Prepositions used with "drama"

of, in, for, to or without drama?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases drama of is used

Lot and lot of drama going on there girl! SO SO much drama.

There was not a single moment of drama, complaint or ego issue.

Full of sass and style, what kind of drama and mischief will Ms.

The first weeks of calcio have seen no shortage of drama and intriguing plot developments.

There is a bit of drama before Boaz finally gets to marry Ruth, but the story ends happily.

It has already been adapted to a new use, having opened in March 2009 with a season of drama.

The story line is fresh, acting is excellent and we can see what's happening behind the scene of drama making business.

What's more annoying is that you, Tim, jumped or rather even created the bandwagon of drama on the best show on TV right now.

The Course The course will invite participants to experience and practise a variety of drama based methods for use in groupwork.

Tributes came from colleagues and friends from media, public relations and theatre in the form of drama, dance, singing and poetry.

In 13% of cases drama in is used

It's usually what happens in dramas.

Or recent work, he plays sensitive male characters in drama movies.

It's quite rare when teenage or child characters in dramas don't make you want to kill yourself.

First I had a look at some famous Japanese actresses, who very often appear in dramas and movies wearing minimal makeup.

While studying for a BA in Drama, Gemma Wallace, 24, completed five separate work placements - an example of hard work and determination.

After appearing in dramas like I Am Sam and Iris as well as war film Into the Fire (which won him the Best New Actor Award at the 2010 Blue Dragon Awards ), T.

Such visual signs or clues can also be consciously and deliberately crafted and used to communicate effectively, with or without spoken or written words, in drama.

This predictable chain of events may come about through the use of language as in counseling, through symbolic language, as in play therapy, through disguised language as in drama or puppet therapy.

In 8% of cases drama for is used

Most school assembly halls have a traditional proscenium stage that may be used for drama.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put into your passion for dramas and k &; j pop.

After sober consideration, in true punishment should fit the crime syle, I reckon he should have his goolies ripped off by ninjas, in a ceremony likely to rival the haka for drama.

In 6% of cases drama to is used

There's more to drama reconstruction than the blurry, home movie look.

I didn't ever conceive myself as being that girl, so I went to drama school to work in theatre.

I was at university studying economics -- what was that all about? So I was avoiding doing theatre but then I came back and just went to drama school and gave in.

It wasn't until someone who didn't like me particularly and wanted me to get out of Melbourne suggested I go to drama school in Sydney that I thought to audition.

Meanwhile, those who seem to treat it as a rather limited, compartmented thing in their lives tend to use it as an adjunct to mainstream activities, such as teaching to drama.

In 5% of cases drama without is used

But the morning was not without drama.

Both tenants have been evicted (not without drama).

This was done without drama, instead of the usual acrimony great bargains budget.

I did the wiggle dragon ride gran fondo on a boardman team and it handled it without drama.

In 4% of cases drama with is used

Indeed, in most secondary schools the last day of national exams is marked with drama and pomp.

You could watch movies in various categories, together with drama, comedy, action, horror and many more.

The Alliance Tournament has historically been filled with drama and politics, with some teams using spies to manipulate the outcome of matches.

In 2% of cases drama as is used

The content had comedy as well as drama and the reality of women dealing with AIDS was very heart felt.

Later this year The Lir plans to organise a series of practical workshops on audition technique both for potential students as well as drama teachers and youth theatre leaders.

In 2% of cases drama on is used

Anyhoo, I haven't had much time to catch up on dramas this year but I did find time for 5 remarkable KDramas.

He has made two short films on the Khele and Folk Performances in Pinguli and has published books on drama and the theatre.

Harley Granville Barker (1877 -- 1946) Harley Granville Barker worked as an actor, director and writer and was to have a major influence on drama in the early 20th century.

In 2% of cases drama through is used

Move It - and Don't Forget Your Lines Movement is fundamental to conveying meaning through drama.

Danson Tang - Ai Wo Love Me Even though I was introduced to Danson through dramas, I really liked his music after I heard this song.

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