Prepositions used with "evolution"

of, in, for, about or on evolution?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases evolution of is used

And it disapproves of evolution.

God knows my degree of evolution, where I stand.

A good example of this is the discovery of evolution.

Now I understand why so many people think we lived in an Advanced Stage of Evolution.

This law concerns the ' force of evolution ' and is the sum total of three influences.

Even then, this will be by no means the last update in our understanding of evolution.

The journey of evolution proceeds as the Jiva or embodied Atma experiences the pairs of opposites of manifestation.

When humanity feels the call of evolution, it is the Founders whispering through the expanse of time and dimension.

Any law that is implemented on the tribesmen through a slow system of evolution is respected by them and adhered to.

In 9% of cases evolution in is used

But the church believes in evolution and science.

Thus, it only leaped in evolution, and didn't embody sin.

Most everyone I know believes in evolution (created by God).

This is the same Ben Stein that doesn't believe in evolution.

For the first time in evolution as a species we're hitting an energy ceiling.

WARREN: If you're asking me do I believe in evolution, the answer is no, I don't.

May Jones says: 01:01pm 14/11/12 Please note my sentence *At this point in evolution etc.

Many paleobiologists argued that there was little evidence for natural selection being the dominant force in evolution.

Neo-Lamarckism suggests that the main evolutionary mechanism is evolution by the inheritance of acquired characteristics.

In 6% of cases evolution for is used

The evidence for evolution was overwhelming.

He is most remembered for evolution but he talks about all kinds of things.

As for evolution, it may be true, but in no way does it preclude the existence of god.

It's just a matter of waiting for evolution to catch up with the materials we are making.

Conclusion When discussing natural selection as a possible mechanism for evolution, it is important to define terms.

None can digest plastic yet, because fifty years is too short a time for evolution to develop the necessary biochemistry.

Natural selection can not be a mechanism for evolution because it results in a decrease in information and is not directional.

Calvin claims to have found in the brain all Darwinian algorithms for evolution, and even the catalysts that speed up evolution, i.

Adapting a psychology to promote prosocial and cooperative behaviour in such dynamic environments is been a tremendous challenge for evolution.

In 5% of cases evolution about is used

We now know lots more about evolution, and all proper scientists agree.

Watch the video above for a more focused look at Dawkins ' ideas about evolution vs.

But that is like saying that only those with PhDs in biology should be talking about evolution.

The BioLogos Forum is pleased to present this infographic about evolution and public education in the United States.

The following is a list of true statements about evolutionary biology that many educated people, even those who write about evolution, don't understand or don't know.

My sincere opinion as an ISV CEO/Software Architect to resume all that discutions: SL/WPF/XAML/WCF/WF, that's all about evolution of software development since Clipper.

Sven DiMilo December 25, 2008 Also valid: What do you think Rick Warren imagines about evolution? littlejohn December 25, 2008 Hey, this didn't start with the Flintstones.

In 5% of cases evolution on is used

God existing doesn't rest on evolution, it rests on the absurdity of the concept.

There are Bible Belt states (plus Alaska under Sarah Palin) which are removing Charles Darwin's books on evolution from public libraries.

He also wrote another work on evolution in chemistry and biology, and how they were perceived by natural philosophers and common people in the Islamic world at the time.

That he's played up a straw-man of rejecting the bible purely based on evolution, when in reality there's just so many reason to reject Christianity and the bible itself.

So the next time your partner gets on your back about that belly, blame it on evolution, on her great cooking, even on that job you work so hard at that leaves you no time to exercise.

Ward is brave to tackle Dawkins on evolution, and does make some interesting points on probability and complexity which challenge rather than undermine Dawkins ' more accessible writing.

In 3% of cases evolution by is used

Speciation, however, leads to a loss of information, not the gain of information required by evolution.

I could go on and on about how conscience for example can not be explained in the slightest by evolution.

The instinctive view is instant and uncontrollable: it's the way the mind is wired, unalterable except by evolution.

Thus it is reasonable to assume that the human mind has been designed by evolution to solve some problems better than others, and not to solve many other problems at all.

But mothers are tuned by evolution to provide a safe holding place during their babies continued growth, one where nutrition, protection, warmth and proximity are all taken care of.

In 3% of cases evolution through is used

There are some real problems with the idea that God created through evolution.

That's because we are hardwired through evolution to avoid pain and to seek pleasure.

There are some real problems with the idea that God created through evolution I guess this proves Obama really is a christian.

We look at our sight capability and marvel how the human eye could have originated through evolution rather than through a creator.

These senses, conceived and developed together with the rest of the body through evolution, allow us to experience the three-dimensional world.

In 2% of cases evolution to is used

There are suggestions that Wallace also applied his teleology to evolution.

One day we will not be able to breed as easily due to evolution, and we will be glad we found the technology now.

He has authored more than forty technical papers, but he is best known as the author of Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution.

In 1% of cases evolution against is used

Non Muslim are frustrated with the reaction of muslim against Evolution Theory.

If we just teach people to be responsible and to put others before themselves, it goes against evolution.

Even major creationist orgganisations like Answers in Genesis says the 2nd law of thermodynaimcs should not be used as an argument against evolution.

In 1% of cases evolution with is used

Brian goes on to propose an historical hypothesis about how these experiences might have influenced Darwin's thinking on extinction (which he recognised went hand-in-hand with evolution).

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