Prepositions used with "imam"

"of imam", "to imam" or "by imam"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases imam of is used

Still making taqlid of Imam Khomaini (R.

The 4th Stage of Imam? s journey took him to Zurud.

He said that this was against the status of Imam Bukhari.

We are honest supporters of Imam Husain, and for that reason we will be granted Paradise.

He was the brother in-law of Imam Husain as he was married to Imam Husain's sister, Zainab.

Al-Shafii, a disciple of Imam Malik, has explained what is meant by Sunnah in this context.

After the martyrdom his brother Hasan (AS) Hussain (AS) took the mantle of Imamat and spiritual guidance of the Ummah.

Khatib Baghdadi said that I personally recognized the greatness of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh and his knowledge.

I immediately prayed for my friends when I witnessed how close we were, and most of all for the return of Imam AlZaman (aj).

The momentous journey of Imam Hussain(AS) begins from Makka towards an unknown destination which eventually ended at Kerbala.

In 14% of cases imam to is used

Uthman himself went to Imam Ali's.

About 30 such people moved to Imam? s camp.

One historical example: An Astrologist came to Imam Sadiq (AS).

He was the brother in-law of Imam Husain as he was married to Imam Husain's sister, Zainab.

After that a third letter then a fourth, and so on; every two days a letter was sent to Imam Husain.

Imam asked his companions to give them water in spite of the fact that they were hostile to Imam? s party.

Later, he wrote a letter to Imam Husain explaining all the difficulties that he had encountered during the journey to Kufa.

To Imam Malik the practice of Madinah is the primary source, and ijma (consensus) and ra'y (opinion) is the secondary source.

SOME OTHER MARTYRS The fighting continued and people would come to Imam Husain and ask him to be allowed to sacrifice themselves.

According to such famous scholars as Zamakhshari and Nasai, the first one to congratulate and swear allegiance (bai'ah) to Imam Ali (a.

In 11% of cases imam by is used

This hadith is given by Imam Muslim.

Al-Aqida at-Tahawiah by Imam Abu Jafr At-Atahawi.

We see this in the report given by Imam Muslim from Anas (r.

This is explained by Imam Jassas in his tafsir Ahkam al-Qur'an.

Tamim tells the story, as was related by Imam Muslim: ? I came to the Prophet (s.

The attack was resisted by Imam Husain's companions but Muslim bin ' Awsaja was left on the ground of the battlefield.

Her unparalleled gifts to the child have been aptly described by Imam Zaynul Abidin (a) in Risalatul Huqooq? The Chapter of Rights.

Having said this, however, we must remember the important point stated by Imam Ghazali: Persistence in minor sins will turn them into major ones.

Epilogue It was her destiny to proclaim to the world the sacrifices made by Imam Husayn and the other members of the family of the Holy Prophet s.

The Prophet himself (s) had told his Companions, in a hadith narrated by Imam Tirmidhi, that Whoever among you outlives me shall see a vast dispute.

In 9% of cases imam from is used

As narrated from Imam-e-Zamana (a.

It is narrated from Imam Al-Baqir (a.

It is narrated from Imam As-Sadiq (a.

It is narrated from Imam ar-Ridha? (a.

However it is clear from Imam Khomeini's correspondence with Ayt.

However, Imam Muslim stopped taking any narrations from Imam Bukhari.

Abdullah Ibn Sanan in an authentic Hadith narrated from Imam As-Sadiq (a.

Breaking the Fast With Milk and Dates: It is narrated from Imam As-Sadiq (a.

From this sentence begins a long section which corresponds almost exactly with the hadith quoted from Imam ' Ali above (pp.

During the course of the battle 72 people had been killed from the opposite side, and 88 people had been martyred from Imam Husain's side.

In 7% of cases imam for is used

Misbah-ul-Muttahajjed, Pg 713 Mourning for Imam Husain (a.

This kind of oath was entirely out of question for Imam Hussain(AS) to accept.

The people should pray for Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh after their prayers.

We have the good fortune to present some examples, as under: Mourning for Imam Husain (a.

When the Ulema heard about this everyone ceased to communicate to him, except for Imam Muslim and Ahmad Salma.

Walid mentioned Moawiya? s death, Yazid? s accession to the throne and the demand for Imam? s oath of allegiance.

