Prepositions used with "regulation"

of, in, by, to or with regulation?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases regulation of is used

A pair of regulation touchdowns: check.

I am still favor of regulations obviously.

If the level of regulation is not changing (.

It uses a set of regulations to really hem in the space available for such advertising.

The showers electrical connections are additionally covered by a variety of regulations.

She toiled for another 20 minutes of regulation play and a further 15 of golden point action.

All the financial support will come with a plethora of regulations, conditions, bullying, and hideous arm twisting.

The first is about the most local form of regulation, which we started at the Guardian in 1997 -- the readers ' editor.

He still hopes to oversee the ending of regulations that restrict accountants from cross border inter-regional practice.

The conviction stood because the invalidity of regulation 34(1) (a) (i) did not bring down regulation 34(1) (a) (ii) with it.

In 14% of cases regulation in is used

It was 14 fairways and 18 greens in regulation, and I stuck to that.

The increases in regulations make them more expensive to operate so they close.

Obama believes the federal government should play an integral role in regulation.

But he fumbled on what would have been the record-breaker with 2:46 left in regulation.

SFAIRP is the term most often used in the Health and Safety at Work etc Act and in Regulations.

The act was enacted in 1984 and it has been a vital tool in regulation of the insurance industry.

Where they will leave their schooling into an economy with high unemployment and massive taxes, bound in regulations.

Close hockey: The Coyotes 5-3 win was only the second time this post-season one of their games finished in regulation.

It is the folk in the middle who carry the burden of every increase in regulation as the price of being entrepreneurs.

You may be aware of recent changes in regulations regarding the design and construction of houses over this last year.

In 11% of cases regulation by is used

It is also the highest dose which is allowed by regulation in any one year of occupational exposure.

GITEACPOC confirms that school CP is not banned by law but says it is reportedly prohibited by regulation.

In this environment, offshore financial centers can act as the perfect base for firms constrained by regulation.

All invoices are submitted by email except where required otherwise by regulations or agreed at Developer's discretion.

Such election shall be made in such manner as the Secretary may by regulations prescribe, and shall be irrevocable when made.

The word I hear, from associates in the US, is that Obama will probably go around Congress by using the EPA to rule by regulation.

Candidates for admission shall be required to provide such information as the committee may determine from time to time by regulation.

Time was running out on the three months allowed to complete the representation work required by regulations in order to maintain rights to a claim.

As a result, enormous losses created by regulation are difficult if not impossible to reverse even after they have become well recognized and publicized.

Requirements may be given higher priority if mandated by law, by regulation, or by governmental, international, national, or industry standard Wiegers 2000 Frequency of use.

In 10% of cases regulation to is used

The presence of CWD often leads to regulation changes, too.

The RRTF will be looking into the matters relating to regulations.

Buildings and bridges are being built there without adherence to regulations.

BoSS role should be limited to regulation and to ensuring stable macroeconomic environment.

Generally most devices have a predefined amount of power set in factory to regulation specifications.

Restoring Human Responsibility to Regulation No one would design the regulatory system that we have now.

Non-regulatory Actions There are a number of other actions proposed that do not rely on changes to regulations.

The liberal approach to regulation -- to put legal shackles on business activity -- is both suffocating and ineffective.

No government can regulate freedom of the press, because the task further reduces down to regulation of freedom of speech.

However, the historical amount contains certain similar negative aspects due to the rate of return with regards to regulation.

In 6% of cases regulation with is used

Same with regulations on the banking industry.

The problem lies not so much with regulation but lack of enforcement.

You will become familiar with regulations that govern First Nations early childhood programs.

With regulation there can be such tools used as age restrictions, vetting of supply chain from production to retail.

Compliance with regulations doesn't make money so most decision makers decide on a more tactical approach to new regulations.

Just as polls show a broad dissatisfaction with regulation, they also show a broad demand for more effective government oversight.

Only in Stalin's Soviet Union, where Socialist Realism was the mandatory style, had a state shown such concern with regulation of the arts.

Secondly, banks are heavily burdened with regulations that were overbearingly put in place as a knee-jerk reaction of years of corruption.

Advanced SCADA and Wireless M2M solutions can help stakeholders to comply with regulations and meet the high demands on security and efficiency that comes with oil and gas operations.

In 5% of cases regulation for is used

As Arnold Kling says, there will always seem to be a good argument for regulation.

He was for regulation, against regulation, now for some of it and against some of it.

Justice Katju, by calling for regulation, has proven finally that he too is in teh 90% gang of Indians.

We might be able to offer some assistance from what we have found to be necessary for regulation to be effective.

Since monopoly power can not be effectively exercised, there is no case for regulation to constrain location-specific monopoly powers.

This new legislation will also allow for regulations to control recreational activities, to address invasive species and to increase the penalties under the Wildlife Acts.

Also, it would be interesting to know what kind of oversight mechanism is in place at the Ministry of Health for regulation of possible drug overdose for over-the-counter drugs.

MUTCD doesn't contain one single regulation itself, doesn't provide model language for regulations, and doesn't even pretend that its guidelines always communicate one single meaning.

In view of the Baldia factory blaze that exposed the inadequate safety measures prevalent, the statistics certainly add to the dire need for regulation in the country's industrial areas.

In 4% of cases regulation on is used

Much of the debate has centred on regulation.

Only those with an agenda believe any priority is being put on regulation at all.

A consultation on regulations relating to wastes was carried out from March 2010.

The story begins with the establishment of the Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances in March 1932.

David Porteous of Bankable Frontier Associates kicked off an FAI series on regulation with a provocative look at Consumer Protection in Credit Markets.

A consultation on regulations relating to FDPs, including measures to verify and define the content of an FDP, was carried out between March and June 2010.

In 4% of cases regulation under is used

Such allocation shall be made under regulations prescribed by the Secretary.

The fact that banks are under regulation of the Treasury today, is evidence that the state of emergency still exists, by virtue of the definition.

So why is it being reported that this case was a win for the plaintiff? The decision to refuse M47 a visa was made under regulations -- specifically the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth).

In 3% of cases regulation about is used

Secondly your point about regulation is spot on.

I googled about regulation in Salt industry but couldn't find much information.

Orwell might have found it difficult to imagine future generations talking about regulation of the press.

While this might not be wrong per se I wonder about the relevance and importance of other factors, which are increasing information about regulation.

In 2% of cases regulation against is used

Rothfus, a lawyer, campaigned on lower taxes and against regulation.

However, they were told it was a Catholic country and it was against regulations.

He was for regulation, against regulation, now for some of it and against some of it.

Did look at routing the cable around part of the building, but that's against regulations.

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