Prepositions used with "ignorance"

of, in, from, to or by ignorance?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases ignorance of is used

I'd not surprised at your level of ignorance.

LFC should not stand behind a plea of ignorance.

Splitting the country is not a show of ignorance.

Guru means the knowledge of the light of Brahma, that destroys darkness of ignorance.

The sun on which he s5tands symbolizes his illumination of the darkness of ignorance.

But my Guide, Peace Be Upon Him, said: He is the father, not of wisdom, but of ignorance.

Im a ps3 player I completely agree we should get the stuff on time, but ur entire argument is based of ignorance.

Necessary Information about (first) Marriage: Many fall into depression because of ignorance about sexual relation.

Arguably, Socrates's claims of ignorance are a precursor, but they may stray dangerously close to anti-epistemology.

Massaging the blood of the aq? qah however, is strongly discouraged, and has been called an act of ignorance (J? hiliat).

In 10% of cases ignorance in is used

Ye worship in ignorance the same Deity I serve.

The lawsuits risked! And then in ignorance you state that they would rather amputate.

To live in ignorance of the true nature of things, regardless of bodily posture, is to be asleep.

Yet it can happen that moral conscience remains in ignorance and makes erroneous judgments about acts to be performed or already committed.

Apparently Prof Jones thinks we should all have been kept in ignorance of any opposing views to those of the ' well established scientific ', (i.

They were lucky that German First Army Commander General Alexander von Kluck was equally in ignorance of the strength and location of his opposition.

For those who have so far lived in ignorance, a pastol is a pastry stuffed with tripe and when it comes crisp and steaming it's a temptation that is hard to deny.

Most Spaniards now lived in ignorance of real theological issues except that they knew that they were Catholics, although they did not know how to discuss these issues with outsiders.

We have stayed in ignorance for many reasons; important among them is the denial of climate change in the US where governments have failed to give their climate scientists the support they needed.

In 6% of cases ignorance from is used

Moderator Response: DB Part of your problem is insisting on arguing from ignorance.

Critics accuse the principle of indifference of extracting information from ignorance.

He is also too lazy to do the work himself but happy to profer an opinion from ignorance.

The great majority of the hatred/racism here comes from ignorance and from never been abroad.

Even the perverted derive pleasure from knowing they're doing wrong, not from ignorance of it.

Then Tane searches for the three baskets of knowledge; the journey from ignorance to enlightenment.

The Four Turths, the Twelve Conditions, From ignorance up to old age and death - All arise because of birth.

If one wants to have faith come first, then let it be the faith which begins with wisdom, not faith which comes from ignorance.

Of course, the divine nature of Christ remained incapable of suffering and death, free from ignorance, and insusceptible to weakness and temptation.

In 6% of cases ignorance to is used

But in Dhamma language, sleeping refers to ignorance (avijja).

As to ignorance of the law, in some cases it may be an excuse.

In other words, awakening gives rise to ignorance or uncertainty.

Many people have funds but are unable to invest due to ignorance.

This often arises due to ignorance rather than a deliberate policy.

This awakening to ignorance also demonstrates Nietzsche's claim that all cultural activities are nothing but dreams.

I would say it is due to ignorance and a lack of interacting with women like me that lead to these gender issues arising.

We live in a nation that for some reason enjoys praising negative things, from gun violence, to rape, to ignorance, to plain stupidity.

Luckily I have a decent debugger but even so it wasn't going well owing partly to ignorance or forgetting things on my part not having used it for a while.

What does this tell you? It means that effectively 99%+ of infected machines are infected because they weren't patched, either due to ignorance, sloth, or a combination of.

In 5% of cases ignorance by is used

Some did it by mistake, some by ignorance, some by purpose All bad reasons, and IMHO they should be blamed for it.

The discrimination against the third gender is embedded in our consciousness and is aggravated by ignorance and insensitivity.

We need to abandon the current government approach that relies on fear of harms underpinned by ignorance of what drugs users are taking as the prime approach.

In 4% of cases ignorance on is used

Most of the negative reaction has been based on ignorance and misinformation but the basic message still stands.

For some, the very idea of involving volunteers with special needs may push strong prejudices based on ignorance and fear to the fore.

Suzy said, on October 9th, 2007 at 7:13 am Tammy Jo, your comment made zero sense, but thank you for the insight on ignorance and hatred.

Islam has uncompromisingly declared war on ignorance, tribalism, hostility, enmity and revenge, and has made forgiveness, tolerance, love and kindness dear to the hearts of Muslim men and women.

In 4% of cases ignorance through is used

I'd put my life at risk through ignorance of this simple but scarcely obvious piece of guidance.

If it's mis-reporting that is through ignorance or deliberate, then I accept that it is what it is.

There are those who, through ignorance or irrational fear, would try to convince you that this is an impossibly difficult problem to resolve.

I applaud anyone who is able to put the real value price tag on their work, and keep their cool when someone (often through ignorance) puts it down.

After a number of healthy conflicts, brought about through ignorance and misunderstanding, both sides realized that each could benefit from the other through mutual trade and commerce.

In 4% of cases ignorance with is used

You don't grasp them with ignorance.

The average fundie isn't going to figure this out, being raised to not think or question with ignorance as a virtue.

Spiritual hunger, however, being tied up with ignorance (avijja) and attachment (upadana ), destroys the coolness and calm of the mind, which is true happiness and peace, thus bringing dukkha.

In 2% of cases ignorance for is used

Indeed, there can be no longer any reason for ignorance and mediocrity that have characterised the practice in the State.

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