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of, in, about, to or for poetry?

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In 53% of cases poetry of is used

Poetic meter is the measure of a line of poetry.

It's the terms-and-conditions version of poetry.

Being aware of the loss is what we ask of poetry.

He has published six novels and three collections of poetry, including Doctor Placebo.

I write a lot of poetry which some-times does not adhere well to the web-site lay-out.

Learn how to define a Sonnet or Blank Verse or other different types of poetry and poems.

It allows the mystery of poetry to remain intact, while demolishing the idea that the only good poets are dead ones.

It may simply be a time of rethinking poetry, the kind of rethinking that can not be done inside of poetry for a while.

Neither this preference, nor the centuries-old heritage of poetry and music, eased the ban on musicians until after 2001.

The structure of many different types of poetry result in groups of lines on the page which enhance the poem's composition.

In 14% of cases poetry in is used

There's no crisis in poetry criticism.

It's like the verse-libre concept in poetry.

It is often used in poetry as well as newspapers.

I will be using this film in my courses in poetry, African American, and women's studies.

The Sweetest language in poetry and prose in the Rose Gardens (Gulestan and later Bustan) of Sheikh Sa'di.

O'Malley's wife has become famous in poetry as the object of Patrick Kavanagh's desire in the poem On Raglan Road.

Guru Granth was composed in poetry perhaps to both prevent alterations or adulterations, and to reach out to human heart.

If you really get on my nerves, you might also want to keep in mind that I hold an advanced degree in Poetry Science, as well.

Lawrence as a part-time assistant and typist; the work of both writers appeared in Poetry magazine largely because of Henderson's influence.

As it happens, we have been talking about doing something very much like what he suggests about taking work in Poetry as the basis for discussion.

In 6% of cases poetry about is used

Maybe it's just me, nit picking and trying to show I know something about poetry.

In the meantime I am reading EVERYTHING I can about poetry before I start submitting.

This was the first time she had met anyone near her own age who knew and cared about poetry.

General interest essays about poetry are the ones that make people unafraid of poetry and fall in love with it.

Her ideas about poetry had changed over the years, though her desire for a large public audience for it had not.

It is standard, in thinking and talking about poetry nowadays, to suggest that one should always write in the language of one's time.

Why do you write poetry? What I like most about poetry is that it is always doing something more than just using the language to transmit information.

And everyone is capable of becoming informed and also of writing about poetry, though some write better than others, and some are more informed than others.

He talked enthusiastically about poetry -- Yeats and Shelley -- and the gospel music he loved -- the Swan Silvertones, the Highway QCs and Sister Rosetta Thorpe.

On April 6, 2009 at 6:19am Dave M wrote: I continue to be astonished at the volume of people who write about poetry, as compared to the volume of people who write poetry.

In 6% of cases poetry to is used

There was a time when Big Dams moved men to poetry.

The words are often close to poetry: beautiful, poignant, and true.

Yes, in 1920, I am certain that more men than women submitted to Poetry.

This was the first time a television program was dedicated to poetry and poetry alone.

Perhaps the line is defended because prose is judged as intrinsically inferior to poetry.

There is a chicken/egg problem with the logic of using criticism as an entree into poetry.

Africa Radio Theater, a program dedicated to poetry and short stories was introduced on Focus Radio on KNUST campus in my final year.

Whatever your previous experience of listening to poetry, here are some tips to help you enjoy the recordings the Archive has to offer.

The cardinal was a prolific author whose books were bestsellers in Italy and included everything from scholarly biblical exegesis to poetry and prayer guides.

Such an idea's devotion to poetry as an autonomous category, unbeholden to social uses of speech, still holds a deep appeal, a linguistic Eden of primal power.

In 5% of cases poetry for is used

That's especially true for poetry read by its own creator.

There his talent for poetry was nurtured, and became a deep passion.

In high school my memory was still very good, especially for poetry.

Chris Okigbo had rejected the first prize for poetry awarded by the festival of Negro Arts.

It began as a magazine for poetry and was created by John Kinsella, an Australian academic and poet.

Who was Africa's great poet for the FestivalChristopher Okogbo was offered the first prize for poetry.

She worked for Poetry until 1938, when she and her second husband, Cloyd Head (a Chicago playwright ), moved to Europe and North Africa.

Languages are also for poetry and literature, and what sounds wonderful in the original language rarely translates well into another tongue.

He brings a shelf full of prizes to the position, including the 2001 Governor General's Literary Award for Poetry for Execution Poems (Gaspereau Press).

Monroe was a mother figure to poet Marion Strobel, who established the Harriet Monroe Prize for Poetry after Monroe's death with the inheritance from her father's successful engineering company.

In 4% of cases poetry on is used

That's a gigantic influence, as well as Dylan's influence on poetry.

A person who isn't inclined toward reading poetry isn't likely to read criticism on poetry.

A year before finishing his studies, Sunil started editing a publication on poetry, Krittibash.

There is a major deficiency in its oral/aural section - it only touches on poetry and song - and tonal languages.

Looking through books on poetry technique one will see examples of alliteration and repeated vowel sounds (the mournfulness of long ' o's or ' u 's, the precision of ' t 's).

In 4% of cases poetry with is used

Then I would know where to start with poetry.

Her memories are interspersed with poetry, photographs and song lyrics.

In several ways, he was the man who secured my enchantment with poetry.

It is those most engaged with poetry already who read and write criticism.

Similar contrasts obtain, mutatis mutandis, with poetry and computers, poetry and internal combustion engines, poetry and drip systems for our lawns.

Rainer Maria Rilke is another great poet whose sorties into prose have the same effect on the reader's imagination as would normally happen with poetry.

Monroe contrasts sharply with Poetry ' s foreign correspondent, Ezra Pound, who ambitiously sought to inhabit the center of an avant-garde literary scene.

A few years ago, an online poetry journal called Drunken Boat invited me to join a few other writers in writing an essay reflecting on our experiences with poetry.

As a result, our world is filled with poetry, music, paintings, photo essays, sculptures that shake us awake, enabling us to see our world and our won longings with greater clarity.

In 3% of cases poetry at is used

Alas, it seems that Poetry Foundation hates women.

Danner's position at Poetry was an important step in establishing her successful career.

In her autobiography, Tietjens describes her experiences at Poetry in nearly religious terms.

Later on I tried my hand at poetry and painting before I entered art school with a major in film.

Danner worked as an editorial assistant at Poetry starting in 1951 and became assistant editor in 1956.

In 3% of cases poetry between is used

This poem, in part, concerns the relationship between poetry and technology.

The consequent loss of a clear boundary between poetry and prose continues to worry many.

This innovative series is an exploration of the relationship between poetry, photography and place.

But the definitions should serve, since we seek to delineate the relations between poetry and technology.

But the distinction between poetry and technology rests, ultimately, not merely on the psychology of explication, but on its metaphysics.

The poet also goes beyond Hong Kong and explores the relationship between poetry and other media in a cross-border and cross-cultural context.

In 2% of cases poetry into is used

There is a chicken/egg problem with the logic of using criticism as an entree into poetry.

Line-breaks also help switch the reader into poetry mode if opening a poetry magazine or book isn't enough.

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