still a force to be reckoned with.

Proprietors As a general rule, the class of worker status, that is, whether the respondent works for wages or is self-employed, is not considered for classification purposes.

The Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) group has said it is wrong that 319 workers were arrested over picketing for wage increases and better working conditions.

In 9% of cases wage to is used

Stalker is trying to convince Ji Ho not to wage war, but Ji Ho doesn't care.

That means even more drastic cuts to wages in the public sector and to social welfare payments.

That is the neo-Classical claim, that unemployment is due to wages being too high and it is drop-dead wrong.

Where a garnishee order relates to wages or salary, payment must be made within 14 days of the wage or salary falling due.

As the cost of nearly everything seems to increase we are all having our wealth slowly stolen away as our purchasing capacity decreases compared to wages.

These strata include Israeli youth, who are called on to wage ' an eternal war imposed by destiny ', and the Palestinian Arabs who live under Israeli rule.

I also note that these benefits, in addition to wages etc, are systematically following deflation/inflation trends to ensure that employees can maintain a certain standard of living.

Following are just 20 of the challenges facing everyday families today: Fall in national wages: There have already been major reductions to wages across a wide number of sectors in the Irish market.

Saving clause as to wages 15(5) Nothing in this section requires an employer to pay wages to an employee for any period during which the employee refuses to perform the work for which he is employed.

In 4% of cases wage from is used

That money has to come from somewhere, and not surprisingly, it comes from wages.

Another reason why wages have remained flat is that apart from wages, much of the cost of hiring a worker has gone up sharply.

For more information about illegal deductions from wages in England, Wales and Scotland, see Employer withholds your pay, in Employment fact sheets.

The Payment of Wages Act 1991 refers to situations where either deductions are made from wages or the employee is required to make a payment to the employer.

In 4% of cases wage with is used

Wages There are a number of statutory rights associated with wages.

With wages and prices easing, the Bank of Canada will have room to continue cutting its policy rate.

That made Barca only the 13th highest earning club in Europe, with wages at 88 per cent of income and debts of 186m.

The freeing of prices does not however, extend to labour with wages tightly controlled, leading to dramatic drop in real wages in some cases.

In 3% of cases wage over is used

Taking action over wages and benefits, for instance, is off limits.

Unfortunately, cows know nothing of industrial matters and conflicts over wages and conditions, and such luxuries as RDO's (rostered days off to the aged and infirm).

Our current tax policies favoring capital gains, dividend income and variants on these incomes over wage income correlate tightly to less investment and larger deficits.

In their usage a free market is one free from taxes or regulation of such rentier income, giving such revenue (and capital gains) tax favoritism over wages and profits.

Inflation would be the obvious solution (5% over wage rises a year for a few years should do it) but that's probably not possible (Japan tried to create inflation in the 90s, and failed).

In 2% of cases wage as is used

PRSI is paid on all relevant payments to all employees such as wages and salaries, bonuses, fees, overtime payments, part-time pay, benefit in kind and Christmas bonuses.

In 1% of cases wage by is used

Moreover, they lower the standard of living for the middle class, held back by wages and salaries that always lag rising prices.

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