Prepositions used with "plant"

of, in, for, to or from plant?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases plant of is used

Loss on disposal of plant 7,561? 10.

There are many different kinds of plants.

Fill the room with the relaxing greenery of plants.

Keep immediate area around base of plants weed free and lightly mulch from time to time.

Dear sir or madam, I am a PhD student and my major is cellular and development of plants.

They created countless varieties of plants and great genetic diversity, and local adaptation.

Introduction Effects of drought upon plant welfare vary from reductions in size and vigor to actual death of plants.

Before you choose, ask a professional or do some research to find out how high the particular type of plant can grow.

I am happy to sacrifice the instant appeal of a formal planting in order to achieve a higher level of plant interest.

Contemporary oral tradition claims that this costume is based on a vegetal prototype (layers made up of plant leaves).

In 13% of cases plant in is used

Business investment in plant and equipment advanced 1.

It was probably used to deposit single eggs in the ground or in plant stems.

It is represented by the pentagram and also appears everywhere in plant life.

If they contain vitamin A at all, it will be the type of vitamin A that occurs in plants.

The frog glides down from trees to breed in plants suspended above stagnant bodies of water.

Blue-green algae was seen in abundant numbers in plant plankton in the Bothnian Sea's open sea areas.

National Symposium on Role of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Plant Productivity held at Barapani, India in 1997.

Business investment in plant and equipment continues to expand Overall business investment in plant and equipment rose 1.

This would force the company to get rid of their old inefficient plants and invest in plants with greater levels of efficiency.

In 7% of cases plant for is used

Different types of lights for plant growing Fluorescent grow lights.

Carbon dioxide is important in nature, especially for plants to grow.

Consumers also have the option to sign up for plant specific care reminders.

I also find that a little nurture does wonders for plants and the same is true for people.

India provides protection for plant varieties through the Plant Varieties and Farmers ' Rights Act.

This is a rich compost soil product that is great for plants as it is a 100% source of organic matter.

All bulbs used for creating ' artificial sunlight ' for plant growth have reflective light fittings to derive maximum effect.

The Gardens were originally created in 1890 as an agricultural research station and a habitat for plants from around the world.

By providing a different habitat for plants, the termite mounds increase the habitat diversity and thus the plant and perhaps the animal diversity.

A river needs a certain amount of water to flow properly, to provide the right living conditions for animals and fish, and to provide enough water for plants.

In 6% of cases plant to is used

Everything does this, from bacteria to plants to animals to humans.

When the concentration of salts in the soil reaches one per cent, that soil becomes toxic to plant life.

International Symposium on Molecular and Genetic Approaches to Plant Stress held at New Delhi, India in 1990.

The idea of ' hybrid vigor ', from what I understand (and I am no expert in genetics) applies better to plants than to dogs.

There are sacred geometric shapes of energy that already surround your body and they are around everything from galaxies to plants.

Their conclusion: it must due to plants of gooseberries in the vineyard and since famers can plant any of them, it must be any of them.

What Exactly Is It? If you have wondered what those bees in your garden are doing when they travel from plant to plant, they are actually collecting pollen.

Her judgment is not so much about principle, but about concrete relations, relations of humans to each other, to animals, to plants to the reality of nature.

Produce you own organic fertilizer: The biogas-slurry that comes out of biogas systems is rich in nutrients and can be applied directly to plants and vegetables to help them grow.

The successful candidate's research will focus on **29;32897;TOOLONG interactions of crops and produce, with emphasis on microbial community processes in relation to plant and/or human pathogens.

In 5% of cases plant from is used

They used many kinds of medicines from plants.

Margarine spreads are predominantly made from Plant seed oils, Water, Milk and Salt.

He graduated from Plant Protection Faculty of Jiangsu Agricultural University in January 1982.

He understands where his food comes from, that fruit and veg grow from plants, meat comes from dead animals etc.

It's very rewarding to see plants that I grew from seeds, that I collected from plants that I grew from seed, that I collected.

