Prepositions used with "legislation"

of, in, by, for or on legislation?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases legislation of is used

There is much talk of legislation.

This is a very good piece of legislation.

May involve challenging status of legislation.

Have mandatory automatic rollbacks of legislation (like the US's sunset clauses).

Critics said it was evidence of a backflip on a freshly inked piece of legislation.

We are no longer satisfied with a piece of legislation worded to suit the government.

The Shia are with the Sunnis on another piece of legislation, and the Sunnis are with the Kurds on still another.

I wish I could stand up here and tell you that passing a particular piece of legislation would solve this crisis.

In 2004, the government introduced Civil Unions and changed over 150 pieces of legislation to achieve this very thing.

How to Manage Health and Safety The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 is not a prescriptive piece of legislation.

In 15% of cases legislation in is used

Business reputation in legislation.

We're going to put it in legislation.

There is no minimum charge set down in legislation.

Despite Coode, provisos were once common in legislation, but now they are not used at all.

Events such as terrorist atrocities can lead to sometimes hasty significant changes in legislation.

Does that reduce the power of the police? #3 Regarding political influence of the EP in legislation.

This attempt to turn back the clock on women's rights, at least in legislation, has taken a turn for the worst.

A rare example of bullet points having been used in legislation is in the Personal Property Securities Act 1999.

Some phrases that have traditionally been used in legislation can be replaced by single words or shorter phrases.

In addition if people approve some but not others it then causes numbering problems in legislation relating to amendments.

In 6% of cases legislation by is used

Relationships can't work by legislation.

Judicial and prison CP was abolished by legislation in 1972.

Seeking to change voting patterns by legislation is an example.

Stupidity can not be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation.

Thus, it came to pass that local autonomy and fiscal independence were carved in the Cory Charter to be defined by legislations.

It is a fundamental principle of good law making that the obligations imposed by legislation should be certain and understandable by those affected.

CP is still lawful in both public (government) and private schools; in government schools it was banned by administrative regulation, not by legislation.

When the courts, either by legislation or sheer cowardice of our judges failed to defend their oaths of office, the judiciary became more ' executive minded '.

And in modern times where ' equality ' between every class and creature is a demand backed by legislation, the one area in which equality is not enforced is the law.

Such hostility was officially sanctioned by legislation banning, at different times, Chinese women, all immigrants from China, and then, in 1924, immigrants from any Asian country, period.

In 5% of cases legislation for is used

The same thing goes for legislation.

Swaminathan has called for legislation to prohibit the ritual sacrifice.

The European Commission has therefore adopted a proposal for legislation (a Directive).

Their submission called for legislation to criminalise the purchase of sex along the lines of laws introduced in Sweden.

If Labour and the Lib Dems join forces with up to 40 Tory MPs who have voiced support for legislation, Cameron would be defeated.

On the contrary, I think there is a case for legislation extending it to protect the religious belief and feelings of non-Christians.

And of course all governments are being watched carefully by the NGOs to ensure that they do not weaken on some hard fought for legislation.

This is why they'll push for legislation like the DMCA and SOPA that suppress free speech because they only care about profits rather than civil rights repercussions.

The European Parliament called for legislation in its resolutions of 6 July 2011 and 13 March 2012 on equality between women and men in business leadership in the European Union.

Downing Street hopes that the Lib Dems and Tory MPs who have voiced support for legislation can be won over if the press agrees to implement in full Leveson's framework for the new press body.

In 5% of cases legislation on is used

This is where every citizen of a country votes on legislation, no representatives.

The color-coding (shades of blue or red) is by voting record and position on legislation issues.

And to ensure that a crisis of this magnitude never happens again, I ask Congress to move quickly on legislation that will finally reform our outdated regulatory system.

And sometimes that means to say that you fight as hard as you can for some amendments on legislation in order to make things better for you and the people you represents and at the end.

In 4% of cases legislation through is used

It is a position endorsed through legislation in all Republican-run states.

Some authoritarian countries could develop limited renewal through legislation.

The country assimilated the Indian culture through legislation and mainstream culture.

In 4% of cases legislation to is used

In reality, Parliament largely reacts to legislation initiated by the Government.

And concentration of political power gives rise to legislation that increases and accelerates the cycle.

Further amendments to legislation were a direct result the appearance of cable and satellite broadcasting and computer software.

Don't confuse experience in installation of installation with having a clue about THE LAW unless you can actually point to legislation defining how things are or examples tested in court.

Thanks to legislation that exempts very low-volume cars from certain safety standards involving airbags and five-mph (eight km-h) bumpers, you can actually drive an Atom on the road in some U.

The Inquiry supports amendments to legislation which open up additional options for a lesbian or gay couple to attain legal status and therefore better protect the best interests of their child.

In 3% of cases legislation with is used

But you can punish immorality with legislation.

Anonymous We need to be much more cautious with legislation allowing an iron fist to hang over the head of citizens.

Resources must be managed well -- with legislation, governance frameworks, sustainable environmental practices, and a skilled workforce.

Directors are expected to be sufficiently familiar with legislation that applies to their directorship and shall recognize potential liabilities, seeking legal advice where appropriate.

In 1% of cases legislation against is used

Nicky-or rather-Lady Chapman of Reeds actively works against legislation in the United Kingdom that could pave the way to euthanasia.

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