Prepositions used with "word"

of, in, for, with or by word?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases word of is used

Not my choice of words, but hey.

Use of word ' minimal ' is right.

Indian politics is a war of words.

I must confess, at times I've found it hard to get a lot of words out of Stuart Tinney.

The meanings of words in Dhamma language are always as clean and pure as in this example.

Also, there are a lot of words that do not have a direct translation in another language.

He noted that the number of words CXC recommends for short stories in paper 2 of the English A exam is 400-450 words.

The number of words (400-450) CXC recommends for the short story and persuasive essay is just that, a recommendation.

You can talk, and you can create a screen of words around you so that your real situation can not be known by others.

In 14% of cases word in is used

There's a bit of Gollum in Word.

I describe these ideas in words.

Deflection is the new in word in Canberra.

Constraints We first formulate each constraint in words and then in a mathematical way.

The Index is available to browse in HTML format, or download in Word, Excel or PDF format.

I can not describe in words what I saw, nor can I post the grim pictures of a burned baby.

What hope have you in God, or anyone who thinks as you do, or converses with you in words of flattery? God will judge.

In my research, I try to figure out how people choose among the various ways they can express a given thought in words.

Putting in words and policy is not going to day to day preachings and practices that are passed down from father to son.

If you're going to describe music in words steady seems good enough without the insistence of being strict on the tempo.

In 10% of cases word for is used

That's just too absurd for words.

Social media is a vehicle for word of mouth.

Remember not to just read it off word for word.

People with Broca's aphasia search for words and speak slowly, in a telegraphic manner.

I can't remember Spock's famous quote word for word, but it's something about the needs.

Obama stumbled for words, seemed to lose his concentration, and was way outclassed by Romney.

Hume is saying word for word that because the government is closed it is not needed to deal with the problems of Sandy.

It requires education to be able to regurgitate almost word for word what the pappies have been saying all these while.

Salivating over an alien is too disturbing for words so I shall have to resent this story for my one chance of eye candy.

Argh! What I found myself doing was sitting for extended periods on the bike with lots of silence, completely lost for words.

In 10% of cases word with is used

Sally Warner has a way with words.

Don't try to be flowery with words.

Superman with words, you might say.

Austin, How to Do Things With Words (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1975 ), pp.

Text him ever so often with words of praise, especially around lunch time and call him.

Freelance was often associated with words such as inexperienced, unfocused, risky, etc.

Can you do it with words? Doesn't that present something of a conundrum? I would like to know your thoughts on this.

The song-writing is classy throughout and Peters certainly has a way with words, but also crucially knows a good melody.

And similarly with words on paper: news-papers and magazines which just distract the mind should be avoided for this day.

They excluded music with words in order to focus on the music itself rather than lyrics -- the melodic structure, for example.

In 7% of cases word by is used

Love the shape created by words.

Good books spread by word of mouth.

Karl Markson Live by words not, but by actions.

Our heritage for the greater part of our civilization is aural and passed on by word of mouth.

Those dispositions must be fostered and nurtured by word and study and by the power of example.

Mum went through all this uncertainty, pain and tears with a faith in God proven by word and deed.

Singapore's real truth is that people in the Secret Society are really resourceful and news travels very fast by words.

We grow our business mainly by word of mouth, working hard to impress our clients so they refer us on to family and friends.

He remained impassive, without any change of expression, and neither by word or gesture did he seem to share in the merriment?

They are a way of prayerfully putting into colours and shapes the truths that can never be adequately captured by words alone.

In 6% of cases word into is used

Many tried to put their feelings into words.

Just that I felt very lazy to put my thoughts into words.

Quite simply, it's difficult to put into words how I feel.

Sharing always helps shape ideas, and push concepts further into words, and into images.

If you can't put your understanding into words, you don't understand the concept well enough yet.

You put into words the vague ideas I had about what was going on out there in the political minefield.

Grammar is, it is a set of rules that are to be followed in order that we may convey our thoughts into words properly.

I've asked Nick many times about the Vandenbrouke he knew and thankfully he's finally put his insights into words for us.

When I first got the message about what the colours meant I was offended, but I couldn't put into words what offended me.

But like many of the theories that today's physicists come up with, it is not easy to put into words or get your head around.

In 4% of cases word on is used

Read about it in her ' Play on Words ' blog.

She is relying on word of mouth, now that she is working from home.

From now on words i will send every occuation wishes to u r mobile.

Hey I'll have to write those play on words to John Cafferty &; The Beaver Brown Band on that one.

In Arabic, this is play on words because of the rhyme between the boy? s name and that of the bird Translator.

The bad language on the top is a play on words made famous by gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur, better known by his stage name 2Pac.

His poems are not full of mysterious allusions and unintelligible plays on words, but fall naturally on the ear without effort.

As a Black Conservative not a politician, I was asked to speak, in my on words about the Tea Party Movement using my thoughts and opinions.

While waiting on word from the Russians about Deadshot Oliver decides to blow off some steam and check out a competing club that just opened up with his buddy Tommy.

In 3% of cases word to is used

It was viral, thanks to word of mouth.

How to word your cover letter Be professional, warm and friendly.

The rules of syntax do not apply to words in terms of what they mean.

How to word your CV Use plain, simple language in a professional and business-like tone.

It ' s amazing that no matter where you live, the world is reaching out thanks to word of mouth.

You can also browse the other types of queries asked there to give yourself ideas about how to word yours.

When I first got the message about what the colours meant I was offended, but I couldn't put into words what offended me.

Chip Vivant was a groundbreaking effort, with interfaces to Wordnet, Opencyc, Conceptnet, Wikipedia, Wiktionary and a number of other systems.

This must have been a tough story for you, dealing with your own sentimental thoughts and having to limit your self to words and great quotes.

Always read the directions again before doing the problem, and pay attention to words such as least to greatest, sum, difference, product, quotient, and about.

In 2% of cases word beyond is used

But the attic was dismal beyond words.

He says this night is beyond words for him.

I am relieved that it has and excited beyond words.

Watched it from the beginning I just loved it, beyond words.

Just the thought of Allah loving them is beyond words and description.

The level of obliviousness of our leadership in this country is just beyond words.

Representing the murder, rape, torture and exploitation of Africans is beyond words.

The feeling I had being on stage with her and Jay is beyond words in the dictionary.

This presenter didn't know his stuff on PowerPoint and was probably scared to try anything beyond words on the screen.

Whether the mood is one of elegance, drama or slapstick, the accomplished dancer expresses something almost beyond words.

In 2% of cases word through is used

You clothe yourself through words.

Poems show the thoughts/emotions that cut through words.

This aspect can not be explained through words and symbolic meanings.

Art therapy can help us to better understand those things which can not be expressed through words.

In a field dominated by Movable Type, their service attracted thousands of users through word of mouth.

In fact, through words communication is not possible; just the opposite is possible -- you can avoid communication.

Now, with the added bonus that social media provides to spread stories through word of mouth, the concept has evolved.

Whoever it is though, that idea of hearing from a journalist on top of having their thoughts mediated through words, has.

Otherwise they are solved through word of mouth, but often the people that need to make these reports do nt use email or Twitter.

What is the process for choosing a new Baebe? Every new Baebe has been through word of mouth rather than an open audition process.

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