I for one am excited about this mode, and my (apart from Plants vs Zombies and maybe occasionally Zoo Tycoon) non-gamer girlfriend is as well.

What Exactly Is It? If you have wondered what those bees in your garden are doing when they travel from plant to plant, they are actually collecting pollen.

A Yes on Prop 37 will require labeling on raw and processed food offered for sale to consumers if made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specific ways.

But the day of flying routinely on fuel made from plants is years away, because suppliers are still developing the fuels and airlines are still testing them to ensure they're safe.

In 5% of cases plant on is used

I wonder sometimes if the cats sit on plants there, and thus squash them.

As people develop their landscape plans, they often become focused on plants alone.

Bears, who usually feed on plants, even climb up to 30 metres (1181 inches) high to find food.

Principal Investigators of a number of local and International research projects on Plant Sciences.

If the bird feeds on plants, then the beak of the bird has a perfect match with the plant on which it feeds.

The difference between expected and actual returns on plant assets is parked in OCI, which is disclosed on the financial statements.

Fortunately, for our species, we are omnivorous, because there were certain periods in history where we couldn't have survived on plants alone.

Eight of these have been examined by the Scientific Committee on Plants, which in all cases deemed that the information submitted by Member States did not justify their bans.

Even people who believe in chemtrails can't agree on how to identify them, what is in them, who is behind them, why they are happening, or what the effects will be on plants, animals, etc.

In 4% of cases plant with is used

A marsh has formed with plants like Horsetail, Common Reed and Bottle Sedge.

Replacing animal products with plant foods reduces the amount of calcium lost.

Little by little, I replaced the drying turf with plants until there were only a few square feet of it left.

This boulder and the dragon's body became covered with plants and surrounded by trees, and can still be seen today.

Some of you may be conjuring up images of a beautiful and spiritual home lined with plants and tranquil water features.

Schumann planted a dye garden, too, replete with plants that would have been used in coloring homespun yarn and fabric.

In one of their mythologies, their elders had a good life when they lived in harmony with plants, animals and all living beings.

Many studies show that replacing animal protein with plant protein lowers blood cholesterol levels - even if the amount of fat in the diet stays the same.

I'd not very adventurous with plants; there aren't a huge variety of bedding plants available, and I've tried some that didn't survive no matter what I did.

When you get your plants in before Winter, that gives them a bit of a head start and you'll enjoy the summer season with plants that are more established and less needy.

In 3% of cases plant about is used

But contestants should note that the man is absolutely bats about plants.

And it gets better! After she enters the library, she decides to read about plants.

Like most old men in the Kondh tribe, he knew a lot about plants and their medicinal properties.

I was still young and didn't yet understand about plant transpiration, so I asked him what he meant.

They provide not only amenities and relaxation for the visitors but opportunities to learn about plants and their environment.

Derry Watkins, owner of Derry Watkins Nursery in the Cotswolds, is mad about plants, and you can see this in her ever-evolving collection.

Nick Coslett from Palmstead and Richard McKenna the director of Wyevale East both spoke in depth about plant procurement in their nurseries.

Several pages to tell us she read about PLANTS!! Did you notice, I was able to convey that she read about plants in FOUR WORDS?? It was ridiculous.

Several pages to tell us she read about PLANTS!! Did you notice, I was able to convey that she read about plants in FOUR WORDS?? It was ridiculous.

In 2% of cases plant at is used

He loved to wander in the fields, looking at plants and animals.

Most of them are at plants with the names Honda, Toyota, BMW, and Nissan.

In 2% of cases plant by is used

The invasion of the land by plants was one of the most far-reaching chapters in the history of the Earth.

Most of the sunlight absorbed by plant leaves just raises their temperature (directly) and that of the air around them (indirectly).

The ' logged ' water (to coin a phrase) is then breathed into the atmosphere by plants, causing an even greater concentration of salts in the soil.

And while such a practice may be regarded as insufficiently ' natural ' or ' organic ' by Plant, it is striking that it receives no real attention in the Report.

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