Prepositions used with "creation"

of, in, for, to or from creation?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases creation of is used

Joy is the natural state of creation.

That was the plan at the 6th Day of Creation.

Amihan plays an important role in story of creation.

The pattern of creation and Fall is appealed to in such places as 1 Timothy 2:11-15.

The story of creation, mysterious as it may seem, is a pretty good story: It will do.

The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer.

Funky art with vibrant colors not only accentuates the beauty of your hands but also depicts your sense of creation.

This duality is also discovered as the unfair weight of suffering of creation carried by the life of the human being.

Date published: 2011-07-15 00:00:00 Reasonable care is taken to provide accurate information at the date of creation.

She adds a layer of spirituality to this quest that complements the essential divinity of the act of creation itself.

In 12% of cases creation in is used

His position is based in creation.

Evidence for seven literal days in creation a.

So, all he does in creation is directed towards this end.

His word has gone forth in creation and now goes forth in us.

It was the spoken word of God that caused the collision that resulted in creation.

Since you stand in Creation it is your most sacred duty personally to concern yourselves with them.

Prana is the only substance in Creation which can create the constant cellular replacements required by a physical body.

However, it can only dominate consciously if it is familiar with and adjusts itself to all the laws resting in Creation.

Creation Window, Chester Cathedral Humans are alone in creation as made in the image of the creator, with God given creativity.

Back about 1960 or so there was hardly anybody, anybody, any scientist in particular, that believed in creation, young-earth creation.

In 6% of cases creation for is used

This necessity for creation applies to the whole universe and ultimately everything in it.

The seller gets paid a charge by the net repair bringer for creation them money by publicity bargains for their amenities.

It is what we call the Law of Nature, for this Law is responsible for creation and for the coming into existence of all things.

An unbeliever faced with the Pentateuch and its supposedly divine authorship would have to say something similar: we mistake our own creations for Creation itself.

In accordance with the memorandum the two companies will team up to look into a project for creation of an industrial park in Zhanaozen (a town in the Mangistau Region).

This provides ample opportunity for creation of social elements like Taliban in Pakistan, Mafia underworld don in Mumbai/Karachi and other big economic hub cities around the world.

In accusing Christians who show too much care for creation of being Pagan, they are both divisive and ignorant of a deep Scriptural vein of material supporting creation care as an act of worship.

In 5% of cases creation to is used

His blog website has no separate topic devoted to creation.

However liquidity that led to creation of losses not profits.

Bryce 7 Pro proves that the only limit to creation is your own imagination.

You don't get explicit references to creation ex nihilo until much, much later in the Old Testament, e.

And yet, with just a little help, one can see that there is actually great order and sublimity to Creation.

We live in a time of ecological crisis, where it is important that we be able to link worship to creation care.

In this way the relation of the divine nature to creation changed, although the nature itself remained unaltered.

The three main objectives assigned are to be respect the work of creators and audiences, and to regulate the financial revenues going to creation.

Truly the world is dark wherever men and women no longer acknowledge their bond with the Creator and thereby endanger their relation to other creatures and to creation itself.

With the advent of the Internet, TELCOT's conversion to the new technology was another, natural evolution that led to creation of The Seam, an Internet-based cotton marketing system.

In 4% of cases creation from is used

What is God's story, from creation to eternity? A nswer Q.

If they do make the purchase, the cars delivery time from creation to the door is only 12 weeks.

Nor is there any in distinguishing Him from creation, unless it be that the Eternal accepts not to be made two, nor the Beginningless to have a beginning.

Some have the belief that those who are making money could be lucky from creation, inherited it, are very lucky that anything they do works out and they are unlucky in life.

According to Majlisi this means that there is nothing wrong with distinguishing Him from creation, unless we consider a perfection-His lying above duality and beginning-to be a fault.

Has there been a buzzword that has gone through the cycle from creation to cynicism so quickly? Any online product or service pushed to IT managers now suddenly has a cloud stamp on it.

This wasn't readily accepted because, while Christians were mouthing that God was Creator and separate from creation, most still saw Him involved in virtually a pantheistic way in nature.

In 1% of cases creation about is used

Arvind Kejriwal has some archaic ' leftist ' notions about creation of wealth.

In 1% of cases creation after is used

These records should be retained for at least three years after creation.

If you go to other states, you see the Government Houses and the Governor's Lodges, but here almost 22 years after creation, we are still in a rented apartment.

In 1% of cases creation At is used

At creation itself, man was called to have some share in God's breath of life (cf.

In 1% of cases creation on is used

Warren's ideas on creationism/evolution are wrong.

Here was a game where the emphasis was on creation instead of destruction.

And not only on humanity, but also on creation, on the ecology of spiritual development.

ETHOS environment will be running a conference in early March next year on climate change with Dr Michael Northcott and a national day of prayer and action on creation care later in the.

In 1% of cases creation upon is used

Keep in mind that copyright protection is automatic upon creation of a work in a fixed form, and registration is voluntary in Canada.

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