Prepositions used with "religion"

of, in, about, to or on religion?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases religion of is used

Still a lot of religion-bashing.

A right to freedome of religion.

I always use the example of religion.

A more fundamentalist and extreme form of religion might have been easier to reject.

It is a direct violation to the church-state seperation and our freedom of religion.

You shameless people exploit innocent people get them killed in the name of religion.

What should I know about religious conduct in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka's population practices a variety of religions.

If you read other blogs, you will see sane and rational discussions on the state of affairs of religion and politics.

In other words, the key attributes of religion must to some degree be manifest in the activities of the organization.

It can even take center stage in the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of religion.

In 8% of cases religion in is used

And they were engaged in religion.

Belief in religion outweighs common sense.

The Ottoman Empire was Islamic in religion.

People are not interested in religion; they want the truth without the fake trimmings.

There is a pride even in religion, and one can be proud of his own spiritual adventures.

THE REASON: After PRU13 pluralism in religion are promoted in Malaysia by a new Government.

Hinduism has never indulged in suffocation of scientific thoughts, instead it has incorporated science in religion.

And I think his lack of belief in religion (whether it be Muslim or Christian or Hindu) has played a vital part in it.

Dr Kasomo, a senior lecturer in Religion, Theology and Philosophy, says plans are underway to set up a cathedral in Machakos.

Such noble fasters let their eyes, ears and all other body parts fast against whatever which is regarded in religion as Haram.

In 7% of cases religion about is used

YOU people may not care about religion.

This isn't about religion or nationality.

I'd become disenchanted about religion long ago.

Therefore, you don't need to train them specifically to think critically about religion.

I did start to feel that I was an apostate - the above comments about religion are right.

General Young and I used to get in long conversations about religion, politics, society, etc.

To get married is not so much about religion, or money, or security as it may be for people in other countries.

This would make one wonder why he is making such a fuss about religion: it is a matter of uncertainty for him anyway.

His god hates women so much that a pregnancy caused by rape must be carried full term -- all you need to know about religion.

They are changing laws about religion and psychiatric disorders in order to identify anyone who is potentially threatening to the NWO.

In 7% of cases religion to is used

Giving a face to religion Prof.

Funny how we all turn to religion at a time like this.

But not all beliefs relate to religion or the supernatural.

They are for a government free from religious dictation but not hostile to religion.

Indeed the intensifying of education, the return to religion is recommended generally.

More and more Muslim countries have realized that what is applicable to religion may not.

Talking *about* cognitive states is appropriate to science, talking about *spirituality* is appropriate to religion.

Hope does not have to be exclusive to religion, and perhaps that is the ultimate message of The Shawshank Redemption.

The family, having distinguished itself during the Reconquista of Spain from the Muslims, became dedicated to religion.

But they also int believe or practice our modern day extremist view as relates to religion, the populace and r government.

In 6% of cases religion on is used

Attack on religions or communities; 3.

Promising them reservation on religion.

This is discrimination based on religion.

Intolerant comments on religion, race, age, gender, sexual preference or disabilities.

Kiwis are not too hot on religion, and are not particularly impressed by anyone who is.

Morality rests on religion; if you destroy the foundation, the superstructure must fall.

But more than that, ethical reporting on religion would have provided the social context in which this type of allegation arose.

And according to data gathered by the Pew Forum on Religion &; Public Life, that message gets through to Latter-day Saint youth.

Also, the PEW Forum on religion and Public Life published a survey which directly contradicts yours statements about Catholics vs Mormons.

There is a thing called conscience and people who do not believe blindly on religion still can do the right thing according to their conscience.

In 6% of cases religion with is used

THAT is what is wrong with religion.

Politics has been mixed up with religion.

For me it has nothing to do with religion.

I do have a problem with all those things and I also have a problem with religion.

Many of them are closer to understanding the truth than many people with religion.

Jamaica is a very religious country, with religion being part of everyday public life.

Child molesters hide where they can were dresses and funny hats and get all the kiddies they want with religion.

And he found a lot of the hypocrisy associated with religion, he just found it humbug and he was going to say it.

The purpose of the separation of church and state is that it is intended to guarantee that the government can not interfere with religion.

In 4% of cases religion from is used

You therefore have freedom FROM religion.

Criminal elements must be separated from religion.

Freedom of Religion also means freedom from religion.

This area would include protecting the right of the individual to freedom from religion.

Man sought solace, strength and hope from religion when he faced hardships and in times of despair.

YEAH RIGHT Someone needs to tell Santorum that the US is a country based on freedom OF and FROM religion.

Their concern is that legislating values that come from religion but are not commonly held will divide the nation.

Nehru preferred that the State stand above and aloof from religion, dictating terms but offering no special favours.

The move away from religion for instance has favourable implications as does the steady erosion of racist and sexist ideas.

So let's get this away from religion and back to what matters, public safety and security Top Ender says: 01:46pm 30/05/10 I agree.

In 2% of cases religion between is used

I can see the connect between religion and climate change.

There is a difference between religion and religious knowledge.

And the disagreements about the bill are not just between religion and government.

Conflicts between religion only began when the so called religions of the book emerged.

But what more deeply divides us is how the relationship between religion and government should be structured.

These trends have only accelerated from the 1920s to the present, such that now the line between religion and self-help.

His present interests have to do with the complex relations between religion, science, and magic in the early modern period.

In other words, unlike other societies in which there is separation between religion and State in the Islamic system no such separation exists.

In a complex multi-faith and multi-secular world, a re-evaluation of the relationship between religion and the idea of a university is pressing.

In 2% of cases religion by is used

They are not he real religion, not what the Buddha meant by religion.

A very old phenonema created by religions and ideologies all over the world.

Most of them are Hindus by religion and the customs described here belong to them.

I don't see that as filling a religious void, but a human void created by religion's thievery.

The species has also an advantage over the cattle which are protected by religion and law of the land from culling and slaughtering.

For Bangladesh was in effect East Bengal, separated only by religion FROM INDIA 'S MOST FRACTIOUS AND MOST SEPARATIST STATE, WEST BENGAL.

Vote Choice by Religion and Race Religiously unaffiliated voters and Jewish voters were firmly in Obama's corner in 2012 (70% and 69%, respectively).

Another corporate shill but this time with careful religious covering, only those whose minds have been incapacitated by religion would fall for this.

Terrorists ruthlessly engage in cruel acts, killings, a crime forbidden by religion, in such a way as to deface the look of Islam in the eyes of people.

She asks for space to breathe in fresh air, both of which are unavailable to widows as they are asked by religion to enter widowhood and confine themselves within a small space.

In 2% of cases religion for is used

It would be too hard to put them in some kind of priority order except for religion.

The pandit asks her if her devotion for religion has taken her towards self-liberation.

PARIAH FOR RELIGION Additional IGP Nabo Bikrom Kishor Tripura was a DC in the CMP in 2001.

Am sorry for religions that autoris killing and fight against unbelievers as part of ur stawardship.

But if it had not been for religion, the very concept of a Jewish state would have had no meaning in the first place.

As for religion, it is becoming increasingly viewed as a personal choice, and many are finding faith all on their own.

He does say he is an atheist and makes it very clear that he has no use for religions or those of us who believe in God.

The methods of aesthetic education in religion served for religion and they could not bring people the pure aesthetic feeling.

There is also a history of religion; for religion, no less than art or philosophy or politics, is a function of reflective thought.

Otto goes on to identify and discuss a series of phenomena he associates with the earliest expressions of the human predisposition for religion.

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