Prepositions used with "workshop"

of, in, for, to or at workshop?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases workshop of is used

Lease of workshop and yard 5,000 3,000 2.

This program of workshops and courses is taught by experienced Shambhala teachers.

Also, Noah has had an incredible series of workshops that you can attend in person or download online.

The Shambhala Heart of Warriorship (Levels I-V) can be practiced as an independent series of workshops.

Through a number of workshops and discussions, we reduced the strategy into a single statement of design intent.

The project works with Western Aranda people on a range of workshops, skill building exchanges and large scale events.

Sometimes a modality empire is particularly unoriginal, re-packaging old ideas for a new generation of workshop consumers.

Once online, the RDRWA will then announce a series of workshops where the public will be able to offer opinions and advice.

Out of 92 Lancashire mill-owners, 65 had previously been in textiles; most had been moderately successful owners of workshops.

The majority of Workshop Weekend's offerings are open to participants ages 13-101, because, hey, learning is a lifelong process.

In 13% of cases workshop in is used

What about the other 250,000 rickshaws? They have been sacrificed, along with thousands employed in workshops, and restaurants.

In between the haunted houses, ghost tours and horror-story telling, they squeeze in workshops, catwalks, scary movies and a Dragon Safari.

The students will not only participate in workshops, but will also hold exhibitions, showcase their talent in cultural events, drama, folk event, drums, etc.

Join the IOL East Region to celebrate Outdoor Learning, network with providers, get industry updates, take part in workshops and hear some excellent Keynote Speakers.

In 10% of cases workshop for is used

I also objected to the massive increase in their fees for workshops.

Abstracts should be up to 300 words long for paper presentations, and 500 for workshops, submitted by 15th December 2012.

Individual time allotted for paper presentations will be 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion, whereas the designated time for workshops will be 45 minutes.

Shiva's dedication to Yoga, her constant travel for workshops and retreats and the creation of scores of DVDs has allowed her to reach a global audience and she deserves it.

In 9% of cases workshop to is used

We read books and go to workshops and join support groups.

Of course a group of them may need to workshop it first: Wouldn't want to wrongside the demographic.

But he didn't bother to workshop what is - he says - the centrepiece of his policy with the President of Indonesia.

Go to workshops if you're serious about your photography, and go to different kinds of workshops to find out which kind of photography you can get your groove on with.

In 5% of cases workshop at is used

I met great people at workshops I attended and read a many great ideas and articles through following volunteers ' work and their blogs.

Our strategy, our hope, was that this would become the core group of teachers who would then take the information they learned and teach people at workshops in their home communities.

In 4% of cases workshop as is used

Second, the Partnership must consult with university leaders through mediums such as workshops organized to develop country and university studies of their higher education systems.

This is not done through traditional means such as workshops or target agreements that are focused mainly on the control of behavior, but by supporting and even initiating personal growth processes.

In 3% of cases workshop by is used

The tour will be accompanied by workshops for local school groups to be managed through Regional Arts Victoria's Education &; Families unit.

In 3% of cases workshop from is used

Most of the capital was derived locally, from workshop production, little from outside.

From workshops to media appearances the chefs have become culinary Ambassadors on the Continent.

In 3% of cases workshop on is used

Throughout the summer and into the early autumn, we'll be asking for your input on workshops, sessions, speakers, moderators and everything in between.

In 3% of cases workshop with is used

Mendler shared with workshop participants the top three reasons why students drop out of high school and enter into lives of hopelessness and despair.

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