But I am glad that I am fighting for Imam Husain and am going to be martyred by people who are on the wrong path.

During this month the Shi'ah (a sect) beat themselves on their chest with knives to show that they are mourning for Imam Husain.

In 5% of cases imam with is used

In fact, they went to Karbala with Imam Husain and were martyred there.

Sayyiduna Anas bin Harris was with Imam Husain in Karbala and was martyred.

MARTYRDOM OF QAIS BIN MUSHIR Qais bin Mush'ir was one of the people with Imam Husain.

Victory lies with Imam Husain; with King Yazid and the governor there is nothing but shame.

Oun, Abdur'rahman, and Jaffer went with Imam Husain to bring Ali Akbar's body back to the tent.

If we come with you we will be punished with Hellfire, and if we stay with Imam Husain then we will enter Paradise.

But when they heard this they started to disperse slowly until the only people left were those who had initially come with Imam Husain from Makkah.

He, who wishes to know and understand Islam, has to be familiar with Imam Ali's particulars because he was really the mirror, the echo and also the voice of Islam.

This narration has been rejected by Uqbah bin Saman, who was reported to be present with Imam Husain during all meetings and claimed that he did not say such a thing.

SEPARATION OF HUR BIN YAZID FROM THE ARMY OF UMAR BIN SA 'D When Umar bin Sa'd decided to attack, Hur came before him and asked him if they were going to fight with Imam Husain.

In 4% of cases imam against is used

These two sects are totally against Imam Husain.

In his Tareekh there is one chapter against Imam Abu Hanifah.

We shall provide you with some examples: Accusation made against Imam Bukhari.

That no harm should be done secretly or openly against Imam Hasan and his brother Imam Hussain or any of the Ahlubayt.

In the same way, no-one can accept the claims made against Imam Abu Hanefah by following what some scholars say about him.

Imam Muhammad Ibn Yahya (who was the teacher of both Imam Muslim, and Imam Bukhari) was also against Imam Bukhari on this issue.

Before we proceed any further, it is important to refer to one particular accusation against Imam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah) which was that he belonged to a deviant sect called the Murji'i.

In 4% of cases imam on is used

K'ab's wife was on Imam Husain's side.

Buried here is Ali Al-Asghar (as) on Imam's chest, and Ali Al-Akbar (as) at the Imam's feet.

Before he finished the question Imam Bukhari had already produced the correct answer (which was from his book).

RAIN OF ARROWS ON IMAM HUSAIN 'S FOLLOWERS The rival force decided to launch their attack at once, and simultaneously began to fire arrows at Imam Husain and his followers.

If we look at volume 13 under the life history of Nauman Bin Sabit (name of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh) there are two chapters on Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh.

The reason Imam Husain told Abdullah bin Zubair this was that he knew that he wanted to become leader of Makkah and was himself seeking the allegiance of the people of Makkah.

In 3% of cases imam about is used

Now let us examine what Hafidhh Dhahabi, and Hafidhh Ibn Kathir wrote about Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh.

He also said about Imam Ikramah that he is the student of Abdullah bin Abbas and he attributes false Ahadith to ibn Abbaas.

Every morning the same man would stand up after namaaz to recite Dua Al-Faraj, and then go into Latmiyas about Imam Ali (as).

Now let us see what Khateeb says about Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh in Tareekh Baghdad under the biography of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh.

When the governor of Makkah, Amir bin Sa'id, found out about Imam Husain's decision, he tried to stop him as he thought that he would take over Kufa and overthrow the governor there.

The Muhaditheen tell that he used to make up fabricated Hadith of the Prophet May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace, and he also made false stories about Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh.

In 2% of cases imam in is used

You should leave that evil man and come and join Imam Husain's group.

Where then was there any point in Imam Hussain(AS) trying to make up to Yazid.

I would recommend that you check the mas'ala in Imam Jassas ' Ahkam al-Qur'an.

Hence you will find the discussion on awra in one place and niqab in another in Imam Jassas ' Ahkam al-Quran.

Then Shimar called some of his relatives who were in Imam Husain's group; their names were Abdullah, Abbas, Jaffer, and Uthman.

The proof of this line of thought became so clear in Imam Hussain? s sermons and letters to his brother Muhammad-e-Hanafiya when the Imam was leaving Makka for Iraq.

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