Prepositions used with "mechanism"

of, in, including, about or with mechanism?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases mechanism of is used
    Traffickers can coerce people to work through a variety of mechanisms.
    We believe that better understanding and classification will result from an improved understanding of mechanisms.
    A number of mechanisms are relevant for several of the diseases mentioned herein, whereas others are more specific.
    Depending on the type of mechanism, its size, and the scope of its activities, behavioral guidelines with respect to its management should be established.
    Everybody knows a heart is not made of mechanism that runs through electrical wirings or optic fiber and you are wishing that a manual's instruction could save it from total damage.
    Furthermore, there must be present some kind of mechanism for converting the environmental energy into the energy required to produce the higher organization of the system involved.
    We further encourage the creation of mechanisms to facilitate cooperation among all these zones, thereby contributing to the strengthening of an international non-proliferation regime.
    Read an interview with the Hungarian Helsinki Committee's Gbor Gyulai on the lack of mechanisms and training in Hungary to deal with women and girls at risk of female genital mutilation.

    In 10% of cases mechanism in is used
    Don't be ensnared in mechanisms.

    In 10% of cases mechanism including is used
    Jabari received a draft proposal for an extended cease-fire with Israel, including mechanisms that would verify intentions and ensure compliance.

    In 6% of cases mechanism with is used
    Improve international management of global issues such as protecting international watersheds and reversing climate change, together with mechanisms to share these burdens equitably.

    In 3% of cases mechanism before is used
    Plenty of scientific theories are well developed and of practical use long before mechanism is finally satisfactorily explained.

    In 3% of cases mechanism on is used
    They take place in an internationalised environment and rely, much of the time, on mechanisms and structures that cross borders and connect disparate sets of actors.

    In 3% of cases mechanism to is used
    Usually reset by manually moving door to rearmost position and listen to mechanism resetting.

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