Prepositions used with "origin"

of, in, about, at or to origin?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases origin of is used
    So the safe countries of origin, they are quite logical.
    Country of origin: Para'KitoT pellets are made in France.
    JAMB is done by State of origin and not State of residence.
    But you can't do census based on state of origin at the expense of state of residence.
    It is also known as the European or French horn, so named as to its country of origin.
    In addition, 28 detainees have been repatriated to their countries of origin since 2009.
    The peoples of Ceylon after all have much more in common in terms of origin and culture than do the people of Britain.
    The production company rehabstudio designed the video, grouping singers and their YouTube entries by country of origin.
    Sometimes the girls stay behind in their countries of origin when parents fear prosecution upon their return to Europe.
    Geographical Distribution of Artemisia in Africa Artemisia is native to Asia, the centre of origin is most probably China.

    In 15% of cases origin in is used
    Some are biological in origin (i.
    It won't appear in origin's website.
    ADD is multifactorial in origin and can last a lifetime.
    The ones found in Jamaica have been identified as Taino in origin.
    It is Indic in origin and branched out from the Indo-European group of languages.
    Language and verbal knowledge (Columbus discovered America in 1492) is social in origin.
    The term congenital does not imply or exclude genetic disorders, which are usually hereditary in origin.
    Beyond the elite, the mass of the population (whether Palestinian or Trans-Jordanian in origin) remains deeply hostile to Israel.
    The grape itself is Greek in origin - Aglianico is thought to be a corruption of the word Ellenico which is Italian for Hellenic.
    The island, glacial in origin, was recorded in 1602, having been discovered by two explorers- Bartholomew Gosnold and Gabriel Archer.

    In 2% of cases origin at is used
    When you stop and take a closer look at origins of some of these alleged differences, they.
    I only decided to check EA's website after looking through billing FAQs at origin's website and found it there.

    In 2% of cases origin to is used
    When I first went to CotC in 2008 I had been to origins 2008 several months before.
    Finally, feed this or feed that, loop this or loop that all must be linked back to origin.
    Of course some have and would argue that returning to origins questions, amidst modern day realties of inequality and injustice, is simply just too painful a process.

    In 1% of cases origin by is used
    The Petronas Twin Towers was designed by architect Cesar Pelli, who, although having American citizenship, is Argentinean by origin.

    In 1% of cases origin for is used
    Here's a google search for origin Energy, mentioned as blaming solar for their woes.
    He is the author of Molecules and Mental Illness and Mood Genes: Hunting for origins of Mania and Depression.

    In 1% of cases origin from is used
    Dear Freelance, Thank you for your order from origin on November 24, 2012.
    Containerization allows goods to be transported from origin to destination in a single medium but requires the participation of as many as 10 different service providers to complete this task.

    In 1% of cases origin on is used
    Sometimes that happens (not on origin but other websites) but (luckily) nothing has ever happened.

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