Prepositions used with "car"

of, in, by, for or with car?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases car of is used

But a crowd of cars was bunched up.

I detested the monotony of car trips.

Loads of road noise from rear of car.

The example of cars I gave is key, and actually feeds back into the energy points above.

He said IOC president Jacques Rogge had travelled by Docklands Light Rail instead of car.

Riding to the right of cars at red lights is not very wise regardless of the legalities.

Use carpools or public transit to extend the wear of cars and tires and reduce car maintenance wastes such as used oil.

By using a finances in mind and a long list of cars you want, you can begin to explore which automobile meets your needs.

In fact, according to city officials, the Geneva Council determines the number of cars that can be allowed into the city.

By using a finances in mind and a long list of cars you want, you can begin to explore which automobile meets your needs.

In 14% of cases car in is used

Leather is also used to make seating in cars.

Other south Asians I saw were living in cars.

Also like the idea of the Seat for kids in cars.

Overwhelming panic suddenly enveloped him, for he was not used to finding corpses in cars.

Efforts to encourage seatbelt use in cars were most successful when legislation was introduced.

In car, Arnav asks Sheetal why don't you tell him about his dad? Why are you making him do all this.

Thats why i seen a lot of my frens dump into drain of their Rm100k (invest in car accesories, restaurant, cafe &; etc).

It is a fact that motor vehicle owners spend almost the same amount every year in car insurance, as they do in gasoline.

This is especially so in car park 2 as the crche is located here &; parents will need access even if the car park is full.

If 25 percent of Americans have tattoos, perhaps he's identified and is catering to a new market segment in car or home sales.

In 12% of cases car by is used

We are travelling by car! That is a nasty one.

From here we traveled by car to Kintamani for breakfast.

By Car From M1/A1/M11/A10 take the A406 westbound to A4.

Located somewhere in Kiansom village -- just 30 minutes away from the city centre by car.

La Rochelle and Ile de Re are about 1 and 30 minutes by car but also accessible by train.

By car: From Durham city: Leave Durham on the A177, past East Durham College at Houghall.

The journey by car should take approximately 45 minutes in light to moderate traffic, and cost in the region of EUR 35.

Basically the site gives you fast and accurate instructions to get from Point A to Point B, either by public transport or by car.

Affecting more men than women, spinal injuries are most commonly caused by car accidents, falls and also water-related accidents.

By taking all these factors into consideration, and assuming that all passengers had carried out the same trip by car (with an average 1.

In 11% of cases car for is used

They shared a passion for cars.

People are battling for car space.

What Is The Bet Web Site For Car Wiring?

For car parks servicing a particular company, you usually have to be a customer to use them.

BMW Sales Truly Hold Their Value! It is not strange that the choice for cars drastically vary.

I saw an ad for car salesman and figured that I loved cars and people and that this was for me.

Nowadays there is a lot of much more interesting architecture and the central boulevard was made inaccessible for cars.

This is obviously for cars that are to be exported permanently or at least at a period that exceeds more than 12 months.

The organizers designed the course layout for cars with both high and low horsepower as well as made it more challenging.

Andre I agree that it may end up with websites like compare the meerkat for car insurance, where people will go for advice.

In 8% of cases car with is used

The first two lanes were jammed with cars.

For the time being cycling has to co-exits with car driving.

Must be someone around, if you are not familiar with car repair.

It seems years are often used with car model names, when people want to get car insurance.

Should have stuck with Fords!! Responses to this review Have been very disappointed with car.

Everything had to be easily accessible with cars and the city centers were not fit for that.

Now, after 65 years, Mahindra has grown from a humble local outfit and come out with cars like the Mahindra XUV 500.

Use WEP Running an unsecured network will earn you brownie points from neighbours and hackers with cars, but that's about it.

Easily reached with car rental from Thessaloniki airport and lying beside the sea, it has a hot sub-tropical climate in summer and a.

This proved to be true on Gdynia Way and the Embankment, with cars changing lanes without indicating, and potentially not seeing a biker.

In 6% of cases car on is used

Try to save on car parts by buying generic for the less crucial bits and pieces.

Don't expect all insurance providers to present comparable costs on car insurance.

I am interested on car videos because I can get ideas what to do on my used toyotas sc.

