Prepositions used with "assembly"

of, in, for, between or by assembly?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 68% of cases assembly of is used
    This was the election into the Western Regional House of assembly.
    Shea was a member of the House of assembly from 1848-69 and 1874-87.
    As a result, the NCNC was left with 35 seats in the Western Regional House of assembly.
    Even then, all the House of assembly and Federal seats in the state were swept by the SDP.
    The government curbed freedom of assembly, and politically motivated violence remained a problem.
    In fact we need the freedom of assembly to impress upon government our strength of feeling on issues.
    If you don't believe me, go to Ekiti House of assembly and you will understand what I am talking about.
    He himself in that same year became a Member of the House of assembly, representing the Parish of Hanover.
    Because, what happened yesterday was much more than people simply using their right to freedom of assembly.
    At the level of the state, because of that ' structural capture, the House of assembly themselves are not free.

    In 10% of cases assembly in is used
    BJP should have have shown more guts and praised the film in assembly.
    Inline inspection: In assembly line generally check pints are kept for the critical operations.
    Subramanian Swamy today said that Gujarat should give maximum seats to Narendra Modi in assembly elections.
    We choose students who have displayed great behaviour in the playground to receive awards from us in assembly.
    These MPs feel that a debacle in assembly polls would adversely impact their fortunes in 2014 general elections.
    You can call these applications embedded systems as it involves hardware (8051 microcontroller) and software (the code written in assembly language).
    Thanks to our parent supporters! assembly in assembly the whole school gets together to sing, celebrate successes, practise presenting to an audience and show what we have been learning.

    In 7% of cases assembly for is used
    These Spitfires were crated for assembly on location but, after the Japanese surrendered, they weren't required.
    The latter approach is especially important for assemblies in which the cavity is almost non-existent and the free drainage of water restricted.

    In 3% of cases assembly between is used
    Between assemblies, the LWF is governed by its Council that meets annually, and by its Executive Committee.

    In 2% of cases assembly during is used
    The solutions presented above are used during assembly and control stages of RADWAG weighing instruments.
    Since they are very low cost, it's a good idea to get a few extra in case one gets damaged or lost during assembly.

    In 2% of cases assembly into is used
    I came into assembly with my own understanding of scripture, but when I got there I started hearing other voice and I had to find a way to rejoin the conversation at a place where others were.

    In 2% of cases assembly On is used
    On assembly tasks on three dimensional apparatuses, at the top end of the scale, men outnumber women two to one.
    It is utterly scary to think that people work on assembly lines for their entire lives, or any length more than one day.

    In 2% of cases assembly to is used
    Katy and Mike went to assembly.

    In 1% of cases assembly UP is used
    The BJP has performed poorly in the elections and could manage only 47 seats -- four less than it secured in 2007 polls -- in the 403-member UP assembly.

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