Prepositions used with "bank"

of, in, by, for or to bank?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases bank of is used

Merrill is now part of Bank of America.

Remittance of bank charges in respect of imports.

They are the owners of Bank Al-Habib, Habib Bank A.

However, in many cases compounding is quarterly -- for example in term deposits of banks.

The economic benefits of bank holidays may be hard to be measure, but they are priceless.

Term of contract There are two types of bank loans; short-term loans and long-term loans.

To telegraph his dedication to the task, he bought more than $50 million of Bank One stock when he walked in the door.

They do this by putting the money through a series of bank accounts to hide its original (and usually illegal) source.

To obtain the services, mobile phone subscribers have to open accounts in their names with the local agents of banks.

In 13% of cases bank in is used

Some save and keep money in banks.

RM100k in bank, normal savings account.

They present their findings in Banks and Microbanks.

In some emerging countries, the level of non-performing loans in banks is also on the rise.

I showed both the cheqques in bank and they saod that The cheues were fake and can not be encahed.

Yet the system we have in place has all these people working in banks, etc, just moving the money.

From what I understand the failed derivative bets are dozens of layers deep and spread out in banks all over the world.

Some staff in Bank of Melbourne branches were already wearing Westpac uniforms and wanted to work for the mother company.

David says: 10:21am 30/05/10 Purely from a public safetey and security point of view, it should be banned in banks and shops.

David says: 10:21am 30/05/10 Purely from a public safetey and security point of view, it should be banned in banks and shops.

In 12% of cases bank by is used

I was paying by bank draft anyway.

Rates of Commission to be charged by Banks.

Can I get it paid by bank transfer? Not any more.

A great deal of the debt sold by banks isn't even legally valid, meaning it isn't enforceable.

Pencil note by Banks on the paper ' our little Encampment in Otaheite ', repeated on the mount.

Loans will appear cheap in the short run if a business meets the financial criteria set by banks.

It is a facility suitable for businesses that do not have access to bank borrowing or have been turned down by banks.

Bank loans are credit facilities offered by banks with a fixed amount for a stated period to be repaid on a regular basis.

Musa's denial, however, was contradicted by banks statements produced in the Singapore High Court in a civil suit (Suit No.

Mr Akuffo said GAB had worked closely with the Bank of Ghana to provide transparency and uniformity in loan pricing by banks.

In 10% of cases bank for is used

It mutatis mutandis the same thing for bank credit.

If this means more expensive funding for banks, so be it.

I don't hold much hope for banks given their current stance.

That figure would include a bailout for banks, and for the island's fiscal requirements.

This will make it easier for bank staff to offer customers a good deal which is available.

Also Bush asked for Bank support and it might have come through partly under Obam's regime.

Searching for bank accounts, superannuation and beneficiaries can also lengthen the administration time for an estate.

After the Civil War, all money in the US was created by bankers buying US government bonds in exchange for bank notes.

That will depend entirely upon the amount of collateral that is presented from time to time for exchange for bank notes.

In 10% of cases bank to is used

I am talking to banks on this issue.

A possible aggressive change to Bank of Japan policy.

We manage our risk by not necessarily going to Banks for loans.

They will report to the troika and have full access to banks ' books, the bankers said.

A bank resolution brings immediate cash losses to banks, insurance companies, pension funds.

A bank resolution brings immediate cash losses to banks, insurance companies, pension funds.

In Europe, the European Central Bank has loaned 1 trillion to banks for three years at a cost of one per cent per year.

The government uses our taxes to bring recovery from the economic crisis to banks, stock markets, and major corporations.

Rather, the argument is: those opposed to banks and bankers are angry populists who, if unchecked, would do great damage.

Yet, this homeowner has an Assignment of Mortgage from Premium Credit Funding assigning the mortgage to Bank of America in 2011.

In 9% of cases bank from is used

But the first transfer from Bank No.

The standard needs support from banks.

Required information for opening a bank account varies from bank to bank.

I don't have anything from green tree or anything from Bank of America telling me of this.

And I'd sorry, but the woman from the coroner's officer will always be Barbara from Bank World for me now.

The FED is keeping interest rates low with the hope of making the public demand money from banks in the form of loans.

In comparison to the funds offered else where like loans from banks, the fund will always be there for your beneficiary.

If they take into account implicit guarantees from banks and/or state authorities, this should be made clear to investors.

In 6% of cases bank on is used

He has called for a levy on banks.

On Banks Before the 1970s, banks were banks.

Such an injection would not depend on Bank discretion.

Cities came up on banks of rivers and abandoned with the changes in the flow of the water bodies.

Added to that, central London was traditionally where large crowds gathered on Bank Holiday Monday.

Another problem that has brought out is the possibility of runs on banks if countries leave the euro.

BUT, I would have the credit card paid off in june the way im going, yet there is wtill three years left on bank loan.

After 1980, however, as the political winds shifted, many of the regulations on banks were lifted -- and banking became exciting again.

Most traders said they relied on bank loans to sustain their businesses and appealed to well wishers to help them restart their business.

This is no problem because the currency notes provided is based on banks ' requirements and this is dependent on the private sector demand.

In 5% of cases bank with is used

The same is true with banks and common people.

The problem with banks today is that they're afraid to lend.

There are no separate making charges for coins and bars with banks.

The effects of direct transactions with banks are realised over two stages.

Madison was charged with bank robbery, a court that carries a maximum 20-year prison term, and appeared in U.

Those figures, along with Bank of Ireland's findings that 84% of 25-35 year olds want to buy a content summary only.

The intervention transactions are typically executed through the electronic broker market, or through direct deals with banks.

I do not symphatize with banks who made poor credit risks and they should have to write them off and liquidate them immediately.

The trust deed must contain a clause authorising the trustees to do business with banks and to avail investment facilities/borrow from banks.

In 3% of cases bank at is used

Let's pretend you had a bank account at Bank of America.

Tom Considine is a public interest director at Bank of Ireland.

Her death has inflamed public anger at banks, accused of being heartless.

Traders at Bank X respond to the offer and sell 10 shares at the bid price to the pension fund.

However, there is, to date, little sign that banks have reduced the size of the branch network.

In fact, I have cashed checks at banks without ID as long as the transaction is under $100 per check.

It is not possible to obtain cash against credit cards at banks, and credit / debit cards are not accepted at hotels to settle bills.

Hard currency cash can be changed for local currency at banks and private bureau de change in all large towns, or even in the Casinos.

Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! The pace of mortgage arrears formation is continuing to decrease at Bank of Ireland.

Prior to joining Experian, Chris spent 27 years at Bank of America, where his roles included Group Executive Vice President in retail banking.

In 2% of cases bank as is used

We forgot that the lenders such as banks expected to profit from their largesse.

For latest information about the banks you can be in touch with the national daily newspapers as well as bank web sites.

Meteor strongly recommends that sensitive information such as Bank PINS, Credit Card Numbers etc, are not stored on the Equipment.

The site lists openings across various government sectors such as banks, postal department, legal jobs, engineering jobs, teaching and other sectors.

Shareholder Value For a publicly traded company such as banks, Shareholder Value (SV) is the part of its capitalization that is equity as opposed to long-term debt.

Sharing personal information in the internet If you are about to share any of your personal information in internet such as bank account details, residential address and contact no.

The solution that we've found is not to hold any of that information at all; instead we rely on the systems which hold all this information, such as banks, credit card companies, or mobile carriers.

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