Prepositions used with "movement"

of, in, for, to or through movement?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases movement of is used

This limited his range of movement.

Then you will have freedom of movement.

Air blockades prevent freedom of movement.

The risk of rape, though, increases as prisoners lose control over freedom of movement.

The spine is an amazing design with each joint allowing about four degrees of movement.

Horses kept in yards do not have the same freedom of movement as those in open paddocks.

Its height stays the same unless it moves up or down -- the contraction only happens in the direction of movement.

Its manifestation starts from freedom of movement, and culminates in the freedom of selection of one's own destiny.

Even open prisons with the most liberal conditions impose certain restrictions on a prisoner's freedom of movement.

A war of movement as seen so much in June/July 1941 became an attack blighted by freezing weather that would hinder.

In 7% of cases movement in is used

The perception of space in movement; 4.

I've seen it in movements for social change.

It's another form of communication, spoken in movement.

Mysterious with the intruders, a diabolical chain of occasions was established in movement.

This helps to reduce lower limb injury in netball through increased stability in movements such as landing and dodging.

In Movement 9 Sualtaim rides to Eamhain Mhaca to waken the Ulster Army and call them to the final battle at Gireach and Ilgireach.

Her fingers relentlessly engaged in movements that precisely combed through every detail of the toy's surface area, picking up information.

Her fingers relentlessly engaged in movements that precisely combed through every detail of the toy's surface area, picking up information.

We had built our relationship very slowly over time, and were now in the habit of exploring her experience of her body in movement in our sessions together.

In Movement 10 the two bulls finally meet and gore and slay each other in a mad frenzy which traverses the entire country as the people of Ireland tremble at the sound of their fury.

In 6% of cases movement for is used

Cartilage provides a smooth surface for movements.

It's not as if you don't do things which indicate a desire for movement.

My vote will therefore reflect what I believe to be the priority policy agenda for movement liberals.

As pretty as Christopher's costume was -- a lovely accomplishment -- it just wasn't designed for movement.

A further factor of importance, and one again suggestive of the realism of the Corps, was its readiness for movement.

The main components include a scan head and a platform for movement along any direction that are integrated together by manufacturers.

Part I I sometimes find myself in a zone where not much seems to happen -- kind of like being stuck in traffic without much hope for movement.

Despite the formal separation, some politicians representing all major parties mobilized members of student wings for movements and demonstrations.

As for movement, Connor looks to move differently form previous AC heroes, which should make the hero feel new and not some re-vamp of Altair or Ezio.

These tails are used to support a sliver's body while hanging or resting, not for movement as slivers are all capable of some kind of rudimentary flight.

In 5% of cases movement to is used

His gym drills relate to movement on the bike and around riding the bike using different skill sets.

There is no intention to make cash payments to meet mark-to-market losses on the APF portfolio that may occur due to movements in gilt prices.

What I would like to focus on in turning to Bergson at this moment is the role of the body in relation to movement imagined by Bergson and Deren.

Offer an rudimentary picture or video and afterwards a transparent call to movement symbol requesting that your visitors take a simple, tangible action.

But unlike the period of the Inchon landing and the breakout from the perimeter, the obstacles to movement were now primarily those of space and time, geographic and logistic rather than military.

In 4% of cases movement through is used

Through movement, GymSports NZ will lead.

Not to explain words through movement, but to illuminate the audience by expressing what words can not.

NSA help you to change the behaviour of the structure of your body by encouraging you to explore it through movement and breath.

In every country in the world people have danced their stories and traditions out and expressed themselves through movement and music.

While younger children respond instinctively through movement, the importance of a movement response is encouraged at all class levels.

There are two aspects to his method: an individual manipulatory technique of neuromotor education called Functional Integration and a group technique called Awareness Through Movement.

In 4% of cases movement with is used

But, females should not wear such jewellery that causes a jingle noise with movement.

Atleast with movement, I see that political leaders are in dis-comfort zone and realized that now they have to work.

In our sequel, we'll discuss children with movement challenges and where their postural control of veers off the road.

Breathing work syncs up with movement techniques to harness the balance and flexibility of a limbo dancer on a tightrope.

And when they heard the sounds of echoes reflecting from moving targets, they showed activity in areas that deal with movement.

Why is that? It comes with movement -- you have to bend over and lean forward, so you have to give as much comfort as possible in the back.

Index-linked government bonds continue to be adjusted in line with movements in the RPI as do large numbers of private sector pension schemes.

Many young people today are out of touch with movements like squatting from using chairs their entire life and kept from deadlifting and rotating from the Safety Lifting Police.

In 3% of cases movement by is used

Our sense of space is generated by movement, that is, by time.

Triggered by movement, the device would play music when everyone in shot freezes.

We are, and have been, entangled with one another by movements and migrations, of people and ideas.

And Kroll hunting swampies by movement amongst the swamplands and dragging them into the water is great fun.

Bernini's David was created during the Baroque Period, a time of great liveliness when artists were captivated by movement and the activities of the human body.

Rage and disgust, however, would still have been shown by movements about the lips and mouth, and the eyes would have become brighter or duller according to the state of the circulation.

In 3% of cases movement on is used

More controls, on movement and much else.

Calvin's emphasis is on movement: ultimately, what we think is for the sake of action.

The general gym going population would find it far more beneficial if they spent their time concentrating on movements rather than body parts.

Note on movement execution: on all exercises ensure that weights are taken through a full range of motion and that no resting occurs at any given point during each set.

TCT utilizes a terminal operating system, IPAKI which provides real time information on movement of containers to client and the ports and provide employment for over 200 staff.

Migration White Storks rely on movement between thermals of hot air for long distance flight, taking great advantage of them during annual migrations between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 1% of cases movement from is used

However there is no intention to transfer any sum that represents the mark-to-market gain from movements in gilt prices as these are volatile and subject to reversal.

In 1% of cases movement into is used

I intend to write some code to convert Palm Memopad text into movements of the robot so that when it is placed on the floor over a big.

This big contraption that you strap to your head can pick up brain signals associated with thoughts, and then translate them into movement.

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