Prepositions used with "opinion"

of, in, for, with or by opinion?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases opinion of is used

Offering a difference of opinion.

It is merely a matter of opinion.

The above said differences of opinion.

Nor will the magazine promise to limit its editorial comments to one set of opinions.

Better yet, keep those kinds of opinions to yourselves because you all make no sense.

It will not stop the polarisation of opinion at which Pietersen quite naturally excels.

I have a lot of opinions on stuff that is happening right now and I'd not good at keeping those opinions to myself.

Fiorella's additions in the comments help to highlight that this is one of a number of opinions Sensei has adopted.

Additional Details Well good range of opinion, and I can see that Rammstein may be different than they seem at first.

Surely the Judge has opened the door for an acquittal because it now becomes a matter of opinion when it shouldn't be.

In 8% of cases opinion in is used

Nasscom, however, differed in opinion.

There will always be disagreement and differences in opinion.

In the course of evolution there are bound to be differences in opinion.

Venezuelans regularly cite crime and insecurity as their top concerns in opinion polls.

These are not mere differences in opinion; these ideas are wrong and dangerously stupid.

Having in opinion gives you a voice and I have said countless times that is super important.

Like any difference in opinions, there has to be some give and take from both sides to make it work.

Where a difference in opinion exist between the Marjah, Aalims will try to provide different opinions.

The inability of the Ulster unionist to win the hearts and minds of Britain is shown in opinion polls.

In 3% of cases opinion for is used

However, all of the above is my very own unpaid for opinion.

Right to apply to Court for opinion in management of trust-property 34.

No room for opinion! Our knowledge of the world and our history has come so far.

Related posts Write for Opinion If you are interested in writing for opinion, please.

Related posts Write for Opinion If you are interested in writing for opinion, please.

Mathew John pronounced a Difference of Opinion order in October, 2011, the matter was referred for opinion to a 3rd Member Mr.

I haven't quite finished my build due to me being cautious this time around, asking for opinions and clearing some compatibility know-how.

Businesses throughout the world ranging from Fortune 500 to market research companies to advertising agencies rely on surveys and focus groups for opinions on what consumers want.

In 3% of cases opinion with is used

Still, many came, all with opinions.

The people with opinions are all in prisons.

I? m here expressing my own thoughts, which may or may not coincide with opinion of other participants.

The MPs, however, were in a dilemma on whose offer to take with opinion divided on two possible options.

In 2% of cases opinion by is used

Going by opinion polls over a many years, the number of progressives at least equals the right-wingers.

Once reporting becomes too biased by opinion it fails to be reporting and becomes gossip, i can get that from the postman.

Measured by opinion polls or the rise of protest parties such as Ukip, which did well at Corby, the formal organisations of politics, and the politicians who lead them, have never been so disdained.

In 2% of cases opinion from is used

It requires liberation from opinions and concepts and ego to experience deep liking.

With that said I believe the submit buttons text should be changed from Opinion Away.

Be stupid Inspiration often comes from opinions and information that you don?? t have.

And no, I haven't plucked those beliefs from opinion derived from reading comments online.

Accordingly, once we have recognized our ignorance, philosophy requires us to focus our attention away from opinions and towards knowledge and belief.

I don't get my information from opinion sites and lobby groups on the net -- I read the actual science, and consult the nmedical sub-scecialists who spend their lives in the area.

In 2% of cases opinion on is used

And many valuations will be based on opinions.

I take part in many other blogs which provide an open forum on opinions, ideas, beliefs, philosophies etc.

Everything is based on opinion, considered as it is, they are just perspective which prove to be without depth of understanding.

Azam's information officer Jaffer Idd said the decision to call back Hall has been based on opinions from various stakeholders.

This mid 18th century Scottish philosopher claimed that government was not based on force - but rather that it was based on opinion.

Clamping down on opinions critical of Islam will not foster any critical thought on what needs to change to avoid situations like this.

Is the website's advice based on opinion or is there evidence to support it? Evidence-based recommendations are better than the opinion of experts.

In 2% of cases opinion to is used

Over the past few days I have read and listened to opinions from everywhere.

Listen to opinions on the topic from the likes of DJ Spinall to that of Mai Atafo.

What are your favourite clothes? Contrary to opinion, I'd more than just a tux man.

Especially when you know that Opinion #2 has refused to speak to Opinion #3 for the last quarter of a century.

Most of the evidence you all have submitted is speculative, controversial and subject to opinion and alternative explanation.

In 1% of cases opinion about is used

I think its all about opinions.

As somebody said before all is about opinions.

In 1% of cases opinion between is used

Perhaps the difference between the two, Matt, is the difference between opinion and judgement.

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