Prepositions used with "art"

of, In, for, to or about art?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases art of is used

Some don't see the value of art.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.

It is truly a natural work of art.

Like any form of art, dance is characterized by a huge amount of hard graft and practice.

I view custom watches as pieces of art, they have creativity derived from a single maker.

And this piece of art is one of the best, diverse and yet natural sounding albums of 2012.

The University of Art and Design Helsinki offers degree programs in Film and TV studies, and in Journalism Photography.

This hat is not a practical hat one might buy for boating or keeping warm, it's a luxury item, a wearable piece of art.

Simple Yet Bold Cubism started off as a simplistic form of art that developed into an abstract style through the years.

Specialized experience handling delicate works of art on paper and knowledge of advanced matting techniques is required.

In 11% of cases art In is used

In art we call this inspiration.

Simplicity in art but a jewel in music.

In design, as in art, small things matter.

It was perceived as feminine and I had come to a conclusion that my talent in art was nil.

It is an internship program through the university he attends, with his major being in art.

Symbolism in art actually represents an outgrowth of the darker, gothic side of Romanticism.

Like many students I got my first introduction to the politics of the nude in art from John Berger's book Ways of Seeing.

Roses are also used in art and the first known painter to paint it was in Creteabout 3500 years ago, christian louboutin shoes.

We're interested in art of all kinds (music, theatre, visual art, film, comics, and video games) and the pop culture that we inhabit.

The Greek god of wine, Dionysius, was specially associated with ivy and is often portrayed in art and literature wearing an ivy-wreath.

In 6% of cases art for is used

She will also perform a number called Get Wet for Art.

She had a talent for art and attended Bedford college.

The location is perfect, particularly for art crazies.

She was just one nudge! Forget her, she knows nothing and has no taste for artistic class.

Photos: Sait Akkirman for Arts Diary Limited edition prints of Hannah's sketches accompanied.

Towns all across the state are slashing funding for arts, music, sports, gifted and talented, etc.

She was also an invited speaker for Ministry of Education in one of their recruitment exercises in 2002 for art teachers.

But should that colour my opinions of Lethal Weapon? It's easy to say that we should appreciate art for art's sake alone.

Rankings and awards: Birkbeck was ranked 111 in the world for Arts &; humanities in the 2011 QS World University Rankings.

Rankings and awards: Birkbeck was ranked 111 in the world for Arts &; humanities in the 2011 QS World University Rankings.

In 5% of cases art to is used

Having said that, pursuant to art.

That said, pursuant to article 15 C.

I love going to art and craft fairs.

She said she began to feel disconnected from her food after she left and went to art school.

You, the viewer, are half of the equation in assigning function to art - as mentioned earlier.

I spent most of my teens wanting to live in London and moved here to go to art school in 1987.

It definitely adds a little colour to the office and I guess you could say that this is the closest thing to art we have.

I like how you have adapted and reframed a taxonomy that is more suitable to Art and is therefore more flexible and useful.

Is that how deeply you look into art? What is a reliable reference book to you? Google? Ask Geeves? Wiki? Look deeper Tony.

Realistic, naturalistic art had dissembled the medium, using art to conceal art; Modernism used art to call attention to art.

In 3% of cases art about is used

Attend discussions and read - about art.

I wish I had learned about art in my public education.

The rest of the education team in Nuts About Arts are formed by MOE.

What do you dislike most about art? I hate the snobbery surrounding the whole art business.

Nevertheless, there are different ways in which the idea of the public is invoked in talk about art.

It was the personal touch in her teaching methodologies that made learning about art so interesting.

With a few exceptions like Mondrian, the masters of Modernism have had no more fixed ideas about art than Corot did.

I would want to stay around any one of those artist's instruction 's, and learn about art happily for the rest of my life.

The work was intended to engage with debates about art in public places and offer new possibilities of looking at landscape.

Author Profile Jamais Jochim took an Associate of Arts degree and now writes a blog about art and business, and enjoys writing.

In 3% of cases art on is used

Testimonials from Ex-students on Art Instructor Chua Wei Jian wrote.

You can add illustrations, you can print in color, you can print on art paper.

The class is focused on art periods from the High Renaissance to contemporary art today.

