Prepositions used with "flight"

of, in, for, to or on flight?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases flight of is used

Mechanics of Flight, Planetarium, Artificial Crystals.

Following is live TV coverage of the ' crash ' of Flight 93.

His control was impressive throughout, as was his use of flight.

Of all the amazing additions, the power of flight had the most profound effect on Mario.

The grasshopper leaped forward, though this time his path of flight had clearly veered to the left.

Every issue of Flight Magazine published between 1909-2005, digitally scanned and fully searchable.

The distribution of flight control systems across all four limbs (and tail) find an interesting parallel in Longisquama (Fig.

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which is first in number of flights, ranks eighth in contagion influence.

But within that very broad category, there will be a lot of flights, a lot of hotel rooms, buses, truck hires and ferry crossings.

There will not be an overall increase in the number of flights in and out of Heathrow but residents will lose their respite period.

In 17% of cases flight in is used

For example, pilots can practice in flight simulators.

With half his army in flight, Rameses found himself alone.

The cover is illustrated with pictures of people in flight.

Lifetimes of muons in flight are time-dilated (velocity dependent ), and can be much longer.

Their co-ordination, their fleetness and the freedom they exercise in flight are all enjoyable to behold.

What the article is saying is that the footage of the FIRST plane in flight and then ACTUALLY IMPACTING the.

It was so tedious! But in flights, you have to recognize those failures when they occur and how to troubleshoot them.

Parodied with Dave in Flight of the Conchords, who acts like an expert in all things, especially being a ladies ' man.

Since then, there have been other public safety incidents involving deer in flight leaping through hedges onto public roads.

The? -mesons were produced by a beam of protons striking a target; the? -mesons then decayed in flight into muons and neutrinos.

In 14% of cases flight for is used

I feel sorry for flight attendants.

For flights to the States, you can consider CheapTickets.

A butterfly's wings are used for flight, but also have many other functions.

Search for flights to the United States and then compare various flight prices, all in one place.

Arrive at Wilson Airport and transfer to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for flight to Mombasa.

Day 8 - After an early breakfast, leave for the airstrip for flight to Maasai Mara, the prime wildlife park in the world.

Together with Shannon's temperate and varied weather conditions, it makes the airport an ideal location for flight training.

I can't give you the curriculum for Flight School, but there will be a whole lot of training, both classroom and real world.

While Canadian travellers are benefiting from the weaker euro, demand for flights taken by Europeans to Canada has dampened.

You need adrenaline for a fight in order to be strong, and you need adrenaline for flight, in order to run fast and get away.

In 13% of cases flight to is used

V and I was promoted to Flight Commander.

Maybe I need to flight the ball more, too, given my height.

This may be irritating to flight attendants but it's a fact.

I'd very polite to flight attendants -- always have been -- so that was a rude disappointment.

And when they asked what it meant and were told that the earth was breaking up, they too took to flight.

Wait till the fool spreads his wings and takes to flight in the more challenging atmosphere of foreign policy.

Or here's an idea -- don't pack people into flights like sardines and then complain they aren't on their best behavior.

He could have saved the world from ' Bore ' and Moore, and put to flight the rascals from ' Enemies of the Earth ' and ' RedWar '.

Please call our Flight Operations Department 2711-5555 during office hour or email to Flight Operations for the latest information.

British forces invaded Iraq, put the pro-German government to flight, and secured Baghdad, but their troops remained posted on the outskirts.

In 11% of cases flight on is used

The rest of your budget could go on flights.

The scheme will also be exploring the possibility of removing VAT on flight training.

There are no adapted toilets or on-board wheelchairs on flights of less than 5 hours.

I guess on flights with whiny flight attendants, passengers who snore don't get to sleep.

Have you ever defined people on flights, or is that just me? Lady with the screaming baby.

And I'd always tired on flights because I did twice the work to be able to take time off like everyone else.

Anne Beetham, of New Zealand, said passengers on flight JQ525, which was due to depart Sydney Airport about 6.

The members took off from Incheon on the 16th on flight number 7C1602 for their performances in Nagoya on May 17th &; 18th.

In 5% of cases flight with is used

There will be operating aircraft carrier with flight simulations between 11 a.

A heavy head is incompatible with flight and therefore sets an upper limit on eye size.

There are other types of mirages, sound and mirages in radar waves which can cause problems with flight.

But I've had good luck with flight attendants and feel they've been nice when I've flown, granted I don't fly often.

Fortunately, there are no visual mirages which cause serious problems with flight and these are only minor problems.

Raids on German industrial centres in the Ruhr were equally tough and Shivdev's Stirling once got battered from flak, losing an engine, with flight controls damaged.

When you book cheap vacation packages with Flight Network hotels, flights, tours, car rentals, and more become a whole lot cheaper than you ever thought they could be.

In 4% of cases flight by is used

It's also available at Lenpui Airport, for tourists arriving by flight.

Essentially, we arrived at 1am by flight and she kicked us out onto the street with police.

Others of the herd gather around their wounded comrade, and appear to be too much stupefied to avoid danger by flight.

Overnight -- Udaipur Day 10: Udaipur -- Delhi (By Flight) Today morning drive to Udaipur, Also Know as the City of Lakes.

I pay a pretty penny to fly and have had to adjust to a growing level of condescension, rudeness and nastiness by flight staff.

KiminAK Really??? Doing your job is such a hardship? I have been treated so rudely by flight attendants in the past years that I not surprised by this article.

In 2% of cases flight from is used

The first news about the Su-35 deal did not come from Flight Global, this one did.

So that means less than half of us were raised right? Sassandahalf In the last decade or so, I have only noticed testiness and snarkiness from flight attendants.

Personally, I've both benefited from incredible acts of kindness and professionalism from flight crews, and I've been treated rudely by overly tired, overworked ones.

Some of the problems result from flight delays with the newly taken over airline, but overall, it appears that Jamaicans in the Diaspora feel that the airline is no longer really Jamaican.

In 2% of cases flight including is used

Around 875 in February or April, including flights.

We have a seven-night, half-board deal, including flights, for 1,335.

Group size will normally be around 20 people of a variety of ages and the week-long trip costs 749 including flights, departing 23 July.

How to get there Discover the World (**28;4818;TOOLONG) offers four-night self-drive breaks from 595 per person, half board and including flights.

Canada's average combined cost this year including flights is 15,671, less than 100 higher than the UK total, despite two return flights a year to Canada from the UK costing around 1,200.

In 2% of cases flight per is used

The company said that over 530 passengers have already signed up for the journey, at the cost of $200,000 per person per flight.

The total cost number is divided by the total number of flight hours flown by the fleet, and that is the operational cost per flight hour.

Where Shannon was geared to handle an aircraft disembarking over 100 passengers per flight, now it would be required to handle over 300 passengers per aircraft.

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