Prepositions used with "database"

of, in, for, as or from database?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases database of is used

The RBU was followed by other kinds of databases.

And here arises the issue of database optimization.

Much of database design depends on how YOU want to keep the data.

There are several sorts of databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, etc.

On top of database caching, we introduced file caching were appropriate.

This type of database keeps track of customers, along with their purchasing histories.

The better your understanding of SQL the more versatile you'll be in getting information out of databases.

The better your understanding of SQL the more versatile you'll be in getting information out of databases.

Incorporation into French law of European Parliament 1996 Directive regarding the legal protection of databases.

By opting to be certified in IBM DB2 you will be basically offering yourself to learning new trends in the world of database management.

In 14% of cases database in is used

Career Development: The course will provide you with an opportunity to develop your career in database administration further.

Our unique expertise in database management allows us to customize the data format as requested (in SQL Server, Mysql, and even in CSV files).

The users can edit their own mail templates, which are persisted in database and retrieved and populated with data through freemarker other places around the code.

This seems to be an advantage as these more highly conserved regions are those discovered in database searches and they serve as anchor points in alignments involving complete sequences.

The clear meaning of this error is, there is a key field in database and the system is searching for it but unfortunately we modified the name ' Id ' to ' StudentId ' therefore it could not be found.

In 11% of cases database for is used

A database module to provide a database independant mechanism for database access.

The kernel docs suggest this is the preferred scheduler for database systems, especially if you have TCQ aware disks, or any system with high disk performance.

We therefore ask you to accept a change to a license that is still Share-Alike but specifically written for databases and may better address concerns that you have.

It works along with bunch of software which are also free, like MySQL for Database Management System (DBMS ), Apache for Server Administration and Linux as an Operating System.

If it's a multiuser system, you will probably find CFQ or deadline providing better performance, and the numbers seem to back deadline giving the best performance for database systems.

In 10% of cases database as is used

This is good news for content creators, such as database curators, who use dedicated text-mining tools.

These agreements provide protection for literary works, computer software as well as databases which includes original compilations of data.

In 8% of cases database from is used

First I lost all my referrals because of they lost some information from database.

Safari removes cookies, Flash plug-in data, and information from databases, local storage, and the application cache.

The download codes are: PHP Code: database include ' opendb.

In 8% of cases database to is used

It should be noted that any changes to physical files will cause changes to database entries, for example, file closure.

We need systems that link patients to doctors, doctors to doctors, doctors to nurses and care team members, laboratories to databases, imaging centers to databases.

Opinion This works great, exactly as advertised! I actually heard about it from a post that someone had online that was reviewing an Outlook to Database product, which was not what I needed.

In 8% of cases database with is used

Codeigniter uses an active query method to interact with databases.

After working with databases for some time you'll automatically create Normalized databases.

In 2007, a decision was made to keep the current Attribution/Share-Alike license format but have it specially written for use with databases.

In 5% of cases database on is used

It describes options on database level.

A Quick Tutorial on Database Normalization Let's start off by taking some data represented in a Table.

It tries to optimise for physical disks by avoiding head movements if possible -- one downside to this is that it probably give highly erratic performance on database or storage systems.

Triggers are very useful as they they increase efficiency and accuracy in performing operations on databases and also are increase productivity by reducing the time for application development.

In 2% of cases database about is used

First, a quick note about database indexes.

In 2% of cases database by is used

State court case briefs and appearances also are not captured by databases to the extent of federal cases.

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