Prepositions used with "pass"

of, in, on, by or with pass?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 33% of cases pass of is used
    The flow of passes, jukes, and shots are precise.
    But your logic of pass accuracy is not working for me.
    They were more than happy to deal with those kind of passes but it's hard to fault him.
    Fees All fees for day care are in the form of passes, all passes must be purchased the day of day care.
    We all know what that means in WWE's world of pass the parcel booking, Cena's the one getting pinned on Sunday night.
    Suitable gaskets and channels control the flow and allow parallel or counter current flow in any desired number of passes.
    This season, Stoke have had the lowest average possession in the league (37% ), whilst also completing the fewest percentage of passes (69%).
    And so, as we close on another year of pass Summit, it's the perfect time to look back and see how far we've come since the launch of SQL Server 2012.
    This may suit the Englishman's understanding of space and subtlety of pass, but others will now be deployed as square pegs in round holes, or not at all.
    Because despite Cazorla's main task being to play incisive, penetrative balls, he's still in the top 5 Premier League players in terms of pass completion rate.

    In 12% of cases pass in is used
    He's also first in passing (297.
    The Irish rank 90th in passing (204.
    Clemson ranks fifth in the league in pass defense (240.
    I didn't get a good feel for his ability to anchor in pass pro.
    On the offensive side of the ball, the Tigers have the ACC's top marks in passing (324.
    Weakness: pass defense The Wildcats rank only 78th nationally in pass defense, allowing 251.
    In pass Christian, a Mississippi coastal community wiped out by hurricanes Camille and Katrina, Mayor Chipper McDermott was optimistic that Isaac would not deal a heavy blow.

    In 12% of cases pass on is used
    This class is expected to be heavy on pass rushers early.
    Physically, he's strong, long and mobile, which leads to deflections and tips on passes and shots.
    This road continues along the top of the village passing Realt Na Mara National School and continuing on pass the Catholic Church.
    Smith is more of a bruiser between the hashes while Gulley is the speed option in the backfield and sees a lot of time as the check-down option for Nassib on pass plays.

    In 11% of cases pass by is used
    Also, never by pass your health and fitness routine.
    You wouldn't by pass both of the techniques, can you? Of course not -- it will be unpleasant.
    Tend not to by pass this method, and you'll find items heading a lot better- and also your fashion your.

    In 8% of cases pass with is used
    Those students comfortable with Bs and Cs will remain comfortable with pass and Low pass.
    Plus i have signed Oscar and Hazard two brilliant creative players to supply you with passes.
    The younger players like Spearing and Lucas (we forget how young he is sometimes) have been awesome with the likes of Gerrard out and Mereiles sometimes struggling with passes.

    In 7% of cases pass to is used
    They both suspected she was visiting them not so much to be neighbourly as to pass on some scandal - for that was Mrs Tormey's favourite occupation.

    In 5% of cases pass for is used
    While studying mosiac tobacco disease, he found that the agent causing the disease was small enough for pass though ceramic filter that are small enough to trap all bacteria.

    In 5% of cases pass through is used
    Vukas chases long through pass, as he.
    Afari intercepted dangerous crosses, shots and through passes and his work-rate was exceptional.
    The new Italian international put the two teams level after a fabulous through pass from Robinho in the 82 nd minute.

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