Prepositions used with "importance"

"of importance" or "in importance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases importance of is used
    They are not listed in order of importance.
    Practical considerations of importance are: 1.
    Oh well we won every other race of importance.
    Cragun is a husband, father, and sociologist of religion (in order of importance).
    And nuclear plants are one such case, which needs to be paid a good deal of importance.
    The difference in England is it's been decades and decades since the home of soccer has won anything of importance.
    Steve hit ' em with both barrels on some of the most sensitive questions of importance to the pro-Internet community.
    A further factor of importance, and one again suggestive of the realism of the Corps, was its readiness for movement.
    During these sittings the Akyeame on behalf of the Asantehene will usually announce the cases by order of importance.

    In 20% of cases importance in is used
    Bolton was already a leading cotton market, second only in importance to Manchester.
    Audiation is paramount in importance because it is basic to all types of musical thinking.
    The linkage mechanisms of the parties are therefore waning in importance, as is their legitimacy.
    We must view developing positive self-esteem and positive self-image as equal in importance to academics.
    All of the problems outlined above may well have increased in importance for the average Venezuelan for another reason.
    The law of mistake, applied to this stage, certainly may gain in importance compared to the law of offer and acceptance.
    This was a central feature of Christian civilization, one that had steadily grown in importance since the early middle ages.
    Concern over bird collision deaths and the need for mitigation measures is gaining in importance in the United States as well.
    Sequence and continuity By identifying key points and ranking them in importance you have placed the facts in some kind of order.

    In 2% of cases importance to is used
    Sorry to disappoint you, but we get along on these levels according to importance: Personal Beliefs, sense of humor, intelligence.

    In 1% of cases importance about is used
    Here are some of the truths about importance of domain name when you have planned to build your site.

    In 1% of cases importance between is used
    Association between importance and quality of life importance was compared with OPQOL sub-scale scores through rank correlations because the topics relate directly to the sub-scales.

    In 1% of cases importance upon is used
    A partial selection features: outdated create day data files unable upon importance, OFC transformation isn't going to total, etc.

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