Prepositions used with "culture"

of, in, for, on or to culture?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases culture of is used

That is the concept of culture.

The ministry of culture has put up $4.

Obama on the basis of Culture of Life v.

In the absence of culture he should have been baffled even at the simplest situations.

Each time viewers tuned in for a little trashy fun, they got a hidden dose of culture.

The Renaissance represented a conscious embrace of culture, science, art, and politics.

A tribute was also read by director of culture, Sidney Bartley, on behalf of minister of youth and culture Lisa Hanna.

Make sure your programme content carries along the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at both the Federal and states level.

Very surprisingly, it appears that this judgement is independent of person-to-person differences and independent of culture.

In 12% of cases culture in is used

Broaden your taste in culture please.

The shift in culture has been massive.

Human beings are just as immersed in culture.

The Muslims of Sri Lanka are close to Sufis in culture and religion and the Shafi school of Thought.

However, the legacy of these kingdoms outlasted the kings in culture and art that are still admired.

Watusi, Pigmy, Zulu, and desert nomads are completely different in culture, language, and traditions.

We should not be distracted by the west's reduction of Muslim women to pawns in culture wars or military campaigns.

In travel, in culture -- understanding why a culture behaves a certain way does not mean you're supposed to condone it.

These crimes happen all over the world in cultures that believe a woman's sexual behaviour can bring shame on the family.

In 1986 the original line-up reformed to record two highly regarded albums -- ' Culture in Culture ' and ' Culture at Work '.

In 7% of cases culture for is used


Our grant in aid received from the Department for Culture,.

Currently he is working as the Advisor for Culture to the Government of Oman.

I have already issued such a decree under the authority of the law of the chamber for culture.

Personally I think the movie should be screened and the Minister for Culture should go screw himself.

For cultures infected with colonization, the culture clash (and blend) makes things more complicated.

The Alliance for Arts and Culture will be working to advance the case for culture with all parties throughout this process.

In 2008, BookCrossing was introduced to Abu Dhabi as part of a joint venture with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage.

The routine use of peritoneal swabs for culture and sensitivity in cases without frank pus at operation is of questionable value 1.

By such interpretation, they help in the creation of values (for culture ), which are then transmitted from generation to generation.

In 5% of cases culture on is used

The definite diagnosis of Salmonella is based on culture.

Discriminating on culture is just plain wrong, maybe even racist.

Dov Henis On Culture And Genetics, Horses And Wagon http: **35;882;TOOLONG.

Richard Landes: Romney Is Right on Culture and the Wealth of Nations online.

Brooks's appearance, at the committee on culture, media and sport, is now in doubt.

The following Tuesday Nick Davies and I appeared before the House of Commons select committee on culture, media and sport.

At one time during the term of the previous administration the head of the National Commission on Culture was a very respected traditional chief.

I don't necessarily mean that as a criticism, as Nolan similarly constructed his Batman films as a commentary on culture in the early-21st century.

About Christina: Christina is a Toronto-based writer whose articles on culture, religion and technology have appeared in Vancouver, UPPERCASE and Geez magazine.

Although there are giggles aplenty, the book also contains some pretty sober bits: chapters on culture shock and -- new to this edition -- emotional resilience.

In 4% of cases culture to is used

That makes it very relevant to culture management and to you.

I'd going write to culture and sports minister, make him earn his money.

The Alliance's pedagogical mission is inextricably linked to its commitment to culture.

Although guidelines exist, proper forms of address vary greatly from culture to culture.

Then, chemistry gives rise to biology, biology to psychology, and psychology to culture.

It may however be noted that these traditional interpretation differ from culture to culture.

The second distinction -- attention to culture, especially the literary -- is stronger but less noticed.

What is left for Santa to put present in differs from culture to culture and sometimes family to family too.

Muslims who advocate it forget that modesty is a moving target that varies across time and from culture to culture (e.

At this point, I'd like to consider the obvious contributions that the Fork has made to culture and civilisation as we know it.

In 3% of cases culture about is used

It's not about culture predominantly.

About Culture Is Everything Hi, I'd Tristan White.

I've never really thought about culture in this way.

Babylon in Canberra says: 05:45pm 09/07/12 Tom is right this is about culture.

What I've discussing a lot with 2NE1's CL lately is ideas about culture and space.

Writing about culture with extremely diffent values from the reader always runs a serious risk of alienating the audience.

When I'd teaching about cultures I do make the point right from the start, ' Look, you don't have to like the other culture.

It made me realize how we tend to think about culture, values, norms when we are about to evaluate a program, rather than ensure these things become an integral part of our ' evaluation roots '; i.

In 3% of cases culture across is used

This desire cuts across cultures, income levels, educational levels and gender.

But across cultures and civilisations, people have stood up and fought what they perceive to be wrong.

For generations, and across cultures world-wide, marriage has been a relationship between a man and a woman.

If a particular behavior, or a variation thereof, isn't observed across cultures, it probably isn't inherently human.

But, within this study, was the preference stable across cultures? Well no, not even in this experiment, where they had some Chinese test subjects too.

Regardless, the cookie cutters presented to us will not fit many men or women across cultures; they simply don't hold even if there are some differences.

The diverse places direct us to the universal Centre, and their connection reveals the essential unity of us humans, across centuries and across cultures.

Are you a mash-up artist capable of choosing elements and combining them in unusual ways? Ethnographer: An ethnographer studies human behavior across cultures and generations.

In 3% of cases culture between is used

Mara experiences vary between cultures.

The city of Paris has a long and complex history as a crossroad between cultures and peoples.

The city of Paris has a long and complex history as a crossroad between cultures and peoples.

Were we less empathetic in the Middle Ages? What about differences between cultures? This would be.

Similarly, the concept of what makes an image realistic has changed throughout history and varies between cultures.

Journal Misunderstandings are part of communication, yet when they occur between cultures, differences are made comprehensible.

Aspect to consider in relation to this include: There is a massive intellectual obstacle to effective communication between cultures.

At this point, in chapter 7, I address the challenge of accounting for moral diversity, not only between cultures but within cultures.

This group of edited out belongs nowhere; lost between cultures, happy enough to lick any arse and treat our people, our values with contempt.

But if there is one unifying thread, it's this link between culture and politics which The Fall of the House of Murdoch so vividly demonstrates.

In 3% of cases culture by is used

And these realities are shaped by culture to large extent.

They are held in line by constraints prescribed by culture.

By culture we mean an extrasomatic, temporal of things and events dependent upon symboling.

There is no real culture in this country if by culture you mean something that is worth preserving.

It is reinforced by culture, friends and family and the domination of global media concepts of the ideal body image.

In cases of simple acute appendicitis with positive peritoneal cultures, management was not influenced by culture results.

While this varies by culture (national and organizational ), the general tendency is for whistle blowers to be retaliated against.

Now, both groups were wrong since behavior doesn't directly code into genes, and it's produced by culture, not by genetic composition.

I see modesty as varying by culture, where something that would be perfectly modest in most of Europe could be seen as extremely immodest here in Pakistan.

We hope you will do some books on India too Thank you!!! On a small note you (and the original picture) are mistaking realities shaped by economics with realities shaped by cultures.

In 3% of cases culture with is used

A concern with culture, yes, but not with myth.

Compared to which the skyline of San Francisco (or even Seattle) seems imbued with culture.

It will originate with the individual and with culture, and it will change the political structure only as its last and final act.

Africa is a wonderful country filled with culture and diversity, but they need leadership and unity in order to grow successfully in the right direction.

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