Prepositions used with "faith"

of, in, by, on or to faith?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases faith of is used

But we took that step of faith.

I want to live a life of faith.

This is a great statement of faith.

We need to cultivate a deep level of Faith in God, then the fear will slowly melt away.

In my godless world I look with jealousy and respect at some of the attributes of faith.

You can avoid this disappointment by looking closely at the church's statement of faith.

Most are just regular professionals in the religious industry but among them are a special category of faith healers.

At each World Youth Day we experience immense joy, the joy of communion, the joy of being Christian, the joy of faith.

Those stories of faith in the city's mission had comforted many during the time that wealth and power grew so rapidly.

In this case Mike did seem less objective, but in general Averagejoe is the one carrying the torch of faith and heart.

In 10% of cases faith in is used

I am forced to live life in faith.

Pray for their salvation, in faith.

David's secret chord is prayer in Faith.

Keeps you so cnnected with Allah swt, that one will have nothing to regret in faith and life.

Therefore, perseverance is both the call to cling to Christ in faith and the wonderful assurance that.

Thank you for sharing your story and for giving us the opportunity to stand in faith with you on this journey.

Paul re-endorses a man named Onesimus to return to his former master no longer as slave but as a brother in faith and a friend.

There has been a partial return during the present century, but it has not been a return in faith that the prophecies describe.

Fill me with the Holy Spirit as You commanded me to be filled, and as You promised in Your Word that You would do if I asked in faith.

Traumatic situations create the need for rebound, and the soul often seeks these negative occurrences to give self and observers a leap in faith.

In 9% of cases faith by is used

Let us seek Him often by faith.

For i live by faith and not by sight.

There is freedom of religion by faith.

If I have done so, I need to ask God for forgiveness, accept it by faith and sin no more.

Hebrews 11 gives us numerous examples of men and women who lived by faith in God's promises.

Abraham was considered righteous apart from the law by Faith in the promises of God (Rom 4:3).

Thousands testify to receiving miracles of healing, blessings, finances, by faith, as they watch and enjoy the program.

If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith, then you are conceding that it can't be taken on its own merits.

We are people of faith, like Abraham, and we therefore walk by faith believing that all that God has said will be realized.

Got that? James openly mocks the idea of salvation by faith alone: the devils believe and are not saved, so that alone can't be it.

In 4% of cases faith on is used

String theory's not mere confabulation based on faith.

I have always just used yellow carpenters glue, on faith that it's good enough.

At least most of them have given up on faith healing instead of modern medicine.

Derren Brown had a subject on his show last week; he was running an experiment on faith and autosuggestion.

Do not take anything on faith; do not believe that your elders know what they're doing, because they don't.

I well know that to arrive at this state, the beginning is very difficult because we must act purely on faith.

Historically, most currencies were based on physical commodities such as gold or silver, but fiat money is based solely on faith.

HopeyChangey Unless you are one of the premiere global climate scientists in the world, you are simply taking global warming on faith.

They wanted so much to believe Barack Obama was somehow better and different from other ultra-leftists that they simply took him on faith.

The tragedy and comedy of life is that sooner or later you have to take something on faith, otherwise you can not move in any direction at all.

In 4% of cases faith to is used

Proof of God is irrelevant to faith.

The Jews will then come to faith in Christ.

For Some, their return will be a return to faith.

Come on Anna, no website (or book) will definitely prove anything to anyone in regard to faith.

The real return takes place after the Jews who are in Jerusalem now are converted to faith in Jesus.

Those who return to Israel will come to faith, either before they return, or while they are returning.

Then I went to a Christmas reception at Number 10, where Gordon Brown wholeheartedly committed himself to faith and family.

Each individual will have to come to faith of course, but God will work things so that this happens to the whole nation at the same time.

The baffled King is not only David who is baffled but the story of coming to faith in trial where revelation is coming but not yet understood.

For the vocation of sinners and unbelievers is to faith in Christ; the vocation of believers is to conformity to Christ and to communion with him.

In 3% of cases faith through is used

To engage God we must do so through faith.

Most people come to God through faith, not reason.

Through faith in his blood they obtain forgiveness of sins.

The prohibitions and assertions for moral living given through faith aren't randomly made up.

Through faith in Jesus Christ they will become members of the church, which is the New Israel.

Through faith in God the parents were led to disobey the king's cruel edict, and to hide the child.

As penitents, they were led to the Lord Jesus for justification, which they received through faith in his blood.

We do work to inform others of this hope, by sharing the Good News of eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

However exalted in various respects, he had nothing to boast in the presence of God, being saved by grace, through faith, even as others.

In the New Testament the cross of Jesus and his resurrection opened the way for all people to become part of the people of God through faith in him.

In 3% of cases faith with is used

When the Sutra was spoken, the sixteen Bodhisattva Shramaneras all received it with faith.

Look down O Lord upon our country and crown our independence with faith, hope and courage.

Teach them to combat doubt (their suppressed rationality's attempt to protect them) with faith.

The Arts imbue us with Faith: faith in ourselves, faith in humanity, faith in what is possible.

Then, live it out with faith and love for God and Jesus Christ, love others, Bible study, prayer, and church.

But we may pray for their repentance, for their being enriched with faith in Christ, and thereupon for all other saving mercies.

Furthermore, to say little, no few miracles and healings were worked in the same place for those who called upon him with faith.

ItThe guidance will take effect in July and follows a two-year consultation with faith and patient groups, charities and professional bodies.

With Faith, he was able to show his acting skill and of course his enigmatic charisma that draws more viewers to watch and patiently wait for the next episode.

Flying in single engined, light aeroplanes with simple instruments and without radio aids, the three adventurous young men set out on their long journey with faith and hope.

In 2% of cases faith about is used

This is a deeply spiritual song about faith, loss, grace, and love.

It needs to be about faith in general (living it out ), not about information.

Yet these are but particular arguments about faith and rule, the Sasana and kingship.

Martin Luther studied the New and the Old Testaments and started to ask questions about faith.

There has been a sort of embarrassment about faith in general and the Christian church in particular.

Both stories teach us about faith in miracles, but the story of the Shunammite woman goes one step further.

Originally, Jesus may have directed the above sayings about faith and forgiveness at wealthy land-holders, who owned many slaves/servants.

I think I'll be ok and besides, there's a real need for some intellectual silver bullets; something MUST attack the endless sappy prattle about faith.

Talk about faith in Massa: Just half way through the race, Felipe Massa's Race Engineer Rob Smedley came on the radio to tell the Brazilian that there were serious fuel problems.

In 2% of cases faith for is used

Karl Barth himself repudiated all claims of human knowledge for faith.

There is much more need than before for faith between client and contractor.

They were fighting for faith and would not quit a battle until victory was achieved.

He is founding director of the Fairfield University Center for Faith and Public Life.

This is a shame, for faith itself does -- to some extent -- have a role to play in society.

Consequently, this calls for faith in terms of a response of the self as a gift to the personal God.

On this, see Nick Spencer,? Doing God?: A Future for Faith in the Public Square (London: Theos, 2006).

The marriage lasted for only six years for Faith died in September 1675 shortly after giving birth to their second child.

It just takes a little nurturing, a little effort, a little opportunity, a little time, for faith, family and focus to prevail.

And why should it? You have given me no reason other than a vague deontological appeal for faith in the state's exercise of authority.

In 1% of cases faith without is used

Without faith their life is in reality a death.

He might well have agreed that works without faith are also dead.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

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