Prepositions used with "list"

of, in, from, with or for list?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases list of is used

Unfortunately, there is no blacklist kind of lists in gmail.

Do note however, this is just of list of priorities and is not exclusive.

So the existence of lists like this, while tongue-in-cheek, validate that this process is real.

To use the function you pass it a set of vertices as a list of lists in the form x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2,.

Speaking of Lists: Your email list or subscriber list will be your biggest asset when it comes to business.

Nothing against you, personally, but I am SO tired of lists or suggestions about how women can avoid being raped and blamed for it.

As someone who participated in Best of the Best preconference a few years ago, I can say that having that kind of list too work from is an incredibly rich resource.

It wasn't in their brief, but a simple answer to the question of list:electorate ratio would be to increase the size of the electorates or increase the size of Parliament.

In 12% of cases list in is used

T Lahore my university mention me in list of 1st phase, but H.

I have changed my name and was born overseas but do not have evidence indicated in List A of LPI Circular 2009/08.

Descriptions for your Web page Information to assist you in citing this electronic resource on your Web site and including it in lists of what you offer.

But as long as it works not gon na freak out lol! Blossom 11-22-2011, 01:15 PM I did what you said blossom and it still shows the covers in list as a blank page.

Right now I wish I were in Chicago so I could speak out against this plan, and speak up for the important principles of transparency in committee decisions and quality in list selection.

The man on the street will tell you that most tax deductions go to businesses and their owners and executives, but surprise! These deductions aren't included in lists of tax expenditures.

In 10% of cases list from is used

Please take the time to unsubscribe from lists that you no longer want to receive rather than marking them as ' unsafe ' or ' spam '.

In 10% of cases list with is used

They were going around with lists.

Please do not add links to blogs with lists of apps.

Many people fill their days with lists of goals they want to accomplish.

Tried CCS out on my to a topic already started with lists of pages using.

When working with lists of items sorting them by anything other than alphabet is essentially equivalent to sorting them randomly (as far as reading speed and comprehension).

In 9% of cases list for is used

Instructions for list participation will be forewarded to you.

I would need clear instruc-tions! This fea-ture doesn't look so great for lists or poetry.

Once inside individual apps, they take advantage of using pan and scroll features for lists and thumbnails.

For list you can convert all the data for the need and waste which software program has the best keep and somewhat on.

Also, for List Of Desserts Available for sale, go to http: **27;543;TOOLONG Monday, June 11, 2012 Xin-fully Good Still Time really flies.

The 2003 version is ' From what you have heard, what must a party do to qualify for list MPs? ' (although there were ' tweaks ' over the preceding years).

In 8% of cases list on is used

There is no evidence that individuals selected and placed on lists by the parties would be better.

People really care about the future of our health services; this has been borne out in polls too; issue only second to the economy? (Education too high on list of priorities.

In 5% of cases list down is used

You have not selected a service Please select a service from the drop down list.

The drop down list on the left side will display the complete list of video compression engines on your computer.

Google's Android Jelly Bean in out in the market, but with a huge bug which does not even show the month of December in the drop down list.

Why aren't all my accounts showing up in the drop down list? Only valid linked accounts with appropriate access levels will show in the drop down list when you are transferring between your accounts.

In 4% of cases list by is used

To dig a little deeper, consider Table 2 which shows the node layouts typically used internally by list, set/multiset, and map/multimap.

By list, I mean a collection of items, which can be fetched by index and where you can add or delete items at the end or insert at any position.

In 4% of cases list into is used

One, categorize friends into lists -- like family, classmates, colleagues, etc.

Before when it was simple to pull in traffic I didn't put as much energy into list building as I should have.

When presented with visual information, they would benefit from transferring the information into text, especially into lists.

Help is fully searchable, and search results are sorted by relevance and divided into lists of related commands and help topics.

In 3% of cases list as is used

It is how website owners get contacts of people visiting their websites (this is what is known as list building).

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