Prepositions used with "immigration"

"of immigration" or "on immigration"?

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In 38% of cases immigration of is used

Argentina has a long tradition of immigration.

During the initial years of immigration to the U.

Canada is not the only target of immigration fraud.

The case of Comptroller General of Immigration Service is still fresh in our memory.

Again Canadians need to learn from this debacle of immigration taking place in the US.

But this was worse -- at least you could dob Paolo in to the Department of Immigration.

Since 2006, the Government of Canada has welcomed the highest sustained levels of immigration in Canadian history.

Figure 7 - How the rescue effect modifies curves of immigration, extinction, and turnover as a function of distance.

In 16% of cases immigration on is used

I want a much tighter grip on immigration.

He spends far too much time working on immigration.

GAAPS does not provide advice on immigration matters.

Shortly afterwards I realized that I had a big gap with the right on immigration.

Even President Obama has spent more on immigration enforcement than his predecessor.

The United States Commission on Immigration Reform in its 1997 Report to Congress (U.

One would hope that a man who had written a monograph on immigration would have developed a balanced and objective view.

It's called The Immigrant Exodus by Vivek Wadhwa, a former tech entrepreneur who now studies and lectures on immigration.

So, immediately after losing an election, when Sean Hannity ' evolves ' on immigration reform and fully admits that it's about gaining votes.

He also came in for criticism for his aggressive campaign strategy in which attacked he Tony Blair personally and concentrated on immigration.

In 11% of cases immigration to is used

This demographic advantage is entirely due to immigration.

There is more to immigration law than merely filling out forms.

Sometimes humanitarian needs trump an existing law relating to immigration like that.

After doing the marriage thing we went to immigration tower and got my dependant visa.

The extreme, hard right positioning of the GOP platform also extends to immigration policies.

Lucia: Licensed firearms must be declared and are subject to immigration and police regulations.

It took about 13 minutes to disembark via an airbridge, then an eight-minute walk to immigration.

He has presented to immigration officials and has even met with US government officials to explain his advocacy.

Vincent &; The Grenadines: Licensed firearms must be declared and are subject to immigration and police regulations.

I think Samsung would have had to back down if they held their own or end up explaining to immigration what happened.

In 9% of cases immigration for is used

KDC eventually asked for immigration favours.

As Minister for Immigration, Al Grassby radically changed official policy.

To settle, she'd need to apply for immigration or marry an Indian national.

Two females remain in custody and one female was arrested for immigration offences.

Brothers even! It could be useful for immigration or any other reason I haven't thought of.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the government was aware of the issue.

It's not only illegal and dishonest, but it's a fast way to getting yourself in trouble for immigration fraud.

As a result of these measures, the ICCRC will replace the CSIC as the governing body for immigration consultants.

Martin Collacott, Centre for Immigration Policy Reform: CTV National Affairs, February 17, 2012 It's this bill absolutely necessary.

A conviction of domestic violence is a crime of moral turpitude and it could be considered an aggravated felony for immigration purposes.

In 6% of cases immigration with is used

Apply online with Immigration New Zealand.

The first thing it would probably mean is issues with immigration.

I appreciate the way they are dealing with immigration as a whole.

However, recently with immigration of Moslems and Catholics the system was dropped.

You may find other messages to attract such immigrants but it's not going to have anything to do with immigration.

The law passed emphasized three main areas: Immigrants had to be registered with immigration authorities before entry.

Olga says: August 14, 2012 I am horrified by this immigration rules, there is nothing in common with immigration control.

They received no assistance whatsoever, and some have expensive and frustrating ongoing battles with Immigration just to be able to remain here.

In all my years dealing with immigration (both personally and professionally) I've found them reasonable but they do have more ' rules ' to stick to now.

With immigration, people focus far too much on the immigrants themselves and not enough on the powerful internal dynamic in the country into which they are immigrating.

In 5% of cases immigration about is used

Anyone who has information about immigration crime should contact Crimestoppers.

Now is the time for our president to do something serious about immigration reform.

It's really about immigration, refugees, border protection, defence, illegal entry and boatpeople.

In the late 1990s, the magazine was saying sensible things about immigration, multiculturalism, and even race and IQ.

Part of the reason we're having this contentious, demagogic debate right now about immigration is because the economy is not performing for average Americans.

The Hispanic vote was very much about immigration issues, yet a lot of these voters are ex-Cubans and have more in common with Republicans on being anti-communist.

When was the referendum about immigration policy held in Australia? Surely if it affects society at large there should be discussion by the people before it's rubber stamped.

In 5% of cases immigration in is used

Note: This does not apply if you are in immigration detention.

As of August, 664 children remained in immigration detention facilities.

But most countries face intense popular resistance to an increase in immigration.

In Canada, 331 children were detained in immigration facilities in 2009 and 2010.

We're losing our huge advantage in immigration, especially in skills-based immigration.

Intermarriage, changes in immigration flows, and changes in ethnic consciousness are some of the reasons.

I did and she supplied me with a black burka and said I must put it on now and not remove it for any reason until I was in immigration.

What is expected of me? Unless you are in immigration detention, you must hold a current visa throughout your request for intervention.

She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Economics where she specialised in immigration and human rights law.

In July 2008, the Labor government announced major reforms to the mandatory-detention system, including no longer holding children in immigration detention centres.

In 4% of cases immigration through is used

When Storm passed through immigration he was asked what he did for a living.

Going through Immigration /Custom formalities will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Going through immigration I was kind of intimidated some more when the officials were asking more than enough questions.

Passengers need to go through immigration and customs as well as luggage checks before getting to their connecting flight.

I would be notified if she and my little son have passed safely through immigration and notified when they have re-entered through immigration when I am waiting to pick them up.

The hotel runs a coach that makes several pick-up stops in Hong Kong before going direct to the hotel (of course you'll need to get off at the border to go through immigration).

It is a society formed through immigration and the colonization of an already populated land, a society whose internal unity is maintained through conflict with an external enemy.

In 3% of cases immigration at is used

This can be renewed at immigration offices in the event that you wish to extend your stay.

This is a true story, I alone, stood 4 hours at immigration on my first entrance into Saudia.

Ratings in general cleanliness, lighting and queuing time at Immigration and Customs were particularly outstanding.

Visa Extensions Visas can be renewed at immigration offices during normal office hours, and extensions are usually issued on a same-day basis.

However, Japan Embassy Info do advise Malaysians to get a (free) visa for Japan anyway, so as to avoid complications at immigrations in Japan -- which is why we all got one.

Extensions of visas (three months at a time and up to six months) can be made at Immigration on the corner of Ohio St and Garden Avenue, Dar es Salaam (tel: (022) 211 8637; www.

In 3% of cases immigration by is used

Those who attempt to do so may be denied admission to the United States by immigration authorities at the port-of-entry.

And of course know your partner's background well, as when you go to get interviewed by immigration they will check to see if you know.

At this point, increasing the population by immigration only increases the unemployment, while at the same time adding to infrastructure costs.

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