Prepositions used with "background"

of, in, For, to or with background?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases background of is used

JAY: So give us a little bit of background.

There is a lot of background noise in a moving car.

These new Muslims come from a variety of backgrounds.

Increasing the ktup decreases the number of background hits.

My transformation was radical given the kind of background that I had.

The volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and vocations.

Following presentation of background information, the movie should be shown.

I remember some rumour that this cut's unusual tempo of background didn't fit the vocal speed.

In the movie, it serves as a kind of background which plays an important role in shaping the narrative.

Shay - for a bit of background the original idea was to go on making Matariki a public holiday so definitely in support.

In 11% of cases background in is used

The novel does the revolution well; it fills in background and brings it to life.

In background, use the book to appear up the events or dates pointed out in class.

Phaustine and Rebekah (in background) Margaret is one of our new protgs for The 1010 Project in Kenya.

Which was the last time in background that America got nearly all of their diet from locally produced food.

Our links vs articles: The text in background boxes comes from the source, with the links back in the introductory text.

Ashram main street, gateless gate in background It was also announced that, starting on May 1, Osho would be giving silent satsangs.

The first colonists were quite similar in background and outlook but the land to which they came was one in which they had to begin again from scratch.

Growth in background checks in the Northeast have tripled in the past three years and now exceed growth rates across the country and in the South, The Wall Street Journal reports.

I changed: start on runlevel 2345 stop on runlevel 016 to start on started network stop on stopping network So now app is running in background, restarts in case of failure, starts on startup.

In 8% of cases background For is used

Be careful about using photographs for backgrounds.

She's been watching Homeland and Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator for background.

For background on the weighted student formula: Earlier this year, Brown proposed simplifying school funding while directing more money to needy children.

In summary, I recommend the book be considered for background reading in education courses directed to language teachers and teaching, specially to those teacher.

For background before the face-to-face meeting, it would be helpful to review the Eval Resource Suite changelog, most of which can be found at http: **35;4720;TOOLONG.

In 7% of cases background to is used

The resulting page height lends itself to backgrounds that scroll along with the text.

Expensive and inappropriate anti-asthma drugs are prescribed without any reference to background allergic cause.

Last evening, (to background it just a little more) we find out that when John looked and seen that Book still in the hands of the original Owner--God.

These water soluble weathering products and suspended matter can then be compared to background levels of chemical elements in the water to aid in determining the dispersionpattern.

These water soluble weathering products and suspended matter can then be compared to background levels of chemical elements in the water to aid in determining the dispersion pattern.

In 7% of cases background with is used

In most of the parts, even the speech is accompanied with background music.

This compares to dozens of representatives with backgrounds in law, consultancy or financial services.

So, it's inevitable that many students with backgrounds in other languages will want to achieve success in the study of their parental heritage.

The event shows characteristics expected from the decay of a Higgs boson but is also consistent with background Standard Model physics processes.

I suppose it would seem awkward with all of the family standing away from the wall, but I see that the picture would improve with background blur.

These will allow persons to be hosted while going through the tours, providing them with background information regarding the various paintings and exhibits.

In 6% of cases background from is used

ReMask - great plugin for Adobe Photoshop, allows you to quickly and easily distinguish objects from backgrounds.

Students are predominantly White British, and very few are from backgrounds where English is not the first language spoken.

With every content change -- from background colour onwards -- tested against a performance baseline, organisations can continually hone the customer experience.

Some people expect sex workers to be trauma victims, believing that all people engaging in transactional sex are sexual trauma survivors or come from backgrounds of violence and abuse.

In 5% of cases background on is used

Adjust Company Name Adjust the company name on background of visiting card.

I had them playing on background most of the day while I was in the office.

I see only place where video schould be, its black, or there is only frame on background gradient.

Female participants on the other hand did not differ in their ratings of how attractive a target woman was based on background color.

In 3% of cases background above is used

In both categories, the figures are over and above background levels, and exclude medical exposure.

Tens of thousands of people in each technically advanced country work in medical and industrial environments where they may be exposed to radiation above background levels.

In 3% of cases background as is used

The fo:table-row holds a specification of some presentation characteristics, such as background which affects the areas generated by the fo:table (see 6.

The emu feathers, eggs and toenails are being used as creative jewelry accents for fashion items and uniquely in craft goods such as backgrounds for fine artistic paintings.

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