Prepositions used with "heat"

of, in, for, from or with heat?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases heat of is used

General arts students take a lot of heat.

Obama will take a bit of heat but so what.

The sun's rays contain a lot of heat energy.

That's because the oil is a better conductor of heat than the nonstick plastic coating is.

Heat exchange equipment The source of heat is commonly steam condensing in the vessel jacket.

Another source of heat can be found in the exhausts of main engines, boilers and auxiliaries.

They are cooler because the strong magnetic field in the spots interferes with the free convection of heat from below.

The sad thing is most people drive to work and all that lovely heat is lost from the radiator, and it is a lot of heat.

Romney took a lot of heat immediately after 9/11/12 for daring to suggest that we should never apologize to terrorists.

Microorganisms are destroyed by heat, but the amount of heating required for the killing of different organisms varies.

In 9% of cases heat in is used

All men are not animals in heat, but rapists are.

Late Model veteran Frank Deiny will be starting fourth in heat 2.

They also suffer in heat, and must never be left in the direct rays of the summer sun.

These parts of the body are considered as the pulse points which are constantly in heat.

Paul goes in heat 5 of 6 which is scheduled for 11:42am Osaka time which is 03:42am Irish time.

Former NASCAR Whelen All American Series National Champion Phillip Morris starts second in heat 4.

Other notables in the field: Dennis Setzer starting second in heat 3, who had a successful career in the top 3 divisions of NASCAR.

The heat-insulating material is adopted for the air supply system for the purpose of heat preservation and a reduction in heat loss.

The swimming event is a freestyle race over 200m for men and women with athletes seeded in heats according to their personal best time.

In 7% of cases heat for is used

Our ancestors burned animal dung for heat to keep warm and to cook food.

Things look very different during summer when demand for heat is next to zero.

Workers don't spend time gathering fuel for heat so are more productive at work.

Last winter Syrians desperate for heat even burned motor oil in the country's west.

But Maman's tolerance for heat is magic and she just sighs with pleasure and keeps talking.

One problem is that it assumes that the demand for heat is twice the demand for electricity.

Kimmel stoves were used for cooking and for heat in my tent, which I shared with two other women.

Risk assessment, risk management, vulnerability reduction -- for heat waves, for storms, for everything.

Also, why use oil for heating when you have clean electricity? Use electric heating instead, preferably heat pumps.

Is there any way of finding this out? I would love to visit that area and her lifestyle attracts me, as I cut my own wood for heat as well, although am not quite as old (yet).

In 7% of cases heat from is used

Led by De Niro's Neil McCauley from Heat.

Remove from heat and continue to beat until cool, 3-5 minutes more.

They will protect you from heats up to 260 and are water resistant.

Remove from heat, puree with an immersion blender or transfer to a regular blender in a batches.

Or in my case, being saved by a fellow hiker when I was found passed out on a rock from heat exhaustion.

The glass forms from heat generated when micrometeoroids slam into the surface and fuse soil grains into tiny clumps.

Good point, in fact, it's also pretty unsupportable to draw conclusions from heat islands, which is what the any-excuse-for-socialism types have done.

The house's metal roof is covered with branches of Japanese larch, which not only protect the roof from heat, but also deaden the sound of frequent summer rains.

Thermal burns including flash burns from heat generated by an electric arc, and flame burns from materials that catch on fire from heating or ignition by electrical currents.

In 7% of cases heat with is used

The city is shimmering with heat.

With heat exchangers a small sketch is often helpful: Figure 6.

Which, truthfully, makes somewhat less sense as any crack would close as the metal expands with heat.

Australian Summers are very hot, and many tourists have trouble with heat exhaustion and sunstroke each year.

It doesn't matter whether the expressions have to do with heat, madness, magic, illness, or thirst/hunger or not.

But according to a recent interview the boys did with Heat magazine, One Direction are the masters of wild nights out.

Men's and women's keirin - starts with heats (with repechages ), with the best 12 riders progressing to the second round.

Scientists have begun examining the genetic material to identify the varieties of peanuts best able to cope with heat and drought.

When sincerity and desire are combined with heat and pressure, particles collapse and eventually, link to one another (particle integration).

In 5% of cases heat by is used

It was destroyed by heat exposure.

The spores are much harder to destroy by heat treatment than are the vegetative forms.

Microorganisms are destroyed by heat, but the amount of heating required for the killing of different organisms varies.

These are significant fulcra to the water moments and their surges and result in melting of the ice by heat produced by friction.

As well as the application to inactivate bacteria, pasteurization may be considered in relation to enzymes present in the food, which can be inactivated by heat.

One is the eggy bread pudding which comes piled high with batons of banana that have been lazily bathing in brown sugar and butter before being blasted by heat and become toasty and brown.

In 5% of cases heat on is used

The vet concluded that she was on heat and that a mate should be found.

If you want thick gravy, just keep the curry on heat for some more time.

In the same way, vitality remains standing in dependence on heat, and heat remains standing in dependence on vitality.

One study showed that when female sheep that are on heat are shown images of male sheep, norepinephrine levels in their brains surge.

U are here ranting like a she-goat on heat as if u wnt pee on ur dirty STDS riddled undies if Tonto accost u over these ur meaningless but cheap attention seeking rants.

In 3% of cases heat as is used

At the centre the pressure, as well as heat, both are at their highest.

Electricity is nor heat or cold, though it can appear as heat and cold.

However, there still remains a threat from Avian Influenza, and common illnesses such as heat stroke and hypothermia.

The major healthcare concerns stem for seasonal illnesses such as Heat stroke in the summer and hypothermia in the winter.

The food budget is the one ' discretionary ' expense in the budget that is often used for fixed necessities such as heat, electricity or phone expenses.

The skin is where the radiant energy of resistance emanates, forming the first line of defense against noxious environmental energies such as heat and cold.

In 2% of cases heat between is used

I also understand the rather more subtle difference between heat and enthalpy.

Yes, I do understand the difference between heat, or more correctly enthalpy, and temperature.

In 2% of cases heat without is used

Fret got her power back Monday but was still without heat and hot water.

Twenty-two of the project's 32 buildings were either without heat and hot water or power.

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