Prepositions used with "clothing"

of, in, for, on or to clothing?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases clothing of is used

Some of these items of clothing are very nice.

A lot of fun goes with those kinds of clothing.

The most common usage is in the field of clothing.

It is not a functional piece of clothing that you can modify -- it is a religious one.

There's a never ending spread of clothing available to fit your private style and taste.

They arranged to bring photographs or items of clothing of those who were too sick to attend.

However, by banning the burka, it would in effect coerce all women into not wearing a particular type of clothing.

This frequently involves acts such as theft of clothing or money but also includes assault, rape, or being killed.

If you do use a clothes dryer, at least make sure you shake out each item of clothing before placing in the dryer.

The restrictive items of clothing can also limit neck movement and lead to muscle tension in the back and shoulders.

In 7% of cases clothing in is used

Otherwise there'd be a huge boom in clothing sales, take away lunches and petrol.

Blue is also the traditional color of the human man in clothing and the favorite color of most men of youth.

We were looking for people in clothing they were probably not wearing in a place that was at some point in the past.

Also the world famous shawl and many other innovations in clothing and shoe making, including a variety of hats and caps, etc.

This year has seen the start of training in clothing manufacture (with help from The Besom) and in woodwork, both in rented buildings.

So, there we were: seven young women all walking down the street in a group, clearly muzungu (foreigners ), clearly in clothing purchased here.

Thankfully there are almost no major alterations present throughout the series -- aside from a few cosmetic differences in clothing and apparel.

Another type, called perfluorochemicals, are used in clothing, furniture, adhesives, food packaging, heat-resistant non-stick cooking surfaces, and the insulation of electrical wire.

In 5% of cases clothing for is used

Lathrop recommends shades of brown, yellow and orange for clothing.

It covers requirements for care labelling for clothing and textiles.

Nerdgirl &; Smith61, the rule has always been for CLOTHING under $100.

Women traditionally spin, dye, and weave cotton cloth for clothing and blankets.

So when I come across a new fabric that's suitable for clothing, I include that.

Say that you are looking for striped fabrics in blue and yellow that are a suitable weight for clothing.

Consider, for example, the ways in which animals are killed for clothing, shoes, accessories, and bedding.

He had no plan, no scheme, no constructive ideas whatever for clothing with the flesh of life the commandments which he had thundered from the White House.

For Clothing at Tesco online and Tesco direct online, the last day of exchange is Tuesday 11 December and the final redemption date is Wednesday 19 December.

In 5% of cases clothing on is used

We began a lesson on clothing with A.

One of the famous usages of the airbrush is art sprayed on clothing.

I love wearing this wonderful design imprinted on clothing as it reminds me that there's a big world out there.

Apart from prohibiting coatings on clothing, there are no rules regarding nanoparticles or nanofibres, he says.

In all, 17 states have tax-exempt holidays this year, and Iowa's and Oklahoma's -- both with the $100 cap on clothing -- are the most restrictive.

The design transferred clothing and became one of the first symbolic pieces to become adornments on clothing across all classes and of mass appeal.

Over a period of 10 years, she'd spent over $500,000 on clothing, accessories and home furnishings, all of which lay strewn across her kitchen, entryway and bedrooms, tags intact.

In 5% of cases clothing to is used

He also turned to clothing sales.

The constructions are found to extend to clothing on the body, words and emotions.

Then just go in and quietly apply the stickers to clothing labels, boxes, packaging, etc.

Jason Stackhouse becomes legitimately allergic to clothing and is forced to walk around naked 24/7.

Para'KitoT is also available in clips in a range of colours which can be attached to clothing, hand luggage, strollers or in my case (the bicycle!).

A novelty for expatriates is the pasar malam or night market where hawker stalls sell almost anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothing and shoes.

The bedroom is racked out with industrial shelving to stuff more junk in and the second bedroom in inaccessible due to clothing on every surface and hanging space.

Moreover, I wonder whether it is correct to talk of? kids? attire? since the word? attire? is used in formal reference to clothing eg a business attire, lawyers? attire, etc.

Permethrin (a synthetic pyrethrin) is available in a spray solely for application to clothing (it is inactivated by skin lipids 16) and is particularly effective because it kills ticks on contact 17.

In 4% of cases clothing with is used

Sophia Max-Brown opened with clothing from designers such as Michael Kors.

Clubcard &; coupons You can earn Clubcard points when you shop with Clothing at Tesco.

Skua's are the antarctic seagull, notorious, ruthless scavengers -- the ' skua bins ' are like recycling bin found in most towns, there's also a building with clothing and bits and pieces in it.

My sister-in-law is joining a bazaar in a few weeks and I will let her know that she should have an organized section complete with clothing hangers so that customers will be more enticed to buy.

In 3% of cases clothing as is used

Factory outlets: sell the products of a factory, typically branded goods such as clothing.

Babycham offers all of the spunk and magnificence to decide on your, seems, events as well as clothing.

They have settled down just like the others, only that they are substantially lack of prime necessities such as clothings and food.

For Observation: the figure occupying 25% - 30% of screen height shows characteristic details such as clothing while also viewing surrounding activity.

You see the problem with choosing a large-scale item such as clothing, or stereo equipment, means that you will need adequate space to store it until you ship it.

In 2% of cases clothing From is used

From clothing, I shifted to accessories.

From clothing, fashion accessories, fabrics, handicrafts and souvenir to food! Branded imported items can be very cheap too due to the status of the island as a duty free zone.

In 1% of cases clothing at is used

I got my ten thousand hours of looking at clothing in early.

In 1% of cases clothing including is used

Their possessions, including clothing and shoes, were taken away and replaced by prison uniform and shoes.

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