Prepositions used with "peace"

of, in, for, at or to peace?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases peace of is used

Justice of peace--jurisdiction.

In times of peace, prepare for war.

This is a policy of peace that the u.

With the return of peace, two French ships laden with goods could leave Europe in 1697.

I don't know, I found a sense of peace, where it was, like, no, my priority is my boys.

The current work of UNESCO, in promoting knowledge of a culture of peace, is inspiring.

In this article, I argue that the peace activists have been gradually replaced by a new breed of peace professionals.

International Peace Day is a day singled out by the United Nations for individuals to commit practical acts of peace.

There is such a sense of peace and of promise when you are out in the very early morning, as if anything is possible.

Their work is guided by the Charter of the UN (1945) and its core values of peace, human rights, justice, and freedom.

In 22% of cases peace in is used

Rest in peace George Jefferson.

They are in Peace River in 1834.

Let Kakaji's soul rest in peace.

We continue to embrace the theme,? Being God? s People in God? s World, Living in Peace?

Following this principle allows us to live in peace with nature and to find tranquillity.

Art of choosing wisely is a life long endeavour which we all have to pursue to attain peace.


The City offers a wealth of sights, which represents the crossroads of three cultures coexisting in peace and harmony.

The consequences remain for us to live with and it is possible to do so in peace and happiness with the help of Christ.

May their souls rest in peace but nt until dey find d ppl especially dt man dt kept on hitting dem wif stones nd plankes.

In 19% of cases peace for is used

Xi Xia was forced to sue for peace.

Say that I was a drum major for peace.

Research it yourself for peace of mind.

Searching for peace within the world you stretch the cart wheel tracks endlessly behind you.

Somaliland must assist Somalia in its search for peace and form a close cooperation with her.

Inspite of the ' Treaty ' drawn up with them for peace, they were always arrogant and haughty.

At this event, he discusses with Farid Farid the prospects for peace in various contested Middle Eastern territories.

Republic of Somaliland is always calling for peaceful way of settling disputes and conflicts to all of its opponents.

They are terrorists outside US but even without the permission of the relevant governments the US killed them for peace.

In 10% of cases peace at is used

At 34, Hatton says he is at peace.

Although we're at peace with Egypt.

Today, Sri Lanka is a nation at peace.

How long will it take to remove the mist and when will Pakistan be at peace with India.

My mind was at peace and I took small yet effective steps to refresh my life force energy.

To be at peace in the moment, where you quieten the mind from pushing you into the future.

Scandinavians are those mostly at peace now, definitely not those in Arabland, and as such they are the REAL Muslims.

The Angels with Ahmad prevent him from hearing the screams of the two so that he can be at peace as much as possible.

He is finally at peace with himself and says he will finally be able to accept his career is over if he loses tonight.

I am sure that she is at peace even now to have borne children whose dedication and love for their mother is admirable.

In 6% of cases peace to is used

Take the JVIS, and you'll be on your way to peace of mind?

The right to peace demands the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Kartarpur-Dera Sahib can be used as a corridor to peace in the region.

Nego-ti-ations lead-ing to peace must be the pur-pose of a legit-im-ate war of defense.

Discover what made them change, turn to peace and why some succeeded where others failed.

Niels Bohr The more interesting side of Niels Bohr's personality was his attachment to peace.

Clinton is due to visit Belfast next month to receive an honorary degree for his services to peace in Northern Ireland.

Omar Suleiman had come to view Arafat as an impediment to peace, much the same as the majority of the world at the time.

We should shift our focus upward and outward to concentrate on a new right that is coming into view: the human right to peace.

Under Chapter 6 of the UN Charter it can make recommendations that are non-binding with regard to peaceful settlement of disputes.

In 2% of cases peace with is used

With Peace and Blessings to all.

Even as I wept, I was filled up with peace.

World peace begins with peace in the family.

Falling prices also help McCall with peace of mind.

I wish God's truth be upon you and may you be blessed with peace &; happiness.

Sounding taciturn in an interview with Peace FM and Okay FM Monday morning, Mr.

We are holding meetings with the citizens and have tied up with peace committees as well.

Until then, may God fill your home and heart with peace even if it is not the miracle we all prayed for Ewan.

Somebody somewhere is talking about divisive, discriminate, and narrow politics, but people wanted to live with peace and harmony.

May the journey of your life be filled with peace and may you always remember that love never ever leaves you and heaven in within you.

In 1% of cases peace about is used

We reggae musicians talk about peace and love.

The Agreement is nothing if it is not about peace.

In the process they also learned about peacemaking.

Stepehn Tikoli, thanked the executives of (TESAJ) for organizing such huge programme to talk about peace.

This isn't about wanting to avoid a lawsuit, it's about peace of mind for both Canyon's owners and the people that ride their bikes.

The Center of the Covenant of Baha'i Revelation; Abdu'l-Baha in His talks about peace called The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p.

My other thought was -- damn, but she must have fine biceps! He spoke a little through the show, talked about peace and the inner light.

Part of the reason that it is elusive is because I don't make the time for it like I used to, but I have learned a little something about peace.

In 1% of cases peace on is used

Their liturgy is based on Peace, Hope, and Agape.

Speaking to Kwame Sefa Kayi on Peace Fm on Friday, Mr.

The number of conferences on peace and reconciliation is ever increasing.

Moussa attended the Luanda conference on peace and security in the Gulf of Guinea on behalf of the UN chief.

If you want peace you need to put your attention on peace and if you don't want war you must take your attention off of war.

We appreciate your quick reaction on Peace and Order, you seem to know how to solve the peace and order problem of Zamboanga City.

Earlier on Tuesday, the multiple award winning Highlife artist had revealed on PEACE FM that he was now a full time pastor and was dropping his very successful music career to preach the word of God.

In 1% of cases peace towards is used

If not, the journey towards peace would be a long, tenuous one.

His speech was not that of a statesman, not that of a leader who is gearing up towards peace negotiations.

You are taking it as a given that capitalism is an essential first step towards peace and absence of conflict.

It offers all parties and stakeholders, exceptional opportunities in driving progressive change towards peace, security and stability.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman echoed the sentiment by many leaders, expressing the hope that the new leadership of North Korea would continue to work towards peace in the region.

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