Prepositions used with "governance"

of, in, on, for or to governance?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases governance of is used

It furthers the ideals of governance.

Its a failure of governance at all levels.

This completes Phase 1 of governance reform.

There has to be cohesion and integration of all forms of governance in the country.

Will that help? The call has to do with the demand for reduction in cost of governance.

Abdulsalam Abubakar is also explicit on the existence of the local system of governance.

The future lies in creating new partnerships and models of governance based on trust and faith among all players.

Then, and only then, will the system of governance function effectively and with ultimate benefits to the nation.

Colin Crouch is Emeritus Professor of Governance and Public Management at the Business School of Warwick University.

Fundamentally, the concept of governance is about the process of decision-making and implementing the decisions taken.

In 14% of cases governance in is used

This is sensitivity and morality in governance.

We are very presidential in governance structure.

Other measures show marked gains in governance across the continent.

On would like to know what expertise and experience in governance Rahul Gandhi has to do that.

The discipline he has induced in governance is of paramount value to getting maximum performance.

For people to participate in governance, the pre-requisite is that they first know what is going on.

The first time around Opaque Obama adopted a campaign stance promising a breath-taking new transparency in governance.

The Barisan National government that has been in governance for a long time has little sense of competence in its culture.

While this rehabilitation is integral to peace and development in the State, it equally calls for radical transformation in governance.

In 8% of cases governance on is used

The whole thing hinges on governance.

Wellington City Council appears to have a revolving policy on governance.

The Board focuses on governance of the organization, leaving management to the Chief Executive and senior staff.

Indeed, to the working class in the state, the absence of Chime has not in any way impacted adversely on governance.

Specialized in legal environmental issues and especially on governance, and public and private conservation mechanisms.

As it happens my off the top of my head view is that the political system should be changed so that the effect of the media on governance is reduced.

The first deception we were subjected to was not been adequately educated on governance, we had free education along therefore we thought our rulers were doing us good.

In 5% of cases governance for is used

The ONCA will bring a modern framework for governance to Ontario non-profits.

Vice President for Governance - Suzy McKinney Suzy is a third year medical student at the University of Auckland.

Because the reason for governance is not to just balance books but to ensure that the standard of living of Jamaicans improve.

The continued reliance on Sinhala nationalism for consolidating power for governance is evident from Dayapala Thiranagama's remark.

Ladies and Gents, it is indeed a very sad day for governance in this country and every self respecting Ghanaian must indeed be feeling very sad.

In 5% of cases governance to is used

And that approach to governance and growth has served Singapore very well.

In fact, one chapter of the Philippine Statistical Development Plan 2011-2017 is devoted to governance statistics.

Western donors have raised a number of objections to China ' ' s expanding economic presence in Africa, warning lack of regard to governance.

If the UPFA had got at least 21 seats, then the situation will be different as the UPFA could have been sworn in to governance with their CM candidate.

This approach to governance borders on selfishness and does not allow for the best minds to be tapped at any given moment when either party forms the Government.

In this interview, BRF as he's fondly called, who celebrated his 1900 days in office, addresses some of the topical issues presently relating to governance in the state.

In 2% of cases governance about is used

He knows nothing about governance.

It has managed to develop a model that incorporates political elements in a deep economic integration, and challenges existing assumptions about governance.

In 1% of cases governance with is used

Whenever you lay down a law, it should not interfere with governance.

A quick tour of our history will reveal that the people have always being engaged with governance at the top from a rung at the lower ends of the ladder of political leadership.

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