Prepositions used with "mountain"

of, in, by, to or with mountain?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases mountain of is used

Snows on top of mountains do more than look pretty.

Each collision resulted in the formation of mountains.

Each collision resulted in the formation of mountains.

It's more often the small shovels of earth that will flatten the tallest of mountains.

They find fossils in the tops of mountains and think that that is proof of Noah's flood.

There are a number of mountain ranges which rise to between 2,100-3,000 m/7,000-10,000 ft.

Copies of Mountain Heritage magazine, featuring articles on the latest in Canadian Rockies history, are also available.

There were a lot of ups and downs in this book -- up one set of mountains and down another, from the Rockies to the coast.

St George Utah Why make the move to Southern Utah? Due to the unique surroundings of mountains and red rocks and climate, St.

I did not expect such a long, it was already wrapped around the corner and I ended up standing up in front of Mountain Fitness.

In 13% of cases mountain in is used

Something is definitely amiss in Mountain Lion land; there 's.

He grew up in Mountain View, close to the heart of Silicon Valley.

Founded in 2005, Violin Memory is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

In Mountain Lion you can now receive messages sent between your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Serpentinite is usually found in mountains that were once at the edge of a continent.

Based in Mountain Brook, AL, Mulberry Heights is known for showcasing exceptional French and English antiques.

For the past couple of years, I have been working as an interaction designer at Google in Mountain View, California.

Here, Google cofounders Larry Page, left, and Sergey Brin pose inside the server room at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Safari search bar - Omnibar Safari has taken a rather big leaf out of Google Chrome's book in Mountain Lion, dropping the search box altogether.

Website notifications appear in the upper-right corner of the screen with other notifications and in the new Notification Center in Mountain Lion.

In 10% of cases mountain by is used

Rwanda is surrounded by mountains and five volcanoes.

It is bordered by mountains to the west and rivers to the east and south.

The mountain is encircled by mountain forest, numerous mammals, many of them endangered species, live in the park.

Located at a sparkling lake and surrounded by mountains covered with green meadows, close to a snow-covered glacier.

The bulk of the earth's rainfall is received by mountains, thus forming the headwaters of the land's water distribution channels.

Surrounded by mountains and a large lake, Nidwalden was a fairly isolated place until 1976, when a major tunnel and bridge were built.

A Meeting of City, Sea and Mountains - Victoria Harbour Ringed by mountains and boasting one of the world? s great urban waterfronts (Photo No.

Day by day, river by river, forest by forest, mountain by mountain, missile by missile, bomb by bomb - almost without our knowing it, we are being broken.

The prefecture is enclosed by mountain ranges with the Hira Mountains and Mount Hiei in the west, the Ibuki Mountains in the northeast, and the Suzuka Mountains in the southeast.

In 10% of cases mountain to is used

They say to mountains Be ye removd.

It's too wet to mountain bike or climb.

From mountain ridge to mountain ridge, the pines are dead.

You've introduced Xme to Mountain Biking and I've gained a lot from that.

I looked into issues that might have been caused when I upgraded to Mountain Lion.

Met by our Tanzanian representatives and transferred to Mountain Village Hotel for lunch.

This is the closest app we can find to Mountain Lion's changes and is virtually identical.

Which is why Jawarowski is not very clever to compare surface level readings from 150 years ago to mountain top readings today.

It just goes to show how strong a nation Switzerland is when it comes to Mountain bike racing and the depth and talent they have.

If you create a new bootable installer using the first major update to Mountain Lion after your Mac was released, it should be able to boot all your Macs.

In 10% of cases mountain with is used

Union Square, heaped high with mountains of trunks, was deserted.

Safari Safari is the beginning of applications playing nicely with Mountain Lion.

It offers a very safe, sheltered anchorage with mountains to the south and north.

She talked about the new movie, and discussed Bella's problems with mountain lions.

I've started with mountain biking in 2007, but I can be found more on the road these days.

To re-remind any new-comers, this is why: He seasoned a lizard with Mountain Dew and then ate it.

Beyond the tall trees, the limitless sky was marked with mountain cliffs, easily seen from where I stood.

To the south, Grand Teton Park dominates the skyline with mountains higher than anything in Yellowstone.

Lessons were learnt and this has now been integrated into OS X with Mountain Lion, iCloud syncing and all.

North of the 40th parallel the Korean coastline is precipitous, with mountains rising steeply from the sea.

In 7% of cases mountain on is used

Many visitors on mountain bikes combine off and on road touring.

The updates also appear in the Notification Center on Mountain Lion (OS X 10.

The book talks about why God usually meets with his prophets on mountain tops.

And, finally, it was the first tour on mountain bikes, before we only ever went touring on slick road bikes.

Situated on mountains and plateaus, it is one of the world's highest countries with elevation averaging 1580 m.

Mass of a weighed object if weighed on a top of high mountain is lower compared to the same object weighed on mountain foot.

Even on mountain ranges used for summer grazing, poor animal responses were encountered during drought years (Stoddart, 1944).

He should stick to making box office disasters and driving the wrong way on the freeway ramped up on Mountain Dew, because he's not on my level.

Everything with an engine is brought to a stand-still by our escort of cycling police, a special unit on mountain bikes equipped with flashing blue lights and wailing klaxon horns.

On mountain roads, I was constantly changing between first and second gear, struggling to keep up with my son-in-law driving a ten year old Ford Ka, which he said never dropped below third gear.

In 6% of cases mountain for is used

Kilima comes from the Kiswahili word for mountain, mlima.

Their warm spirit and big passion for mountain biking rubbed off on us and.

MOUNTAIN BIKING: Most parts of New Zealand have suitable terrain for mountain biking.

My injuries for Mountain Biking were a broken wrist, compressed spine and rotator cuff injury.

The plentiful supply of raccoons and the occasional house pet may be a draw for mountain lions, which don't eat garbage, he said.

This terrain is also ideal for mountain biking, and rentals (and instruction!) are available at the start of trails in the Oasi Zegna.

A backpacker's haven, the Karst Mountains are the ideal destination for mountain climbing, trekking and taking in the majestic sights.

An average tip for a safari driver or mountain guide is $15 USD/day, $10 USD/day for an assistant guide or cook, $7 USD/day for mountain porters.

All the time there was not a word from my companion, but I suspected he was watching me out of the corner of his eye, while pretending to look for mountain sheep up on the high slopes.

In 4% of cases mountain from is used

From mountain ridge to mountain ridge, the pines are dead.

While up at the Chateau, pick up a book on geology or glaciers from Mountain Lights bookstore.

It was a glorious sunny day and I can honestly say that the views equal or exceed those from mountains several times higher.

They are way, way cheaper than the same stuff you would buy from Mountain Home brand at REI or any other outdoor supply store.

Trousers When I bought the Montane Minimus jacket the shop didn't have the matching trousers so I got those on the internet from Mountain Leisure in Perth at a good price (80).

In 3% of cases mountain like is used

Rocks, like mountains, do not last forever.

In 2% of cases mountain about is used

I hope people feel about our shop the way I feel about Mountain Equipment.

I am just so possessive about mountain dew that I can not tolerate anyone else drinking my drink and getting all the pleasure.

A man who knows a thing or two about mountain bikes -- indeed, about most bikes ever built -- is taking me on a tour of his bicycle museum.

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