Prepositions used with "force"

of, in, into, by or with force?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases force of is used

You may not like that kind of force.

The use of force has been out of proportion.

The use of force is in league with injustice.

The intensity of the distributed load is w and has dimensions of force per unit length.

Many experts described it as the war where disproportionate use of force was exercised.

No mention of binding restrictions that US supreme law places on use or threat of force.

The objective of force modernization should be to create a minimal credible deterrent against conventional naval threats.

The territory of a State shall not be the object of acquisition by another State resulting from the threat or use of force.

In 27% of cases force in is used

An in force illustration would help.

And they're out in force again today.

It's time for citizens united in force.

Next day the Irish military were out in force,; there were lorries of troops everywhere.

With the dollar control in force, they had to use influence in government to get dollars.

You are looking for insurance to be in force on the day you die, no matter how old you are.

Tarash thana Officer-in-Charge Ataur Rahman said the restriction will remain in force from 6am to 6pm today (Sunday).

The Authorised Dealers may issue guarantees to the lenders subject to compliance with Prudential Regulations in force.

Second, it brought to mind the practice of impaling cattle thieves (in force in precolonial and early colonial times).

Funding from the European Development Fund (EDF) is part of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement, which remains in force.

In 18% of cases force into is used

The Act came into force in 1965.

The Convention entered into force on 3May 2008.

It did not come into force until February 2005.

The law, which came into force in 1993, regulates air emissions and effluent in industry.

How it works On 1 April 2007, the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006 came into force.

Additional US and EU restrictions targeting Iran's oil sector are due to come into force from July 1.

Until transfer and wage caps come into force throughout Europe and the UK it will only get worse and then collapse.

If you exchanged contracts before the higher rate came into force on 22 March 2012) the 5 per cent rate will apply.

Switzerland-Hong Kong double taxation agreement enteres into force The agreement entered into force on 15 October 2012.

This ground is designed to protect rights and obligations that exist immediately before the regulation comes into force.

In 16% of cases force by is used

We will not be manipulated by force.

The fortress had to be retaken by force.

Although marriage no be by force sha ooo!

I don't care one bit for liberal values, and I'd opposed to spreading democracy by force.

Now, the present day human, has to believe what the society in general believes, by force.

In many countries without a democratic process the people are forced to take power by force.

Bandaranaike was formulating, and which was unfortunately sabotaged by forces within his own government at the time.

As for marraige; it is not by force it is your business, no body should force you not even the likes of lalalalalala.

It has stayed with us when we had our own people crushed by oppression, our language killed by force and intimidation.

Nanda had fallen in love with Uppalavanna before she became a bhikkhuni; his intention obviously was to take her by force.

In 3% of cases force with is used

His head struck the tarmac with force.

They do that with force -- in fact, they desire force.

The sect is not strong enough to overwhelm Nigeria with force.

If we don't tackle this now, and with force, then the toxic mix of politics and drugs that the.

The proposed compromises gave something to each party, and Clay fought for them with force and eloquence.

To help the insurgents come Owen Roe O'Neill with forces from Spain, and he landed in the Swilly in July 1642.

In the summer of 1691 the Williamites attacked Sligo with forces of about 10,000 men from the south and from Ballyshannon.

However, as we've already seen with Force India, they may not be in danger of being targeted, but they may be caught up in an attack.

However, whenever Hindus react with force against such people, they are labeled as fundamentalists, antagonists, communalists, or worse.

While it did not indicate that Turkey believed Syria's attack was provocative, it also left open the possibility that Turkey could potentially respond with force.

In 1% of cases force against is used

One result was the remarkable increase in power not only for operations afloat but in attack against forces ashore.

In 1% of cases force for is used

In the Second World War almost complete support for forces overseas had been provided from the continental United States.

Since their formation, they have been actively raising money for forces charity Help for Heroes and their Tedworth House Recovery Centre, based in Wiltshire.

There are pockets of support for Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen, but not a solitary sign of affection for Force India, based at Silverstone but running with an Indian licence.

In 1% of cases force on is used

I lost data on force recheck? Force recheck discards all incomplete pieces.

Aside from that Romney won as he did in the first debate on force and style.

This mid 18th century Scottish philosopher claimed that government was not based on force - but rather that it was based on opinion.

S, throughout the invasion and occupation of Iraq, exhibited an overreliance on force, to the exclusion of more appropriate forms of soft power.

I have always thought that he was convicted more for challenging the state's monopoly on force by defending his property rather than for actually killing a man.

In 1% of cases force through is used

A national history of wars and a culture of settling conflict through force also maintain it.

Expanding our access to markets and resources often occurs through force and to the detriment of developing nations.

Perpetuating injustice and in hasty impatience to want to protect oneself through force against injustice are essentially the same thing.

The system today is simply gangsters, extracting their will upon the population through force, coercion, and deceptive trickery and terminology.

All our laptops now use Flagstone and we have had copies of PGP Desktop Encryption bought for us (it's being distributed through Forces Gateway) for personal laptops.

These people should realize that Islam did not spread through force or aggression, rather people inclined towards Islam by appreciating the amazing behaviour exhibited by Muslims.

A group effort comprising of blocks, moments of good fortune conjured through force of will alone and the always potent influence of revenge won the day for them, not acts of individual skill.

In 1% of cases force to is used

Instead we are deemed subject to forces beyond our control, mere organic matter caught on the wind of physical laws.

It is adaptive to forces which it had not previously acknowledged, and through which it now flies with greater easy and streamlining.

I was talking to Force yesterday about this, and I assume what he meant by consistency is that you tend to be writing in a high fantasy style.

This understanding of human nature is what has led to forces of law and order stepping back from strict enforcement when passions are high to allow things to calm down.

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