In various incidents, he spat on cars, threatened drivers and yelled obscenities at them.

Understanding more on car hire Inverness airport based will be simple once you learn how.

In various incidents, he spat on cars, threatened drivers and yelled obscenities at them.

Paintwork should be original, although some minor stone chipping would be acceptable on cars that are over 18 months old.

It will also spread out the depreciation on cars so that they do not drop so thumpingly in value every time Auld Lang Syne rings out.

Any nonprogressive tax on cars or the fuel they use will be tantamount only to another means by which capital is shifted to the right.

If you want to save on car insurance, one of the easiest things that you can do is to enroll in a course designed for defensive driving.

In 6% of cases car to is used

Cyclists should give way to cars and trucks.

Vehicle access to car park 3 is via the Ballymun entrance only.

What national program? so many people bankrupt due to car loan.

All states have some type of law requiring motorists to be financially responsible when it comes to car insurance.

Several top results Volvo Car Corporation's dedication to car safety has been recognized in several recent studies.

As usual the whole road is dedicated to cars and to say that pedestrian desire sightlines are ignored is a euphemism.

And be clear, that break-even requirement to carry an extra 37 cars would be on top of the loadings they actually carried.

Altogether it seems fair to say that young people these days just aren't as attached to cars as much as much as their parents.

Giving a damn means stopping at traffic lights, or giving way to cars on your left at a roundabout, or stopping at a zebra crossing.

Then to break even, every single streaker crossing would have had to carry and ADDITIONAL 37 cars over and above those carried in 2010/11.

In 4% of cases car about is used

Five things to know about car accidents 1.

They will learn about cars, and motorbikes in class.

His friend is a mechanic so the guy knows about cars.

What she knows about cars anyway? There are deaths as a result of accidents in a Vios.

If Dad2BabyInsomniac is ever late home I start to think horrible things about car crashes etc.

Took some advice from someone about car lubricant, which you can get from any motor store for about 5.

This is just one example of surrealism we absorb about cars, there have been thousands over 50 years; http: //youtu.

This is just one example of surrealism we absorb about cars, there have been thousands over 50 years; http: //youtu.

Like from the literature, not some cycling blog written by wild eyed beards frothing at the mouth about car lobby conspiracies.

In this case a link from a site about car repairs will have much more importance that a similar link from a site about gardening.

In 3% of cases car from is used

In addition there was noise from cars entering the ug carpark.

Many more raise money through anything from car washes to quizzes.

This includes gas powered generators and the exhaust from cars and snowmobiles.

An electrical spark from car's spark plug facilitates ignition of gasoline that runs car.

Three of the vehicles, including a Nissan Skyline, were reportedly stolen from car wash centres.

Bought it from Car Giant for a bargain, think they wanted to get rid of it as they discounted it.

For example: insulate houses, retrofit non-mechanical heating systems, adjust planning guidelines away from car dependency.

There are different kinds of insurance coverage to suit every condition, ranging from car insurance to reality insurance coverage.

For those who want to play online games for free without any console, there is a huge selection of games from car races to puzzles.

He moved slowly from car to car, looking as if it is taking every ounce of strength for him to simply beg for what looks to me like the money he will spend on food to eat that day.

In 2% of cases car like is used

Bikers want to be treated like cars, yet they do nt always go by the same rules as cars we do.

You'll notice that weird things like car parking are not subject to VAT again a legacy of the builders republic.

Make better car buying decisions using features like car research, reviews, car comparisons, discounts, on-road prices etc.

Something that actually matters, like cars speeding, drivers using their mobiles, illegal silencers, parking on double yellows and zigzags.

Policies encourage all the consumers to drive less and to use methods to have single trips on automobile like car pools, public transportation etc.

Character customization options, a big range of weapons, vehicles like cars, motorbikes, planes, helicopters, tanks and a lot more aspects await you in this game.

Houses line the watery streets, with wooden boats moored in slips between wooden pilings, just like cars in the garages of a typical American suburban neighborhood.

The whole crawl like car ride to Dhanomdi I had a wide grin on my face, my forehead glued to the car window just staring at the waves of pedestrians in their colourful bright fabrics.

Now when it comes to products like cars, pools, and other consumer goods, yes we can compare them and say x is better than y because it's stronger, lighter, cheaper, more resistant etc.

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