Prepositions used with "cost"

of, in, for, on or with cost?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases cost of is used

A list of costs 2 is available.

Free of cost fund is extremely scarce.

They are both free of cost which is great.

AFM Ruhal Haq said 1,050 centres are providing treatment to the TB patients free of cost.

Such copy shall, in any case other than a 378 case under Chapter XX, be given free of cost.

I would say beware of costs that could come up later in the inspection &; negotating process.

Therefore once the initial investment is achieved in 3-5 years Power is generated free of cost for the remaining years.

It looks like the CBPP backed out certain categories of costs in the CBO projections, based on what the CBO had assumed.

Whether this is because of cost, work commitments or a lack of infrastructure as is the case in many developing nations.

Mr Wright understood Fonterra's decision to develop another mine itself had been because of cost and security of supply.

In 15% of cases cost in is used

This translates to roughly a 25% increase in costs overall.

The resource base was then cheap, but infrastructure was crippling in cost.

It adds at least 25% in costs and ten business days to the production cycle.

He expresses, only these two advertiser, should abstain drama to be able to call in cost.

Notably, the company expects margins to sustain at current levels, despite escalation in cost.

I ' like to know if she supported by vote a reduction in costs of security for our embassies.

While there is broad agreement that the rise in costs must be controlled, there is disagreement over the driving factors.

While there is broad agreement that the rise in costs must be controlled, there is disagreement over the driving factors.

Well made artisan made products don't total a few pennies to a few dollars in costs and rarely earn the artisan a huge profit.

In 9% of cases cost for is used

Drummond's calls for cost cutting, rather than just treat the symptoms.

As for costs, the private rooms at public hospitals are still expensive.

Topics covered in this Module: Accounting for Costs Module: JAVA PROGRAMMING S.

Deemed cost is an amount used as a surrogate for cost or depreciated cost at a given date.

Our view is that we will only reimburse money for costs that are wholly connected to being an MP.

The Bank's deputy governor, Tunde Lemo said five key areas have been identified for cost saving in banks.

It stocked lots of different varieties of the colorful Stylecraft Double knit DK, which was my yarn of choice, for cost (2.

The greatest scope for cost savings would be through a merger of the two major banks or a takeover of both by one purchaser.

All the meaningful rule changes for cost control were buried deeper in the Health Reform Bill than most folks bothered to go.

The Australian Government approved $3billion - which included provision for cost overruns - for 14 JSFs and support kit in 2009.

In 8% of cases cost on is used

Please re-read my posting on cost.

Don't reform healthcare or put a cap on costs.

PRICES All prices are based on costs at the time of publication.

It's important not to forget how the changing nature of your business will impact on costs.

So we cut corners, dodge regulations, scrimp on costs and we end up with Fukushima or Chernobyl.

Transportation cost includes car payments, car insurance, car maintenance and fuel for car owners.

I suspect the focus on cost to the exclusion of all else destroys the soul of the buildings and hence our soul as well.

Considering transportation costs provide a more comprehensive way of thinking about the cost of housing and true affordability.

To save on costs, the team gave the car a windshield wiper with one arm instead of the usual two and one side-view rear mirror, too.

It is because of this that one has to take control of his/her spending habits in order to cut down on cost and unnecessary expenditure.

In 7% of cases cost with is used

With costs already estimated at 1.

But these benefits come with costs, namely time and risk.

Under-cutting is a major tactic, with costs being dropped at times to ridiculous lows.

Recommendation of specifications for the required equipment along with cost estimates; iii.

The trial resident magistrat e upheld the preliminary objection and dismissed the suit with costs.

I can then pass your details onto our disposal department to contact you with cost and arrangments.

Eden will also try to take on a campus job to help with costs, but her main job is to finish school.

The solar industry will survive, and with costs of PV decreasing, it may pick up install rates again.

The NBN won't be built with a single big $40B bucket of money, with cost recovery commencing when it finishes.