But the focus of the night was less on creatures of the water, and more on art created with fire.

In this class, we are focusing on art not for its aesthetic value, but for its value as a commodity.

Although it was pre-visualised on art paper/computer, getting to do it in a real sense was difficult.

It would be helpful if ESL teachers could be provided with some national standards or guidelines on arts in the curriculum.

Instead of cultivating it further, he said, Netflix needed to focus on art, creativity, and intuition as guides to decisions.

As well as being a leading protagonist in Liliana Cavani's Ripley's Game, Asolo also holds its own film festival, focusing on art and artists.

In 2% of cases art by is used

The sculpture is created by art and advertising agency headed by Oliver Voss.

It is part funded by Arts Council England and by individuals, companies and charitable trusts.

Among current movements, there is no such thing as a cyclical informing of art by politics and politics by art.

The event is hosted by arts &; culture website London Calling and will be chaired by Earth 2 Hub contributor and Arthur C.

It welcomes papers theorizing or framing the issue of scarcity as well as papers based on case-studies or research by art or design.

Beginning each chapter is a short essay by Art Davidson that is well written and has some relationship to the subsequent photographs.

He expects it to be heard later this week by Art Shell or Ted Cottrell, jointly appointed by the NFL and the players association to hear such cases.

Remarkable for its artistic vision, atmospheric presentation, and powerful but understated environmental message, the book includes an essay by Art Davidson with each section.

Extrapolating from an essay by Art &; Language, Dave Beech has recently spelt out how we need to consider a whole alphabet of cultural rivals, spectators A-Z, when thinking about art.

The survey is being carried out by Arts Connect West Midlands and we are funded by Arts Council England to connect children and young people with the best arts and cultural activities in the region.

In 2% of cases art from is used

Apart from arts, I opened my own Gallery.

Boards from Art caf cost P500 per hour or P1500 for the day.

Nearly one thousand students started from Arts College at 10.

Public relations and communications professionals moved from Art and culture to Business.

Mountain Biking - rent a mountain bike from Art Caf for P500 a day and explore out of town.

In 2008 she won a Creative Arts award from Art For Progress for her interdisciplinary piece, Split.

The case revolves around nine paintings by Renoir and Pissarro, among others, in 1987 from art trade Noortman in Maastricht were stolen.

The building is a historical monument and plays host to everything from art exhibitions to book readings and from craft lessons to plays and musicals.

If you view the JoinCognizant Facebook page, it's evident that fun activities ranging from arts and dance to quizzing and sports are a regular occurrence.

Here there is a thumbnail of each picture in the book with a note from Art Wolfe explaining the environment and the methods he used to photograph the scene.

In 2% of cases art through is used

We organized the trek through Art Cafe.

This can do only through Arts, especially performing arts.

We need to put them back in, and we can do that through art integration.

And the only way to express this cosmic experience is through art and creativity.

The practical, hands-on work experience she gained through Arts Co-op led to her.

Art therapists are trained to understand the metaphors and nonverbal symbols expressed through art.

These feelings expressed through art has the most raw and authentic nature and tells tales too deep for words.

A gay male couple can not have a child, whether through ART or intercourse, without involving a child-bearing woman.

And even in those states, the issue is only resolved with respect to lesbian couples conceiving a child through ART.

Through art pieces, installations and interventions, a historical period is evoked and given life, animus in the present.

In 2% of cases art with is used

Till this date, I am hopelessly clueless with art.

It shares its channel with Arts and broadcasts between 6 a.

Everybody has different tastes and that is the same with art.

Designers with art college background join the designing firms but leave after few years.

Make your book beautiful with art and photos and have an art show to accompany the release.

Learning to see like that is what science shares with art but it is a skill that must be learned.

E-mail Newsletter Keep up with the art scene and trends in urban design with art and architecture critic Mary Louise Schumacher.

We could not be more proud to begin this historic journey with arts philanthropist, and now Trojan Family member, Glorya Kaufman.

In an interview with MyArtspace in 2008, Lister remarked that his most innovative experiences with art are with his children and their works on paper.

I am finding my way with art at this time in my life and textiles are a particular fancy at the moment! I have been inspired by many people and animals.

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