Prepositions used with "museum"

of, in, for, to or on museum?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases museum of is used

Art, history, science: Chicago is home to dozens of museums and attractions.

One area of his work has gone beyond the premises of museums and galleries onto the street.

Piper in this sense casts doubt on the very claim of museums to represent the past to their visitors.

Piper in this sense casts doubt on the very claim of museums to represent the past to their visitors.

I had an ambitious list of museums to check out and every bloody place (forgive my french) is closed on Monday.

The brief listings of museums in this article, is far from a comprehensive list of what the city has to offer in this regard.

Worthey is the Associate Director of Museum Services at Tacoma Art Museum where she has been in service to the arts since 2004.

And for its size, Singapore has an amazing number of attractions, including a wide variety of museums, zoos, the world's largest ferris wheel and even an indoor ski resort.

He is former Chairman of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) UK 2002-2008, and a former board member of the UK National Commission for UNESCO Culture Committee 2002-2010.

In 20% of cases museum in is used

I would like to study MA in Museum Studies at the UK.

Sounds can indeed be great in museums, when well-managed.

Works of his during this period are now shown in museums around the globe.

Winners of the ASVA Visitor Attraction of the Year award and Finalists for the 2010 ' Kids in Museums ' award.

If you take Greek and Roman civilizations, the antiquity and cultural remnants of these ancient civilizations can be found only in museums.

One of the key features of this has been the use of contemporary art in museums and galleries, as installations, exhibitions and ' interventions '.

Interventions Alongside the prominent displays in museums, modern art has been used to challenge and subvert the messages of other historical works of art.

These partnerships provide rich opportunities for Friends to participate in Museum life, and to hear from excellent local and international speakers on a broad range of topics.

He is Professor in Museum Design and Communication at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Norway and Editor in Chief of UNESCO's publication series Museums and Diversity.

Meanwhile, significant numbers of Thai artifacts from Ban Chiang, considered the pre-eminent prehistoric site in Southeast Asia, continue to land in museum collections in the U.

In 14% of cases museum for is used

It's known for museums, wildlife, and cats.

The buildings are being renovated and converted for museum and educational purposes.

As far as I am concerned it is the best source for museum professionals in search of employment.

This might be a good solution for museums housing valuable collections, or jeweler's shops, or banks.

And that goes for museums -- including some major museums in Australia that have stuff they shouldn't.

However, Pieter de Necker, spokesman for Tshwane Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa, said the robbery was a wakeup call for museums across the country.

The new version of the MDO Small Grant Fund for museums in the West Midlands launches on Monday 5th November with a new single, annual deadline.

You could end up working in the following role: designer for film, TV, theatre, designer for museum exhibits, exhibition and event designer, interior designer (retail, commercial, domestic).

They made all of our reservations for us for museums and did not complain when we asked them to change the dates (you need reservations during busy season for the Uffizi and Statue of David).

In 13% of cases museum to is used

I'd starting to go to museums a lot more, and little artsy things make me giddy.

This book has completely changed how I look at art and now I love to go to museums.

At the same time we were given a small booklet full of discounts to museums and restaurants.

I hope this helps! task 2 examiner: let's talk about museums - do you like to go to museums? when did you go to a museum last time? tell about it.

J: what do you like doing when you're not writing? B: I like going to the movies, I like having sex, I like going to museums now, galleries, I like reading.

Some things are really quite cheap - entry fees to museums are really cheap compared to the amazing, world quality sights inside, and buses won't break your budget either.

In 6% of cases museum on is used

Here are two emerging technologies that could have a profound impact on museums and their work.

But without a reference point much of this was educated guesswork mostly based on museum collections of unproven origin.

Both are on the cusp of effective performance and affordability, both could have transformative effects on museums ' work in the next decade.

Jim Garretson Advisor on Museum Buildings He is Designer and Museum Architect, and member of the Real Estate Committee for The People's Museum.

In 6% of cases museum with is used

Hyder? b? d, in Sind Province, is a manufacturing center with textile and glass factories, as well as a cultural center with museums, historic mosques, and a medical school.

In 5% of cases museum from is used

The word came from museum world, It is not just assembling things together for aesthetic value, but as a framework for understanding a particular thing.

Prefer getting your cultural fill from museums rather than music? Then Museumsinsel, a cluster of five museums on an island in the Spree river, will be nirvana.

In 3% of cases museum at is used

Even though Dia doesn't turn the lights on in Chelsea until 2017 or so, Sol LeWitt is everywhere this summer, with shows at Museum Leuven in Belgium (Sol LeWitt: Colors, June 21 -- Oct.

In 2% of cases museum into is used

If she's into museums, take her to one she hasn't been to and have a tour guide take you through the history.

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