The complainants were awarded hefty sums of money with costs of the suit awarded against the Kenya government.

In 6% of cases cost at is used

You can move between providers at cost.

Fair value or revaluation as deemed cost Assets carried at cost (e.

They're not here to sell products at cost; they're here to make a profit.

I rather have BD advance at cost of some other teams that I am not too fond of.

You might say they would say the cars at cost to Nissan France or Nissan Germany.

We will invoice disposable packaging at cost and will not take back such packaging.

Google has said that its $199 Nexus 7 is being sold at cost and has no profit margin.

I'll continue to charge you $30 for a Tylenol capsule that costs me less than three cents.

And at cost models that are shrinking on the same curve as the cost of your favorite TV at your favorite big box store.

Meanwhile Priyanka and Ajitha, two female farmers described as to how difficult it is to sell their harvest even at cost.

In 5% of cases cost to is used

There shall be no order as to costs.

Figure 3 Derived priorities with respect to cost.

Anyone with savings above 23,250 pays for home support, below that they contribute to costs.

How safe will our data be in the cloud? Next to cost, this will be the big issue for your boss.

Millions, maybe billions, will now be spent on all the increases to costs that follow from CPI.

Referring to costs of the imitation Rolex watches, they may be without a doubt available within just most inexpensive rate rates.

But some of it also has to do with providers being more sensitive to costs because of reform, even though it hasn't gone into effect yet.

This is because any salary increase on paper has been virtually cancelled out by inflation and the increases to costs of living, says Acevedo.

Much like those approaching the clash of electricity and clothing in a more scientific manner, the main stumbling block for Genz relates to costs.

In 4% of cases cost about is used

And I think that this market won't be all about cost.

Lastly, what about cost of living? Last time I was in S.

I don't have to tell you about costs, revenues and resources.

Green is an everyday part of the mix for IT now, but it is still, in reality, about cost cutting.

WHAT ABOUT COST? The high street jewellers will be able to give you a range of options starting at about 99 up to a fortune.

The criticism isn't due to the use of materials or the quality of innovation, rather it's the blatant lying about cost and efficiency.

We presume that patients in Group I readily underwent PCI despite presumably lesser cardiac symptoms because they were not concerned about cost.

Maybe give it to the council for free and let them worry about costs of running it- it could replace a number of their more delapidated venues.

The uncertainty about the heritage designation has made it difficult to talk about costs and funding regarding and potential plans for the house.

The issue is why this particular deal that isn't even accretive? Even if you make a lot of assumptions about cost efficiencies and possible licensing opportunities (e.

In 4% of cases cost as is used

It also covers any related legal fees, costs and expenses, as well as costs for hospital expenses.

Organisations which get caught up on the One True Solution, such as cost cutting or out-sourcing, confuse a tool with a goal.

As a result, administrative costs as well as costs associated with the necessary upgrades to both hardware and software rise sharply.

The Foundation supports parents by taking care of the necessities such as costs on blood tests, provision of medicine and basic educational needs.

The package It used to be that the expenses for schooling and accommodation as well as costs for relocation would be taken care of by the employer.

While you buy clubs in addition to golf equipment it will be important which you consider various reasons towards thought like size connected with tavern weight as well as cost.

Moreover, employees excluded from mobility initiatives for various reasons such as cost, are going to try to access the corporate network through their own devices if they need to.

Economic factor: KFC organization is affected with national and global economic factors such as Cost of labour, Interest and Inflation rates, Economic growth rates, Business cycle stage (e.

In 2% of cases cost without is used

None of this will come without cost, nor will it be easy.

Another reviewer mentioned the excellent video download you'll receive without cost when you buy the book.

And, such an assumption does not come without cost; whether others would find it satisfactory is problematic.

Better, surely, to say to the electorate that our problems can be overcome, by will, hard work and good choices, but that this will not be easy or without cost or pain.

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