Prepositions used with "concept"

of, in, from, with or to concept?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases concept of is used

This is the skandha of concept.

Proof of concept though, bravo for them.

And it would be worth the thing: the world needs proof of concept.

Imagine the big bang to be the moment of conception of a being by its parents in love.

But in the OP I was more concerned with distinctions of concepts like keeping time &; good timing.

You won't be able to match up the phase between frequency steps, but you can still get proof of concept.

My point was that Osho used all kinds of concepts even highly dangerous or unethical ones to get attention and power.

Gigantic multiplied by colossal multiplied by staggeringly huge is the sort of concept we're trying to get across here.

When it asks what war is good for, it answers with a list, first of concepts such as science, religion, domination etc.

Getting started your office essentially as a result of at any place has grown to be possible with all the creation of concept.

In 13% of cases concept in is used

Otherwise, the post is good in concept.

Mutawatir Hadith has been considered Qati (definitive) in concept (Mutawatir bil Ma'na) mostly.

To illustrate: there are fundamental principles in concepts relating to property, possession, contract, etc.

It was broad comparisons and similarities in concepts, demeanor, impact on the game and ultimately success etc.

On the other hand, much of the rest of the world has little or no interest in concepts of Chinese moral education.

Like so many tracks I love it is so simple sounding but in concept it complex in a way that is missed on first listen.

Most of them were built in the same time and for the same reason, they are similar in concept but with different decorations.

Assistant City Manager Rick Kozal said plans for future phases are formed in concept only, with very little design and engineering work completed.

And, I guess, if one were to ask me about the euro I would tend to the view that on balance it is a better rather than worse idea both in concept and implementation.

It gave mathematics a whole new development path so much broader in concept to that which had existed before, and provided a vehicle for future development of the subject.

In 10% of cases concept from is used

Project Management: Going from concept to beautiful gown on the day is a project.

The entire sequence from concept to final completion was undertaken in under 3 weeks.

I contributed the radical street politics with definite inspiration from concepts present in Ricanstructions ' lyrics.

This observation is what led Amos Winter and his team at MIT to bring from concept to product the Grit Leveraged Freedom chair, a lever powered wheelchair.

Gaye Bryham from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) was instrumental in enabling the near-million dollar facility to turn from concept into reality.

In 9% of cases concept with is used

We are then concerned with concepts of individual relations in a social order.

Biblical law, like modern law, operates with concepts of consent, equality and protection.

Neither is Sun dabbling with concepts creeping into tools from companies like Borland or Rational.

He tries to negotiate the age-old problem of individuality, not with concepts, but with material things.

Moreover, the objective is to combine basic theoretical research with concepts that are applicable to present-day political issues of security policy.

It is the politicians who come up with concepts, theories and ideologies to use us to advance their?? aspirations? forcing us to believe our?? grievances? are tied to their unfulfilled?? aspirations?

In 7% of cases concept to is used

Irving's organization later began to promote to concept of restored prophets and apostles.

When it comes to concepts of fairness, they might be right, according to Harvard researchers.

The reference, basically breaks down to concept of schools under Islamic understanding to be in three spheres.

Sean Parker - my references did not need to be academic white paper, they are overview with reference to concepts and ideas using multimedia of the vehicle lobnby.

If we keep following to be terrified they will terrified us more, it is our fear who creates them to concept us, the day it will go away I am sure these all mafias and goons will be broken out.

In 3% of cases concept into is used

The intellect converts these percepts into concepts or ideas.

In 3% of cases concept on is used

Thus this is also exempt on concept of Mutuality.

Yet this orthodoxy is not based on concepts of fairness or justice or social solidarity.

Although eclectic is a component of design and style at the same time, home design as a job is far more centered on concepts.

You? ll be relieved to hear that I? m going to try to focus on concepts and ideas, rather than spend too long on chemical structures and formulae.

Edges and lines on concept cars have always been sharper than its production cars because it's technically difficult to engineer and mould these sharp lines.

In 2% of cases concept between is used

Kids who think outside of the box, toy with metaphor, see unusual connections between concepts, and think in pictures are not welcome in most schools.

Having said that my intention was to draw attention to the differences &; relationship between concepts keeping time &; having good timing; not to debate using or avoiding metronomes.

In 2% of cases concept by is used

In case of collections from members they are covered by concept of Mutuality.

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