Prepositions used with "mine"

of, in, like, to or For mine?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases mine of is used

The Senior Inspector of Mines, Mr.

This will stabilise the ranks of mine workers.

Lisandro Lembert as Vice-Minister of Mines and Energy.

And he got extra work when an idea of mine caused the route for the presidential motorcade to be changed.

Charity shops aren't interested even though some of mine are not available on dvd, at least not on Amazon.

Whatif she be in flags or flitters, reekierags or sundyechosies, with a mint of mines or beggar pinnyweight.

As early as 10 July shipments of mines were rolling southward down the east coast railway from the Vladivostok region.

Then we got some demonstrations of the sort of mines that cause so much damage as well as a mock rescue of injured soldiers.

Degree of independence The Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission is an administrative unit within the Ministry of Mines and Energy).

According to the Chamber of Mines, the Philippines could increase its mineral exports from the present $500 million annually to $2.

In 13% of cases mine in is used

But in mine I know no certainty.

Choose forex/investment as in mine above.

Prisoners also worked in mines or cut timber.

Slaves who worked in mines probably suffered most.

I throw a bunch of Port and Rum in mine (not Bacardi!!!

Neither is she happy in my Will; nor does she lose her will in Mine.

Often people in mine areas are illiterate and have no access to radios.

Although two officers qualified in mine warfare were authorized, none was aboard.

Other migrants found work in factories, in the burgeoning iron and steel industries, on the railways and in mines.

If the conservatory connection can be isolated from main house, it's allowed (or was when I installed a rad in mine).

In 13% of cases mine like is used

Your spice cupboard sounds exactly like mine.

Just because the body (like mine) may look disabled - often the brain is still in good order.

There is a guy called Jack Benjamin Cox who has a suit like mine -- but without such good abs.

And on top of that, you have the multiplayer component, which can provide truly unique moments like mine above.

I know too many women with family histories like mine that won't get tested because they don't want to know the results.

But I want people to know that there are some parents -- like mine -- who only come to Hong Kong to give birth to children because they have no choice.

And the ordinary people, I am an ordinary person! Social welfare is there for families like mine who do not have an income in order to survive through the tough times.

In 13% of cases mine to is used

Also, if you'd like to write an article in response to mine that'd be great too and I 'd.

Without new sources for high quality phosphorus to mine, agriculture will face major problems.

But some clever marketing folks have figured out how to mine that desire even before we know we want it.

I was diagnosed with cancer at the same time my sister was very sick, also cancer (different and unrelated to mine.

There is a ton of data to mine -- we can drill-down into public / private sector, size of organisation, age, experience, etc.

If we continue to mine phosphorus at this rate, we would have extracted the entire Earths phosphorus reserves in 50 to 100 years.

These national mobilisations have demonstrated time and again that the government's hands are tied with regard to mine disasters.

The two patients in the beds next to mine were also eighteen, with one having his leg off above the knee, and the other with both hands missing.

I have a different situation, but I have been to my friends house a lot, possibly 2 times a months I go round hers, but she's never been to mine.

Local government officials, anxious to for a piece of the coal-profit pie, provide protection to mine owners looking to skirt government regulation.

In 12% of cases mine For is used

I was just put on medication for mine yesterday.

I must apologise for mine I laughing too hard at you.

For mine, the Pats have slipped a little under the radar.

I went for mine last night and got two Mars Bars and a Kit Kat.

It also has looked at employment and economic integration for mine victims.

I send them by one whom thou wilt receive for her own sake, if not for mine.

The deal, however, was opposed by Lugo and his vice-minister for mines and energy.

Yea Uppity I was hoping for mine to fly into someone else's place as well but no luck.

I feel the angel's hand reach out for mine and I now see him clearly, blue eyes, and a tender smile.

So for mine, it is the running game and the Pats ' ability to run and the Giants ' struggles against it.

In 7% of cases mine on is used

On mine this panel doesn't actually open.

I have done 46K miles on mine and no faults.

Thankfully I ordered rear parking sensors on mine which really helped.

Day 2 An early morning departure for birding on Mine Road commences at 5.

A fragmentation mine that is detonated via a trip wire can cause multiple injuries on the body.

The Head Gasket blew on mine after 16,000 miles and Peugeot won ’ t pay out on the warranty.

I'd OK with a myriad of beliefs, and I have no problem being challenged on mine (as you're doing) or challenging others.

Even where reports may be missed, there are reminders such as the recent unrest on mines and farms that signal that all may not be well.

I wonder if you have a defective pair? I've been pretty hard on mine these past few weeks (walking around in the city for 6+ hours at a stretch, etc.

Brake system + steering system + pedals on mine cost 2 or 3 times that, then add the employee's salaries that make the bicycle (probably 2 or 3 hours ), the painting or plastering, etc.

In 5% of cases mine with is used

Another effective option is to work with the agencies that work with mines.

In your area, as with mine in Minnesota, the earth warms quicker in a raised bed compared to planting in the ground.

In 4% of cases mine at is used

If you look at mine you will see I am a contributor to my blog and ezine directories.

He has dual British and South African background and has worked for reputable companies at mines in Australia, Africa and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.

Do you think we could join the partys up kind of for one massive party? It'll be amazing! I came because no one turned up at mine every came to yours.

Investors are buying platinum at the fastest pace since 2010 after disruptions at mines in South Africa, the largest producer, caused the biggest loss of supply in at least seven years.

In 3% of cases mine about is used

MONKEY!! Please post YOUR UGLY ATROCIOUS FACE, if you want to talk about mine.

Credit: ICRC There are several different ways to spread the word about mines and UXO's.

Credit: ICRC There are several different ways to spread the word about mines and UXO's.

The ICBL has also been pushing for further public awareness about mine victims and accessibility in public places for persons with disabilities.

In 3% of cases mine by is used

The report covers the health hazards associated with living close to the mine, as well as enumerating the human rights abuses caused by mine security.

In one of Chifley's few speeches in the short term of the 11th parliament, he came out strongly in defence of coal miners whose wages and conditions were being reduced by mine owners.

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