Prepositions used with "judgement"

of, in, for, on or to judgement?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases judgement of is used

Everyone has some sort of judgement to vocalise.

They will be questioned on day of judgement about that.

It is this type of judgement that has caused all religious war throughout the eons.

One of the most notable victims of posterity's lack of judgement is the Eleatic Zeno.

There will be a Day of Judgement, and God's Kingdom will be on earth as it is in heaven.

Anyone who demonstrates such a serious lack of judgement has no place running for the bus, much less elected office.

If not for his lack of judgement, he could be a great facilitator with EJ at the 2 spot where he is more comfortable.

It is therefore a basic characteristic of the true Muslim who is concerned about his destiny on the Day of Judgement.

From the day of its revelation to the day of judgement, this last divine book will remain the sole guide for humanity.

In 12% of cases judgement in is used

What a serious lapse in judgement.

Osiris sits in judgement at far right with Isis and Nephthys.

But sometimes all it takes is a half-second lapse in judgement.

They might lack in judgement but they do nt have bad intentions.

Posted by lvent on Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012 1:19 PM (EDT ): I try hard to stand in judgement of no one.

Judith Collins - 5/10 Collins talks tough, but is also prone to the occasional disastrous lapse in judgement.

The problem is, however, that those mechanisms largely consist of colleagues sitting in judgement of a club member.

Yolanda: 16 May 2009 12:53:22am Regardless of whether or not a crime was committed lapse in judgement by all was made.

David Telfer fouled an advancing Arsenal player just behind the box, picking a yellow for for that lapse in judgement.

This shows how self serving he was in his candidature and I feel the party made an error in judgement in selecting him.

In 5% of cases judgement for is used

There are many souls outside the Tribunal waiting for judgement.

How independent the master weaver really was, is a matter for judgement.

His appeal to the Court of Appeal has been reserved for judgement at the appellate Court.

The prologue itself is 88 pages!! The Children of the Light are making their own plans for judgement day and in the meanwhile, The Dark One grows in strength.

Reasons for judgement were released this week by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, addressing the issue of credibility and claims consciousness after such an utterance was made.

In 3% of cases judgement on is used

Decision would be held on judgement day after this world finishes.

Everybody will all give account of his/her deeds on judgement day.

Those that live for Allah will come on Judgement Day shining brightly.

This would also explain why the Bible says that only 144,000 people will be saved on Judgement Day (Rev 14:3-4).

On judgement day, to overcome those sins, perpetrator would have to compensate victims of his crime from awards perpetrator earned in this world.

We believe according to the scriptures, he does not like the unscrupulous things that have been done, and some people are going to have a lot to answer for on judgement day.

In 3% of cases judgement to is used

After a short time these comparisons usually give way to judgements about the leader's performance.

Judgement and justification-humans tend to believe every action is subject to judgement and the apocalypse puts an end to people escaping justice.

But in the RSA's spirit of asking awkward questions, here are three points that are worth bearing in mind in the rush to judgement: Police investigations are justified by their ends.

In 3% of cases judgement without is used

Imagine if you did it without judgement.

My mom has been my greatest supporter, always there without judgement.

Positive Affirmation: Today I will look within myself without judgement or guilt.

In 2% of cases judgement at is used

Then when you die you are going to come up before God at judgement.

Also Amru will act as an intercessory for us his parents at judgement day.

In 2% of cases judgement with is used

But only with judgement, do the facts acquire real value.

It is often filled with judgement, guilt and the constant feeling that you need to keep up.

But I will not pull out the pin, Because thats mean! With judgement day now gone away, You're sniffing all your days away.

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