Prepositions used with "evidence"

of, in, for, with or on evidence?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases evidence of is used

He blogs at An Ounce of Evidence.

That mountain of evidence can not.

Here he develops his idea of evidence.

So, they need to produce vast amount of evidence that substantiates all their claims.

I do believe it and there's already plenty of evidence showing it's already happening.

There is no evidence that it will and there is a huge amount of evidence that it won't.

Several lines of evidence suggest that the Sun is entering a period of low activity, perhaps even a Grand Minimum.

In practice, there is plenty of evidence that it continues to be used in some schools and is accepted by students.

THE EVIDENCE IS N'T THERE!!!!! Yet there is just mountains of evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic COOLING.

After some difficulty, the two vessels reached Trinity Bay and discovered plenty of evidence of Beothuk occupation.

In 11% of cases evidence in is used

She admitted that herself in evidence.

None of which ould be much in evidence.

Debuffet's energy and humour are already in evidence.

Despite the latest setback the trademark Richards ' sunny nature was much in evidence.

Failure to rebut them means your rejection of AGW has no basis in evidence, logic or science.

Black stockings were more in evidence, however, along with the inevitable high-laced black shoes.

Attached files A new investigation put in evidence the key role of cod as regulator of the whole Baltic Sea ecosystem.

It is suggested that the police be asked to take a video recording of the view so that it can later be tendered in evidence.

His trademark design cues are all in evidence: tiled floor, smoke-stained mirrors, vintage bar, tin ceiling, red leather banquettes.

No direct challenge to these figures was taken in evidence, despite this estimate of airspeed featuring in Crown Production 34 (page 99).

In 8% of cases evidence for is used

I would ask for evidence of that.

For evidence of the supernatural, yes.

That will teach me to ask for evidence.

This is surely incompatible with his requirement for evidence in his field of science.

I've asked you for evidence and you've replied with two blogs, neither about australia.

It is usual in most arbitrations for evidence (both factual and expert) to be exchanged in advance of the hearing.

Even theft and burglary could be hard hit - with the citizenry using their own home DNA kits to hunt for evidence.

For evidence of that, see how tired Gerrard and Scott Parker were after having done it for four straight games at Euro 2012.

IJOT is a peer reviewed journal of professional research and a great resource for evidence based practice in the Irish context.

In 7% of cases evidence with is used

When confronted with evidence it.

The onus is on you to prove your case with evidence.

Once you have provided INZ with evidence that you have met.

If that opinion were proven as true with evidences and reasons then we would accept it.

They often do not (can not?) speak of, with evidence, the lasting change they have brought about.

They are loaded with evidence that homeowners can use to build their cases against the fake lenders.

Sometimes the younger generation comes up with evidence of thoughts and conduct which is even more mature than your own.

At least try to believe her and imagine your brother-in-law is presenting you with evidence of your sister's unfaithfulness.

They are fairly common with evidence suggesting 75% of the population will suffer from mouth ulcers at some stage in their life.

The fact that you can not argue your points with evidence proves you are just too liberal to understand what America stands for.

In 6% of cases evidence on is used

Date for prosecution evidence 265F.

Because in court you rely on evidence.

Secondly, God's kingdom is based on evidence.

Conviction 364 *** on evidence partly recorded by one Magistrate and partly by another 350.

Diagnosing vasculitis is typically based on evidence of generalized disease activity elsewhere.

For someone who purports to found his thinking on evidence there is a glaring hole in your words.

I think one thing you missed that I would add is that I am for government based on evidence, not faith and religion.

The significance of the A83 is, on evidence, not understood in any real sense by a city based, east coast focused government.

The Crown can be asked not to open on evidence to which objection will be taken but where admissibility has not been determined.

There's a difference to being fairly trialled on evidence and being accused with no trial or no ability to defend oneself at all.

In 4% of cases evidence to is used

To cite is to point to evidence, authority or proof.

You are here to listen to evidence from a large number of people about the Kaituna claim.

Additionally, marriage certificates can only be used to evidence a change in your surname.

It could be police abuse, but there is nothing to evidence that no matter how it ' smells.

The judge should exercise care before giving a s 165 warning to evidence led by the defence.

Another strange and revealing aspect of the Team's approach to evidence relates to their own experts.

Yet when it comes to evidence, these two central policy concerns are held to entirely different standards.

The tracks were the closest thing to evidence the creationists had ever found to support their crazy ideas.

If you are not in these states, then you need amount to evidence is not available to support this association.

According to evidence I have found many of these professionals are paid as much as 2000 plus for their reports.

In 3% of cases evidence Without is used

Anything without evidence is speculation.

Without evidence, any discussion may as well be speculative fiction.

Without evidence, your opinions are based entirely on true belief, not science.

And without evidence, any discussion of its probability is still pure conjecture.

This really isn't the place to be speculating on that kind of thing without evidence.

Only Salum has heard accusations from suspects against sungusungu in court, albeit without evidence.

They're humans &; when u criticize them without evidence, it's called BULLYING &; that is both harmful &; hurtful.

They are characterized histologically by prominent submucosal fibrosis without evidence of vascular involvement 39.

It can not be expected of any society to exist without evidence that the same societies moral values will not change.

Military Forces to round up without evidence, millions of Americans alleging they are belligerents or threat to National Security.

In 2% of cases evidence as is used

What does he cite as evidence? 1.

Even if it seems to support our case it doesn't function as evidence.

He smashed her head open but theA &E; visit did not count as evidence.

On Thursday, Chen pointed to the government allowing him to leave as evidence it is opening up.

I do not believe that anyone could post any link or present any data that you would accept as evidence.

But if we respond to it in the way that my hypothesis predicts we will, this will count as evidence in its favor.

It can also be important to have evidence such as doctor reports, letters from social workers and photos with you as evidence.

Yet for every kid we can produce as evidence of them having an impact, there are a couple more still falling through the cracks.

If we do not respond to the test case in the way that my hypothesis predicts we will, this will count as evidence against the hypothesis.

Although police certificates will not normally be required, an immigration officer has the right to ask you to provide one as evidence you meet these requirements.

In 2% of cases evidence by is used

This view is furthered by evidence that where many.

That's not true: a true sceptic will be convinced by evidence.

A number of other his key arguments have also been refuted by evidence.

There must also be no valid objection supported by evidence or witnesses.

This theory is supported by evidence gathered from the Cizhou kiln sites and the Turiang shipwreck.

I asked whether you could prove it by evidence and you attempted in a manner that I did not understand? Mr.

It seems that the theist does not take his or her belief in God to be falsifiable by evidence about the actual state of the world.

Such application shall be duly executed in writing, accompanied by evidence of due authority for such execution, properly acknowledged.

But during the last few centuries, scientists have developed solutions that are much more logical, more consistent, and better supported by evidence.

Investigators determined a light green Toyota Prius, model year 2004-09, was involved in the hit-and-run by evidence left at the scene, Townsen said.

In 1% of cases evidence about is used

We could argue all day about evidence for that paragraph, of course.

The fundamental belief is NOT about evidence, but a hatred of fossil fuels.

For the person asking about evidence go over there, meet the kids read the articles.

Of course nothing proves the point either way, this is about evidence and scientific method, not belief.

But she's done something far more constructive about it - she's compiled the evidence for those of us who care about evidence.

The authors have done a great job in tempering a generally positive view of mobile impact with some hard questions about evidence of the impact of mobile phones on the continent.

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